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Your daily WTF, thank you.

First post
Indahmawar Fazmarai
#101 - 2015-12-13 22:47:57 UTC
Errr... huh...

Star Wars oranges

Yoda grapes

No kidding. Those are real products.


What. The. Foorce. Shocked
Indahmawar Fazmarai
#102 - 2015-12-17 20:28:43 UTC
I was thinking about making up a fancy title like "Future Minmatar tank", but come on. The real title is WTF enough:

Kantanka armoured car and bomb, made by Apostle Dr. Kwadwo Safo

And then the video starts playing and gets better.
Indahmawar Fazmarai
#103 - 2015-12-23 14:46:59 UTC  |  Edited by: Indahmawar Fazmarai
Happy holidays from Boston Dynamics!*

*developers of BigDog, BigCat and other awesome but mildly spooky four-legged robots
Nana Skalski
Taisaanat Kotei
#104 - 2015-12-23 15:29:09 UTC
Indahmawar Fazmarai wrote:
Happy holidays from Boston Dynamics!*

*developers of BigDog, BigCat and other awesome but mildly spooky four-legged robots

I suppose these are granades attached to the backs of the robots, and some machineguns in Santa's sleigh.
Indahmawar Fazmarai
#105 - 2016-01-12 14:12:20 UTC  |  Edited by: Indahmawar Fazmarai
Ohhhh! They're cute! They're erie! They're handbags! IwantIwantIwantIwant!

I was to say that I couldn't think of anything eerier... But I can, actually, since I know what reborn babies are. Ugh
Indahmawar Fazmarai
#106 - 2016-01-25 21:41:42 UTC
Trust me! I'm an engineer!

Trust me! I'm an engineer! With epic skill and epic gear!
Karen Sev'Rassane
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#107 - 2016-01-28 01:09:36 UTC
Indahmawar Fazmarai
#108 - 2016-01-28 07:36:20 UTC
Karen Sev'Rassane wrote:

I just don't know.

Obviously T-Rex has been practicing some.
Indahmawar Fazmarai
#109 - 2016-01-28 07:53:23 UTC
Indahmawar Fazmarai
#110 - 2016-02-09 20:56:37 UTC
Indahmawar Fazmarai
#111 - 2016-02-29 21:09:50 UTC
Just follow the instructions and this angry toad will sing the Imperial March.

Admittedly this may be the craziest thing I've shared here. And it works! Lol

Indahmawar Fazmarai
#112 - 2016-03-11 14:10:56 UTC  |  Edited by: Indahmawar Fazmarai
Cool: 100 internet abbreviations explained!

Now guess which one is missing... P
ISD Decoy
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
#113 - 2016-03-11 19:45:12 UTC
I smile. I laugh. I cringe. I wonder.

I like.

ISD Decoy


Community Communication Liaisons (CCLs)

Interstellar Services Department

Indahmawar Fazmarai
#114 - 2016-03-12 07:34:23 UTC  |  Edited by: Indahmawar Fazmarai
Serafin Arcturus Bloodspiller
Jerkasaurus Wrecks Inc.
#115 - 2016-03-12 13:06:12 UTC
So I was jumpcloning back to a sweet station and BOOM: spawned another capsule:

"Die Sonne lehrt alle Lebewesen die Sehnsucht nach dem Licht, doch es ist die Nacht, die uns zu den Sternen erhebt!" Khalil Gibran Seit 1 1/2 Jahren suche ich jetzt schon EVE heim... Gott hilf mir! ;D

Indahmawar Fazmarai
#116 - 2016-03-13 21:24:43 UTC
Indahmawar Fazmarai
#117 - 2016-03-17 14:04:35 UTC
Indahmawar Fazmarai
#118 - 2016-03-18 14:34:15 UTC
Now we are officially closer to achieve Ultimate Stupidity: adhesive light dimmers for LEDs.
Mark O'Helm
Fam. Zimin von Reizgenschwendt
#119 - 2016-03-24 01:20:32 UTC
Somebody decced me, came next to my orca in an icebelt and activated a small smartbomb, about 1 hour before legal shooting. He made 18hp damage and then

"Frauenversteher wissen, was Frauen wollen. Aber Frauen wollen keine Frauenversteher. Weil Frauenversteher wissen, was Frauen wollen." (Ein Single)

"Wirklich coolen Leuten ist es egal, ob sie cool sind." (Einer, dem es egal ist)

Indahmawar Fazmarai
#120 - 2016-03-25 23:07:35 UTC
Maybe it's not really a WTF... I think it's cute, actually. Seashell radio.