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Improving the Fitting Experience

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Timmeeyh Thesecond
Chakula Kubwa Inc
#301 - 2015-02-19 19:08:44 UTC
Option to buy from regional market
-Beeing able to set up a composite buy order from regional market for complete fitting
-Confirmation screen with available prices vs regional averages and optional purchase multiplier

-Rightclicking module in fit brings up meta alternatives
-Said menu has info on prices, key stat impact ("+21dps", "-5217 EHP")

Prettyplease! let me buy fittings outright without having to scroll and click and count all that stuff. I already did that when i made the fitting.

Even better yet, option to autocreate hauling contract so you can have the ships delivered to your home base from tradehubs.
More business for haulers, easier logistics for players=explosions in space.

No more taxes in high sec 2
#302 - 2015-03-24 14:05:39 UTC
considering the basics of the fittings.

If in my fitting, i have 3000 scourge missiles and in my cargo only 2800. When i click on load fitting, eve adds another 3000 missile to my cargo instead of simply adding 200 missiles of the same king as i would reasonnably expect.

Since missiles and drones are saved into the fitting, i think the strip button should remove all missiles and drones from the cargo and drone bay. That way loading a new fitting is just a matter of strip then loading.

There is no simple way to update a fitting, for instance changing one module. Right now you need to click on save, which is more a save as button, type the same name as before, go into the menu and delete the old fitting. Maybe, when saving a fitting with the same name of an already existing fitting in the same category, for instance assault frigate->hawk, there should be a prompt asking if we want to update/overwrite existing fitting.
While browsing fittings, clicking on one particular fitting, the save button seems to do nothing. I tried removing a module on my ship and clicking on save, expecting to update the selected fitting, but nothing happened.

When you have rigs, everytime you load a fitting, you have a message relative to rigs. Doesnt make much sense, i would not expect rigs to be removed/loaded with a simple fit action. It s not really a problem though, just to polish things a little.
Yossarian Toralen
M and M Enterpises
#303 - 2015-03-24 15:59:10 UTC
Is somebody saying that experimenting with fits won't require third party software but it's not planned and they are still thinking about it.

What is there to think about?

Modules aren't a problem but rigs can get expensive when you are trying to work out a fit on a battleship or trying out T2 rigs.