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Welcome to the Assembly Hall

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CCP Falcon
#1 - 2015-01-12 11:20:59 UTC
In this forum, any EVE player can raise an issue for debate.

The best and most supported of these issue threads are picked up by the CSM for debate. The issues that pass debate are bought to CCP, and if CCP consents, the issues get implemented into the game.

How it works:
In order to raise an issue, simply create a new thread. In the title write a brief description and in the body, give as many details about your idea as possible. Any person replying to the thread can check a box to show support for the issue, which provides at-a-glance on the thread listing how supported an idea is. If a CSM member wants to raise an issue in a meeting, they are only allowed to select issues arising from threads in the Assembly hall, and only threads that are at least a week old.

When a CSM member selects the issue, they must create a page in the EVE wiki, condensing all the forum input into a solid idea that can then be voted upon.

Out of all the issues that pass, the CSM brings them to CCP, who removes all the issues that are moot, and talks with the CSM about the remainder. At this point, a relevant employee in CCP is assigned the issue and asked to do some research on it- is it feasible? is it a good idea? Such answers are found and returned to the CSM during the CSM-CCP meetings online and in Iceland. Issues that pass are added to CCP's "backlog"- that is, their to-do list for implementation in the game.

How can I get involved?
By simply raising issues in the Assembly hall. Try not to raise issues that are repeats of old ones. If you are in doubt, use and search the Assembly Hall forum for similar threads. Also search the EVE wiki(link at bottom) to see if it has already been raised by the CSM, and what became of it.

If you support an issue, be sure to reply in a thread and check the box giving support. You don't even have to say anything in your response if you don't want to. This helps the CSM because we can better see at a glance what issues are the most supported by the player base.

If you want to give feedback on an issue, try to make your feedback as constructive as possible. Don't say "your idea is stupid". Tell them WHY their idea is stupid. The Assembly Hall is more then just a complaint box. We can use this forum to make the game better for everybody, so let's try to keep discussion as constructive as possible.

4th CSM links. For links to information for the 3rd and previous CSMs, please see my post just below this:

List of all issues raised by the CSM4
List of all issues raised by the CSM ever.
Issues that have passed through the CSM and are waiting for a response from CCP

If you are interested in finding out what happened during a specific meeting, go to the Jita Park Speakers Corner. there is a forum thread created for every meeting.

EVE Wiki links for the 3rd CSM:

List of Open Issues
Issues raised by the CSM
CSM Rejected Issues
List of all articles related to the 3rd CSM. Issues, meeting minutes, player pages, etc

The second and first CSM did not use the EVE wiki as extensively as the Third have, so records on the EVE wiki are more scant. But here they are, anyways:

CSM 2 records
CSM 1 records

Links to previous CSM threads, where they kept their records:
Serenity Steel's "list of all issues" from the CSM 1
Ankhesentapemkah's "CSM wiki" containing CSM 2 issues. It's been taken over by spambots.

Erik updated a bunch of wiki pages to better illustrate how the CSM works. be sure to thank him!

Erik Finnegan wrote:
Alright, alright, I rephrased the CSM page on evelopedia to give more information on how we work. I added an explanatory text on the CCP backlog, and also put together a page on how to get in touch with the CSM.

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