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Countering Risk Aversion

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Bad Girl Posse
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#421 - 2015-10-19 23:34:24 UTC
Syrilian wrote:
The problem with the "risk aversion" argument is that everyone has a different opinion of what that means. Some people think a person is risk averse when they dont have a death wish.

pretty much.

I don`t need to lose 30 billion ISK in assets to know it will happen. Undock in a T1 plate tanked bestower, see how many people piled on to the kill mail.

R.I.P. Vile Rat

Nevyn Auscent
Broke Sauce
#422 - 2015-10-19 23:38:13 UTC
Feyd Rautha Harkonnen wrote:

So long as we don't re-evaluate our obsession with high-pain inducing ship losses, and don't consider shifting loss pain to perhaps structures or other things instead, risk aversion associated with ship losses will remain, and a thunderdome never achieved. Ships are the very fuel we burn for content, and as such if we keep the pain factor tied to those, we reduce said conflict.



Ignoring the rest of the blather, this already has been done by CCP. Citadels will always remain at risk of loss under their mechanics proposals, and presumably every other new structure will also.
So the only question is if the PvP groups are going to go Citadel KM mad since they will always drop mineral value which will pay for any Wardecs and thus drive all their prey away, or if they will actually hunt at a sustainable level.
Personally I'm predicting the former and that they will wonder why no-one puts them up after three months but the big null groups.
Dead Terrorists
#423 - 2015-10-19 23:42:14 UTC
Scipio Artelius wrote:
Demerius Xenocratus wrote:
ArmyOfMe wrote:
Sorry, but a member of PL complaining about risk adverse players is pretty priceless. PL are one of the reasons that so many are risk adverse these days. Low sec entitys were scared shitless of being hotdropped by PL supers whenever they wanted to field caps.
Sure its fair game to do so, and in those regards i dont even mind it, but please understand what has caused lots of ppl to become more risk adverse. Players all over eve have become so used to being titan bridged upon during fights that a lot of fc's have most of their contact list filled with known titan pilots from the area, and either simply refuse to take a fight due to some titan pilot being online cause they expect to be dropped on if they try to fight.

ps: PL isnt the main reason for this, but they sure as heck didnt help either Blink

Yea I saw PL station camping brave in Kehjari a few days back with 2 Machariels, 2 resebo lokis and 2 basilisks, assuredly with triage and super alts on standby (because PL). You don't get to complain about lack of content when all you do is try to farm other people for content whilst sitting smugly behind the walls of an escalation capability no one else can match, except for the other nullsec power blocs who share your aversion for risking major assets.

Not to defend Feyd as he can speak for himself.

This thread is 6 months old. It was necro' by CAM begging for skillbooks. The thread hadn't been posted in for the last 2 months.

When Feyd made the thread, he wasn't in PL. He was in BL having only recently joined them at that point and moved out of highsec.

Not difficult facts to check before someone complains about PL (or anyone else) whining.

Well I'm ex BL as well, and we used to do exactly the same as PL, only on a smaller scale since we didnt have nearly as many supers as them. So my point still stands.

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