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New dev blog: You people really do love blowing up spaceships.

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Gallente Federation
#301 - 2011-12-18 02:31:43 UTC
I'm curious because I'm a massive data junky but would you be able to give the following:

Time period from the first eve record kills to now.
Categories null, low, high and wormhole.
All ship types used
All weapon types used (or final blows)
All ships types destroyed


may 2011, drake loss, high 2000, null 20,000, low 10,000, wormhole 100.
may 2011, drakes used, high 2000, null 20,000, low 10,000, wormhole 100.
may 2011, light missile used, high 2000, null 20,000, low 10,000, wormhole 100.

I know this is a huge amount of data but I would love to see correlations between each expansion and how fleet compositions were effect or not effected by them in each area.

I promise many crazy graphs if you can give me this much data.
#302 - 2011-12-18 06:22:50 UTC  |  Edited by: Reiisha
Reiisha wrote:
Where's the lists for the bottom 10? The rarest ships to get blown up, the ratio of ships in existence/blown up (ie, what ships are most and least likely to be blown up), rarest ships used in pvp/final blows, rarest weapons to be used

Bleh, i wanna know this :<

edit: clarify:

- Ships that got blown up the least (in absolute numbers)
- Ratio of ships built/ships blown up, top and bottom 10 (ships that are most and least likely to get blown up)
- Bottom 10 of ships used in killmails (least use in pvp)
- Bottom 10 of ships that got a final blow (least final blows)
- Bottom 10 of weapons used in killmails (least use in pvp)
- Bottom 10 of weapons used in final blows (least final blows)

If you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all...

Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#303 - 2012-01-22 01:59:25 UTC  |  Edited by: Tepir
CCP Diagoras wrote:
Shadoo wrote:
In the name of ... well, I don't know what -- but you know what I mean -- I'd like to request following statistic:

Top 5 capsuleer corporations rated on the number of kills per avarage member.

Those pesky sniggs have nothing on us!

Well.... I'm no DB guru so I'm limited by what the tools I have let me do, but let's see. I have to do the # of people based on the number of people who have scored final blows (best way I have to judge the number of different PVP participants in each corp). I limited this to alliances which have scored 10,000 final blows or more.

So, taking the number of final blow characters and the number of total kills and then dividing it, gives an average kills per member of:

1. Negative Ten. 115.32
2. B A L E X 113.44
3. Mean Coalition 91.39
5. DarkSide. 79.47
6. Soldiers of Thunderstorm 76.75
7. Stain Empire 75.71
8. B A N E 63.77
9. Veto Corp 56.81
11. Pandemic Legion 51.66
12. Agony Empire 50.93

I went up to 12 to include PL for you (as you were asking it seemed fair), but yes, not in the top 10 there I'm afraid (over 2.5k different killers).

And for corporations, limited to corps with 10,000 kills or more and more than 100 different killers:
1. Mean Corp 193.99
2. the united 144.84
3. Fremen Sietch 118.26
4. The Tuskers 115.45
5. Genos Occidere 115.45
6. SoT 107.58
8. Surreal corp 104.50
9. Mugen Industry 100.90
10. Xenobytes 96.65

Both of these exclude rookie ships, capsules and shuttles.

hell yeah
Siren mu
Happy Derping Microbiologists
#304 - 2012-03-09 13:14:02 UTC
Schnoo wrote:
what an embarrassing high amount of ships killed in pve

More likely its from the two newb tutorial missions where the destruction of player ship is required to complete the mission.