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D3m0n sam
Mea Culpa.
Shadow Cartel
#21 - 2014-12-10 11:49:23 UTC
Not even surprised you where the first.

Well done Peter! Big smile
Gallente Federation
#22 - 2014-12-19 02:15:09 UTC
snake03 wrote:
Peter Moonlight wrote:
Hello everyone, in case someone missed it in-game/Reddit I was first to find Thera today just after downtime.

Short story..
There was a single J-space wormhole connected to it, which I had some plans for Twisted, so right after downtime I had a feeling I should login and scan it, and so I did, first wormhole I landed one was Thera, I jumped trough, took me quite a while to scan it and finally i mapped them all and shared with rest of EVE.

"CCP Fozzie > I can now confirm that Peter Moonlight is the winner of our shoutout on this week's o7"

Anyways, few things about the wormhole:
It is 400 AU, roughly.
It has 4 stations.
It had 1 Data site and no 100% combat sites.
4 Beacons.
3x Highsec,3x Lowsec, 3x Nullsec wormholes and a single j-space wormhole that I came trough.

There is a lot of people in here right now and there is a lot of people trying to PVP and some 1v1's, local looks like Jita and Amarr combined at some points and that's pretty much it.

Enjoy in Thera everyone, hopefully it will bring a lot of pew pew P!

What do you want a cookie? Tons of players have already been in 'Thera' on SISI, including me. Let me go get myself podded in Thera and run back here and make a thread like this bragging about how I was this first player to get podded in Thera! Oh Yippy!!

GET A LIFE DUDETwistedTwistedTwistedTwisted

Here, have a Valium and go back to First Grade before your teacher misses you.
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