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A Brave Story: The King, The Broker, and The One Good Man

Talking In Stations Corporation
#1 - 2015-04-24 18:19:06 UTC
True story with some insight into the Brave evacuation of Catch and the Coup that ensued. Written in the tradition of all great EVE stories.

Some Reviews:

"Holy shite, that was an amazing story <3"

"Man, its been a while since i enjoyed reading a piece like this. Its a great bit of story telling."

"Honestly one of the best articles I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Great read, thank you for that."

"Nice read at work, felt like a short espionage book."

"Good read, this is what you call journalism."

"Nice read at work, felt like a short espionage book."

"Nicely done. This is pretty all encompassing, didn't think a summary like this could be achieved."

"+1 damn.. Amazing article!
At first I was wondering where the TL:DR version was, but totally worth the time to read. Interesting all the way through :)
This really shows how complicated eve really can be, and the true art of meta gaming, that never really gets explained in depth. "

EVE News Chief Imperium.News (formerly TMC) | Host Talking In Stations show

DICE Corp, Northern Coalition.

Bessa Miros
#2 - 2015-04-24 19:43:24 UTC
I read it. great job.

I posted for it too and got moved here