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Crime & Punishment

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Crime and Punishment Rules

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CCP Falcon
#1 - 2015-01-12 11:26:24 UTC
Before posting in the Crime & Punishment forum, we ask that you please take a look at the following rules:


The posting of killmails is permitted, however following criteria must be met:

a) The name of the victim must be removed or covered up
b) The killmail must be posted along with constructive text/content. This means no posting new threads with simply a killmail in it without a comment.
c) The killmail must be posted directly into the post and may not be a link to a third-party site.

The reason behind these rules was a spate of threads seeking to embarrass other players, such as those with poor set-ups.

Killmails are not supported by us and given the ease of forgery, threads with killmails in them tended to descend into arguments about the veracity of them.

To foster a better community spirit, killmails will be removed from any post that do not follow the above rules.

Chatlogs and "fanmail"

The posting of chatlogs and EVEmails is not permitted, as past experience has shown us that these have a tendency to incite flames and trolling.

An exception to this is the Pirate Stories Thread, where players can post chatlogs (with the names of victims/counterparts blanked out) as part of a pirate story or experience.

"Pod or post" threads

It may be considered a legitimate ransom tactic to demand a victim post on the forums or face liquidation, threads of this nature do not contribute anything constructive to the forums other than to purposely embarrass members of the community.

For this reason, threads with a "pod or post" content will be considered spam. We don't need more spam on the forums, so please don't contribute to it.


All Forum Rules still apply and will be enforced.

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