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[New structures] Observatory Arrays and Gates

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Soleil Fournier
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#101 - 2015-03-24 00:23:12 UTC
Observatory Arrays:

Absolutely critical to have this structure be able to either pinpoint cloaked ships, or sending a pulse out that disables cloaking for a period of time (but has a long cooldown to make sure that cloaking doesn't become obsolete).

I would also consider this structure as a replacement for local intel. If local goes to wormhole functionality (yes please), this structure - when properly upgraded - would be able to notify players how many people are in system, and perhaps send out warnings when a hostile player enters system.

I would consider making it to where it be a choice. Either this structure is setup to disrupt map intel, or its setup to counter cloaking, or its setup to give local intel, or a combination of things, but definitely not everything at once.

That would make for strategic choices which is a very good thing.

The Scope
Gallente Federation
#102 - 2015-03-24 01:32:51 UTC
Jason Dunham wrote:
I'm a big fan of allowing players more control over their space with tools like an observatory array and gate fittings.

I'd be cautious of making things binary though, removing local completely will just add a structure everyone puts in to get it back. I think we'd prefer meaningful choice, where there might be reasons to set up different systems differently, depending on your needs. (i.e. industrial/ratting systems vs. main or boundary space).

I despise afk cloaking. It is a broken mechanic that relies on someone not playing the game for a period of time, then using that advantage to jump on the occupants. Someone shouldn't be able to log in after downtime, cloak, then go to work, etc. come back eight hours later and then be a scout/cloaky cyno for a fleet. However, cloaky gameplay is perfectly legitimate as long as the pilot is actively playing. So if a structure is allowed to affect cloakies in system I suggest it operate by putting a timer on cloaks. The structure would emit interference that would build up, eventually breaking the cloak of any ship in system. Once that occurs, an active pilot can simply re-cloak, while those not actively playing would be vulnerable to probing down like they should be. This effect should show up as soon as you enter in system, letting any pilots know that they will have to pay attention to their cloak. I'd suggest that the timer be set to occupancy bonuses, with values of 60/30/15 minutes possible. This timer would start on cloak activation for each individual ship.

Like this idea
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Net 7
#103 - 2015-03-24 01:48:22 UTC

I did not read all the rplies but i figured i'll throw in my two isk.

The observatory array could be used to replace local in null. Without one local is delayed, with one its not. Small fleets can take these out to disrupt local.

Adding more scanning power would be good too, like it sends a pulse every hour and will enable cloaked ships to be scanned, but if they move, then the scan results will be old.

just two ideas

OMG Comet Mining idea!!! Comet Mining!

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Banko Mato
Republic University
Minmatar Republic
#104 - 2015-03-24 02:16:59 UTC
Sayod Physulem wrote:

- ShortRange: You fit a lot of Scan resoultion modules and a cloak detecting module. You would be able to warp to everything within the starting 5 AU Range. Even cloaked ships!

NO, this is an utterly terrible idea! No structure should provide a direct non-consensual warp in mechanic on arbitrary ships. This is what the damn combat probes and scanning skills are for after all!

Jason Dunham wrote:
So if a structure is allowed to affect cloakies in system I suggest it operate by putting a timer on cloaks. The structure would emit interference that would build up, eventually breaking the cloak of any ship in system. Once that occurs, an active pilot can simply re-cloak, while those not actively playing would be vulnerable to probing down like they should be. This effect should show up as soon as you enter in system, letting any pilots know that they will have to pay attention to their cloak. I'd suggest that the timer be set to occupancy bonuses, with values of 60/30/15 minutes possible. This timer would start on cloak activation for each individual ship.

Starting on from this much more feasible idea i would propose the following:

Introduce Cloak Dissolution as a new mechanic that comes with every cloaking devise. Once a cloaking device gets active, it starts accumulating cloak dissolution (either visualize it as another circle around the module or as a "timer" icon in the upper left screen corner that starts to fill up) at a fixed base rate per minute. Once a critical value of cloak dissolution is reached, the cloak deactivates and starts its cooldown phase.

The actual accumulation rate and critical limit can be influenced by ship bonus (like e.g. 33% less rate for covops or 100% more limit for recons, etc...) and by the cloaking skill (like -10% per level to make it meaningful).

Interaction with the new OA structure could then work like active sonar pings that incur additional cloak dissolution on any ship either in range or system wide (maybe depending on size of the OA or rigs/services/whatsoever) and with a varying intervals and dissolution strength (again depending on configuration/size). However, there need to be certain constraints like say no overlapping areas of effect for non system wide OAs and at most one system wide OA with this "sonar" effect.
Furthermore I imagine a few rough limits on the amount of time it takes such a system to decloak a freshly cloaked ship by means of cloak dissolution:

  • no combination of effects should be able to force a decloak on a covops at max level in less than 30 minutes
  • no covops ship should be able to stay cloaked longer than 3 hours at max level
  • regular ships without inherent cloaking bonuses should not be able to stay cloaked very long (maybe something below 1 hour)

I think this mechanic is exactly what could solve the "afk cloaking" disaster. For every active pilot it should be trivially easy to watch his or her cloak dissolution level and either recloak after a forced decloak or simply reset the timer at a save or when in warp in deep space. An actual afk-cloaker on the other hand will be subject to being probed down as soon as his cloak dissolution level reaches the critical point and forces him to decloak. A win for everyone complaining about current cloak mechanics ;)
Daichi Yamato
Jabbersnarks and Wonderglass
#105 - 2015-03-24 02:31:10 UTC  |  Edited by: Daichi Yamato
afkalt wrote:
No-one gets to "afk defend" by virtue of spending isk. It is the antithesis of how the game should work, you don't get to buy protection - you make it yourself with ACTIVE players.

Imagine if someone posted "I should get to spend isk to make me all but impossible to gank in my freighter, even though it's already stupid hard to gank. To balance it, a bunch of people can RF and maybe destroy the protection over a period of days. This will totally make my ship vulnerable and completely balanced". That's pretty much what you'd be asking for here.

At BEST the level of safety at maximum level should be equivalent to today.


If local is removed/changed or has whatever done to it, it should not be restored to its perfect and passive glory by spending isks. It should not be immediately apparent to everyone in system that a cloaked ship has arrived. I'd take a local that does not show cloaked players or instead shows alliance/corp/social group members only.

If my presence can be detected regardless of what i do, and then i can be pinpointed/decloaked and attacked if im afk, then you can see that there are cloakers in system and determine which ones are active and which ones arent. This would be safer, and worse than the current system.

Temporary disabling of OA's would just create a timer for bears to wait out and/or still tell residents that i am present and active when i disable it multiple times. Its insufficient.

Detecting a cloaker should be more work than just pressing a button, so a pulse that decloaks everything in system should also disable d-scan and probes and freeze local for 20 seconds. This would allow de-cloaking someone you know to be on grid with you to be a thing and afk cloakers dont cloak back up when d-scan and probes come back online but does so without advertising the presence of an active cloaker to everyone in system.

An acive cloaker either needs to be indistinguishable from an afk cloaker or must never appear to anything as trivial as glancing at a chat channel or pressing a button, no matter how much you've paid for it.

EVE FAQ "7.2 CAN I AVOID PVP COMPLETELY? No; there are no systems or locations in New Eden where PvP may be completely avoided"

Daichi Yamato's version of structure based decs

Daichi Yamato
Jabbersnarks and Wonderglass
#106 - 2015-03-24 02:59:35 UTC  |  Edited by: Daichi Yamato
Gates that let you get from A to B quicker will possibly just allow large null blocks to defend large amounts of space again as well as enable null powers to import and export to and from empire.

having them improve travel in general sounds like a step back. I thought we were trying to make it harder to get around. (Although creating disruptable choke points may create interesting gameplay)

Just have them spawn WH's? Perhaps even manually?

EVE FAQ "7.2 CAN I AVOID PVP COMPLETELY? No; there are no systems or locations in New Eden where PvP may be completely avoided"

Daichi Yamato's version of structure based decs

Adhocracy Incorporated
#107 - 2015-03-24 03:35:12 UTC
Null Local should be switched to delayed Local.

Only one OA can be anchored in system at a time.

The OA should be able to disrupt map Intel and restore Local if the owner desires, for a fuel cost.

The OA should have a system that it can ping cloaked ships with, but it has a fuel cost and a cool down. It's ping returns results similar to a short range/high powered combat probe sweep. This would defeat afk cloakers while giving the resident some intel yet giving the active aggressor a chance at a gank.

The OA structure should be somewhat fragile and NOT subject to the Entosis capture mechanics. Reinforce-able, similar to a Mobile Depot in timing.

John Hand
#108 - 2015-03-24 04:42:13 UTC
Observation Arrays.

If delayed local does somehow show up (and no it shouldn't, works fine for WH, but not for normal space) then this system is a must to have to give local back. However the OA should take fuel to run, and based on what it does is how much fuel it takes.
So providing Local should be its basic function at no cost other then putting the array up in the system (remember people this is one of the XL things and is quit massive). From there the upgrades would be for Cloak Detection, Intel Denial, Pilot Intel Denial, ect ect. Fuel costs could be from a Small POS rate to a Large POS rate based on how many functions the array is doing. So for example, the OA is providing Cloak Detection on top of the Local (which is free) so fuel costs would be 9 Fuel Blocks (of any kind) per an hour. The fuel bay should be very large (since this thing is big). If for any reason it runes out, any function past the basic one, ceases to work, but the array itself doesn't stop running, just the extras do.
I would assume these things would be up-gradable via the new fitting system. 7H 5M 7L and 4 Service would suffice for protection and upgradbility. Rigs would range from Local Upgrades which would give a PING to all allied pilots (+10 standing) with the number of enemy's in system (No standing to -10). The ping would be to all pilots in the current system, and any adjacent system that also has at least an OA running (densest need to be upgraded). Others would be Cloak Pinpoint Rig which based upon how many of this rig is placed, would give you an accurate approx to where a cloak is being used (within 50km for 1 Rig, within 20km for 2 rigs and 1km for all 3 rigs being used).

Player Owned Gates.

I would assume these would replace the current Jump Bridge we have now. Would act and behave as a slandered gate does now, only would be able to be upgraded with Guns and Mods. 12H 4M 8L and 5 upgrade. Gun size limitations would be needed for this particular Building, with Large Guns being the biggest it can use (I assume the others would be able to use XL guns). Services this could provide (system wide): Extended Jump Range, all ships in system would have an extra 50% more LY range to there jump Drives. Reduced Jump Fatigue, all ships have an extra 50% reduction to Jump Fatigue when using a Jump Drive. (with those two alone I would think Jump Freighter Pilots would rejoice).
Base LY range would be the normal 5 LY as JB's are now, however, this could be upgraded via the use of Rigs, 5 LY more per a Rig, and BOTH Gates would need to have the Rigs in order to connect to one another.
Other rigs could expand more on the other services that Gate provides, increasing the LY% by 10% more per a rig installed, same would apply to the Fatigue one as well.

So there are a few of my ideas for Iterating onto what you Devs have shown the direction you have thought of with these two structures.
Descendant Command
#109 - 2015-03-24 04:58:25 UTC
Querns wrote:
afkalt wrote:
Less safe, not more was what I said.

And as I said, was promptly jumped on. Who did the jumping and as to their reasons is nothing I can influence however so I'll kindly ask for the removal of the conspiracy/bias/"agenda" tinfoil hattery you all have got going in here.

We do not need MORE safety out in null.

I mean just look at the ideas on this PAGE alone (or prior page, if this wraps). Find cloakers, easy scanning, fake dscan results. All conducive to a nice, safe blanket with which to sit in almost complete safety. None of these promote conflict, none of these are conflict drivers. These are ALL designed to make space SAFER.

So do we really need more safety out there, is that what you're all telling me?

As long as the countermeasures are meaningfully interdictable, I see little problem with allowing more tools to protect one's space. I see no problem with requiring it to take slightly more effort to attack one's holdings than it does today.

You seem to be willfully ignoring the fact that we are predicating this entire vignette on the removal of local in 0.0, and that we aren't even implying that a replacement for perfect local chat's system occupancy readout is necessary.

Sov null is the safest space already for PVE, why do you think core game mechanics should be altered to make it even safer?
Arya Regnar
Darwins Right Hand
#110 - 2015-03-24 05:37:22 UTC
I hope this isn't just another carebear buff/ganker nerf in the line of 4 years long line of nerfs to hunter types of gameplay.

EvE-Mail me if you need anything.

Azn Empire
#111 - 2015-03-24 06:42:56 UTC  |  Edited by: Mag's
Querns wrote:
This is a marked reduction in safety and requires significant effort and cost to restore (at least, the way we'd like to see it.)
There are not enough details of the final mechanics, to make this claim. As far as we know you could actually be safer, which is the point being made.
As far as cost and effort is concerned, one could say the same. But I highly doubt buying and placing these items will be a significant cost or effort issue, for many player groups.

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Sven Viko VIkolander
Tang Ping
#112 - 2015-03-24 06:50:20 UTC  |  Edited by: Sven Viko VIkolander
CCP Nullarbor wrote:
Sharing an idea I heard on the Fanfest pub crawl Bear

A one way directional jump bridge module.

1. You fuel it up and get everyone within range
2. Pick a rough destination on the map, no cyno required
3. Click the button and launch the fleet into the unknown
4. Based on the distance travelling the fleet does not necessarily land in the system they were aiming for
5. The fleet itself may also be scattered out over a system or even constellation
6. Everyone gets some amount of jump fatigue of course
7. You have to slow boat / pod express back

Could be an interesting day tripping mechanic.

This is a neat idea. HOWEVER:
IMO there is way too much "HYPE" with the structure rebalance at this point, way too much. It is impossible to give good feedback when when don't know what is pub crawl speculation and what is "likely coming in 2015." I really think we need another dev blog detailing what is likely going to come in 2015, how those ACTUAL changes will likely work, and then we can work to give feedback on them. Because, to be realistic, probably 50-80% of what you described in the original dev blog probably will not come in 2015, simply because of limited dev time, and most of the replies in this thread and others are pure speculation about things that likely won't come until 2016, if ever, so it would be nice to start working with what we can expect to see first, and only then branch out to further iterations.
#113 - 2015-03-24 06:52:11 UTC

agents or be able to affect or pinpoint cloak users
agents or be able to affect or pinpoint cloak users
agents or be able to affect or pinpoint cloak users
agents or be able to affect or pinpoint cloak users
agents or be able to affect or pinpoint cloak users
#114 - 2015-03-24 06:53:34 UTC
CCP Ytterbium,

Can't we add gate gun bunkers? limt how closer and were we place them same for MINES!
Gallente Federation
#115 - 2015-03-24 07:36:26 UTC  |  Edited by: SilentAsTheGrave
The amount of ideas that is based on removing local and introducing a structure that gives it right back as long as you throw money at it is disturbing. What is a joke is the after thought of allowing someone to turn it off, but by the time that happens the local inhabitants are already safe and will not venture back out until local has been turned back on. Even asking for an automated warning system when hostiles come in system. Wanting the ability to warp in on top of anyone cloaked with the push of a button.

Effectively ideas that can be summed up with: Remove Local From NPC Null and Ban Enemy Cloaking

Things that are so over powered that having a system makes these structures mandatory above all else. Shocked

I'm not against some structure that can WITH PLAYER EFFORT that offers clues and hints to what is happening in system. I also like the idea of tracking down cloakers that are actually AFK for a good amount of time. Again, with PLAYER EFFORT to do these things. Plopping down a structure and cutting a check should not be the extent of effort by players who want these advantages.

However local ends up. It should never be the super powerful, effort free intelligence gathering tool we have now. No matter where the structure is built or amount of money you throw at it. Same idea for cloaking. It should never result in recon work for a cloaked ship who is active at the computer become pointless because someone threw money at a structure that makes it impossible.
Lu Ziffer
School of Applied Knowledge
Caldari State
#116 - 2015-03-24 08:22:52 UTC
The problem is that by pure reason it is logical that if an observatory is scanning the system and gates know who passes through you will have a system where there is a local like now. The combined information would be enough to know who is in the system.

The questions are
-will gates without an observatory be able to create a local?
-should there multiple sizes of an observatory with differant effects?
--how about an M-L sized version gives a delay of 10-5 minutes and the XL does it with only a few seconds delay.
-what should it cost to run a system with local like today?
-is there a differance between jumping in by a wh, cyno, covered cyno or gate ?
--gate instantly in local
-- cyno some delay as the observatory sensors have to align on it
-- wh also some delay but as it is stable not as much as with the cyno
-- covered cyno having a huge delay as the observatoy needs more time to find it and to get the information who is coming through.

also if you send a message in local you should be instantly in local for obvious reasons.
Sean Parisi
Blackrise Vanguard
United Caldari Space Command.
#117 - 2015-03-24 09:22:32 UTC  |  Edited by: Sean Parisi
First and foremost I believe a lot of intelligence gathering will be intermingled between these two structure types but not exclusive to the combined use. IE an observatory allows the extraction of local data stored in a gate to the greater network - IE every gate will be able to have a log, but that can only be accessed outside the gate via a network. Furthermore, this is a good opportunity to provide 'hacking' with a fun toolset.

So here is a list of random ideas and possibilities.


  • Allow observatory arrays to help pinpoint specific wormhole types / levels. This could be used with build able ammunition 'probes' which are sent to these sites and then lost - this does not translate over to regular anomaly's (players must scan)
  • Logs of current owned or npc owned gates (delayed on NPC) within the network providing any assortment of information such as Ship Size, Ship, Player, Security Status of Player, Standing of Player and any other variation.
  • Report cyno usage within the grid - COVERT CYNOS ARE UNDETECTED
  • Within the grid and slightly outside the grid it will be possible to find further intel into who is supplying goods to market (Allowing us to find out who's selling what and even possibly to who). This allows us to curtail the movement of supplies and even make informed 'ganks' on sellers of high valuable goods.
  • Systems within the grid will generate more Anomalies of all different types and spawn rate of scannable sites within the area (This will also work with Administration hub which will change ownership but also spawn rates). Increases friendly player hacking / analyzing and scanning abilities within grided systems.
  • Tracking Agents
  • Data Core Generation - They will gather information and data which is used with the new mobile lab. This can also be assisted by players manually acquiring data in the new system (Keep FW datacores)
  • Bounty and Kill Right Tracker. This will provide you with a list of people within grid and slightly outside it whom have killrights or bounties on them. Based on the strength of the network it will tell you where these people are allowing you to hunt them down more effectively.
  • Null now has a default delay to local - Observatories can be used to increase or decrease the delay within occupied systems. But never leading to completely instant local updates (10-20 seconds at least of wait). Making local fill faster or slower. However, intel will always be there via network operators.
  • Increase of decrease in D-Scan of areas.
  • Scan areas within network for recent kills and losses
  • During grids lifespan allow it to slowly develop a mineral composition of all moons within the area.
  • Increase rare ore spawn rates or even ice spawns
  • Allow the networks to be hacked by outsiders to gain temporary benefit or cause general fuckery and mayhem. Can be counter hacked.
  • Allow all services to possibly be bought by other players.


  • Toll designations on gate use.
  • Gates may limit size of ships passing through them
  • Gates may be turned off while online - IE defenses still work but no jumps at all are allowed
  • Can be hacked by outsiders to bypass toll / steal some toll or ignore restrictions
  • Can be given modules to increase its strength against hackers (Operators can counter through headquarters counter hacking - IE Minigame vs hacking player that may temporarily disable their ship or other goodies)
  • Can be limited to standing levels, exclusion lists, public, corporate or alliance use.
  • When combined with intelligence network they can scan cargo but not fitting of ships passing through.
  • Hacking can delete locally stored information or access stored data
  • Settings on whether to fire on people given different conditions - Always on neutrals, pirates, criminal, suspect, when attacked, at war or whatever other variables.
  • NPC wings attached to gates - similar to faction police that can be blown up and respond to the above settings (You can make your gates safer for neutrals or against war targets) These will not be too strong.
  • Public Beacon or Hidden. When hidden it has to be scanned down or bookmarked - 'smugglers gate' vs 'public gate'

  • Create dead pockets that player stations can be hidden behind.
  • Similar to FW gates - however based on restrictions, it can limit what can be built behind it.
  • Gate can be sieged and destroyed allowing it to be bypassed (But giving more time to defenders)
  • Or Gate can be used with restrictions funneling people into a single warp in point .
  • Possibly limit only to 'smaller' operations
  • Possibility of locking it to outsiders (but allowing hacking)
  • [*] A lot of ways to elaborate or build on it.
    Anthar Thebess
    #118 - 2015-03-24 10:41:14 UTC  |  Edited by: Anthar Thebess
    Ability to pinpoint cloak users.
    I carry spare cloak and a depot in my ship because of the RL.

    Don't take this away.
    If you want AFK campers gone try to do it different way.

    Don't create one way jump gate.
    You will lift again the ability to "HERE WE STAND!"
    Ground control is also fun, keeping 1 gate to secure a constellation or even half of a region provide also fun and content.
    Oxide Ammar
    #119 - 2015-03-24 11:09:12 UTC
    I'm with the posts regarding the function of the Observatory Arrays either gives you Intel about the system that is deployed in or completely put that system in the dark, if you introducing array like this make sure every nullsec system will be having one which will render the star map into uselessness. If you limited the abilities of this array to overcome of this problem you will be facing a half baked idea introduced to us.

    Hiding Intel from enemies about location of your assembly arrays locations (especially if you are manufacturing titans and supers), fleets movements, active ratting systems, active cynos...etc. gives you more deepness in Sov warefare.

    As for gates I completely disagree and refuse the features that these gates provide for the system owner over rest, it's gonna kill small pvp roaming.

    Lady Areola Fappington:  Solo PVP isn't dead!  You just need to make sure you have your booster, remote rep, cyno, and emergency Falcon alts logged in and ready before you do any solo PVPing.

    Deep Core Mining Inc.
    Caldari State
    #120 - 2015-03-24 11:42:37 UTC  |  Edited by: Vixel
    These structures and all the structure changes overall are going to change the way EVE is played in pretty much every fundamental way. I think in conjunction with these changes we need to start looking at some of the most fundamental aspects of EVE.

    I am wholeheartedly not a fan of another player or entity being able to disrupt information flow on a large scale. Because intel and information gathering (outside of local) is something we as players have to work for and perfect already, allowing other players to interfere in that process in a direct way wouldn't be the way to go.

    We should start looking at the fundamental systems these new structures are going to be affecting, and start figuring out ways to better those game mechanics before these structures and changes are put in overtop of already poor game mechanics, UI etc.

    Any new gameplay features, structures, mechanics, etc, overall need to be geared towards one specific objective: MORE PLAYER to PLAYER interaction.

    With that in mind, I think we need to take a look at EVE's intel gathering interfaces and figure out how to make them more VISUAL instead of technical and menu based.

    We in the EVE player community base need to grasp the full extent of these coming changes. THESE ARE THE BIGGEST CHANGES TO THE GAME SINCE CAPITAL SHIPS.

    Understand that these changes are not just cute little gimmicks that are adding in some cool feature here or there. These changes are to compete with Star Citizen, they are to make this game more interesting, and they should by extension IMPROVE the game. This will not happen if the changes are put in on top of pre-exisitng infrastructure that really needs to be fixed first.


    Moving on then, lets talk about the proposed features:

    Observatory Array:
    Being able to increase, decrease or block Star Map filters in the solar systems they’re deployed
    - STOP. WHY? People rely on statistics and information to figure what they're going to do and when in this game. This could go either decently well, or VERY BADLY. Think about it hard first...

    Act as solar system wide D-scan blockers
    - Meh. Why not looking at iterating on the current dscan system andcome up with something different?

    Disrupt ship intelligence in the solar system
    - This is really vague, but I'm assuming it would somewhat distort results from dscan. That's cool but again, why not do something a little different than dscan? It's just another overview, this whole game is overviews...

    take over player tracking capabilities from NPC agents or be able to affect or pinpoint cloak users.
    - GREAT FEATURE. What would be even better is network tracking, kind of like GPS. These structures could be placed throughout multiple systems, and you could keep track of player movements region wide through an interface instead of through player communications. AMAZING.
    - Instead of pinpointing cloaked pilots, how about preventing them from warping cloaked? Or how about a decloak mechanic that will EVENTUALLY figure out your position if you're not mobile (10 minutes or so?) and then decloak you and broadcast your location system wide?

    We are considering basing their effectiveness through a network coverage (like cell phones) so that a single one may not be that useful, but maintaining a bunch of them in space could give a significant advantage.
    - BEAUTIFUL IDEA. You can go even further and as I mentioned above, connect them and network them across solarsystems so that data stays consistent throughout a specific constellation. This would allow certain corporations and entities to project further than just their own solarsystem. With the SOV changes coming, this would allow you to see and actively collect intel on players trying to take sov or that are taking structures in systems in other constellations or in another part of the region.

    Overall great work, but some changes I feel will be a little to much and would do more harm than good.


    - SECTOR SCANNING: A scanning system that divides and subdivides space into a grid and assigns structures, planets, any in space object a SECTOR &subsector (for further division). Present these sectors to the player in a visual way kind of like the updated industry menu (could even use the unused f11 browser) and combine their results into the dscan window (spreadsheet view).

    - Collective Intel: Intel can be shared and communicated between players in a visual way instead of just vocally or through text.

    - CAMERA DRONES: Ability to view a remote location within the system from the safety of an observatory array. No more need for "cloaky scout go follow them" all the time. Also gives the defenders a HUGE advantage over the attackers.

    - BIG DATA: Because we are talking about intel, we have to talk about data. We WILL need an interface for organizing, understanding and communicating all the data that the observatory arrays will be picking up. This cannot be another "OVERVIEW". More spreadsheets in space is bad. VISUAL communication of data is going to be crucial. Again, if this is another POS management tab, the corp management window, or even remotely resembles the market window, it's going to be JUST ANOTHER SPREADSHEET... Please no more spreadsheets in space...

    Most proposed features are good and if developed right will be AMAZING. Some proposed ideas are interesting, and need a little more work before we can truly tell if they'll be feasibly or not. My own personal feature wishlist:: Sector Scanning, Collective Intel, Camera Drones, Big Data, NO MORE SPREADSHEETS.