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SCYLLA - General Feedback

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Galian Kile
Pulling The Plug
#201 - 2015-04-17 18:09:32 UTC
I have noticed ever since the new patch released, my Frame Rates have dropped considerably. I no longer get 60 FPS on each client I run. I have a GTX 970 for one set of screens and a GTX 770 for the other. I did not have this issue before. I have tried updating to the latest GPU Driver and reverting back to the one I previously had as well. It also seems my latency has increased as well. Is there any way to disable the DoD feature? Does running multiple clients now with a shared Cache Folder affect FPS?

Thank you.
Kenneth Fritz
DND Industries
#202 - 2015-05-19 12:53:29 UTC
Okay, I just recently 'unlocked' the fighters skill and trained it to lvl 3 (I think). My ultimate ship goal has always been the Nyx as I enjoy employing drones. I was only made aware of the changes to the way fighters and fighter/bombers work today. Anyway I was unaware how 'Skynet' truly worked and now that I do know, I can definitively say that I would not employ this tactic. I see no fun in this. I am a miner (by necessity mostly) and enjoy my time doing so and I would never like doing this. I would like the assist/defend option but can live without it. Now I am uncertain as to how closely fighter AI behaves like regular drones. If they are same as I suspect I would employ a more passive carrier tactic where my drones are concerned. That is unless something really need killing, and now. Set your carrier up as logistics with drone boosts where they'll fit. Assist your buddies and let your drones go and kill whatever it is they feel needs killing unless the situation calls for focused fire.

Now admittedly I have no experience in fleet engagements nor have I gotten to see the mechanics behind it all, but I can see possibilities from just reading the ship, module and skill data. I always saw carrier as force multipliers with massive adaptability both in the fits you can throw up and in what it can do once it's on sight. Split flight harassment, triage, boosting, focused fire engagement, e-war (I mean how annoying would it be to have to deal with a carrier swarm of eWar-drones). Point is, that you are limited in your options only by the limit of your imagination and willingness to take (un)calculated risks.

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