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[New structures] Observatory Arrays and Gates

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#641 - 2016-08-03 12:39:22 UTC
When I first heard about the idea of player build stargates a few years ago, I really hoped for gates
that would bring us to new regions/systems or maybe even something in the lore of EVE's backstory
and would lead us to a new eden 2.0 or back towards the space where a planet called earth is floating around.

Maybe these new regions of space could house some similar effects as in wormholes or incursions,
going from ship enhancing effects, cyno jammed or uncloackable systems or even whole regions.

Exploring this new space would be with the help of building new stargates to connect to new and old systems. eventually creating a whole new map for EVE.

But yeah, I geuss thats never going to happen and I will keep on dreaming Roll