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Skill Points remapping/buying™: Ideas, Discussion, and Proposals

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Naburi NasNaburi
#761 - 2016-02-13 08:03:29 UTC
I actually dont care if people buy SP or chars. Its their money not mine.


I would like to see a better solution for old chars.
Lets say I want extract 1mil SP from my char, to inject them into more useful skills - I WILL lose 700k sp in this process.
(Hey we all made mistakes in our early days)

If you want to make it more fair for newbros and newsis.. or easier if you like that term, give us old ones some love too.

Either a once in a life time SP redistribution.

OR so CCP still can make some cash from extractors: Character bound SP Extractor/Injector with a 1to1 ratio. (1000 AUR per is totally fine in my book)

Its valentines day tomorrow.. show us some love