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Have you voted for CSM yet?

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Gregor Parud
Imperial Academy
#61 - 2015-03-03 10:54:15 UTC
It's just terrible that we HAVE to vote because that means the majority of CSM members will have an agenda and while most people will go "that's cool, as long as it's my agenda" it's not necessarily helping the game as a whole. Not that I have a solution to this problem but I'd rather see a group of "wise men (m/f)" with EVE as a whole in mind than people who rally for their own goals and constituency.
Warlock Assassins
#62 - 2015-03-04 08:08:55 UTC
Nami Kumamato wrote:
Glathull wrote:
One of the nice things about EvE is that even if you don't think the CSM is very good at what it does, you can still vote for a third party or a fourth or a fifth. I always vote for a fifth of vodka if she's running.

I happen to think the CSM does a pretty damn good job most of the time, so I don't troll vote.

But you can troll vote, and you should! Because that's better than not participating. See, if you don't participate, there's a certain amount of legitimate complaining that you can't participate in. And we all know these forums (yes, I know, some of you think it should be fora, but you are all wrong) are full of people who like to complain.

So get your butt over to here:

and throw some names into those boxes, so that we can all take you seriously when you complain about how awful and pointless the CSM is.

Trust me. I'm enabling your future complaints here. Just vote now, and I won't make fun of you a month from now about how you didn't bother to vote.

I specifically voted for an US-free CSM. :D
Hate meeee

Will you accept a like in place of a hate? I'm not the kind of person who thinks that we have it all together here in the U.S.

I honestly feel like I just read fifty shades of dumb. --CCP Falcon