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EVE New Citizens Q&A

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#41 - 2014-12-05 21:34:01 UTC
Cear Jfrassoric wrote:
I've played EVE casually on and off since 2009. I was wondering if this game is even worth coming back too now with all of the changes. My biggest issues so far are the micro-transactions as well as the leak of that "Greed is good?" CCP internal newsletter. That particular article has me concerned as to the direction that the game is going. The micro-trasactions in the current state are something that I can TOLERATE since pretty much every other MMO I've come across has them nowadays. I'm a 7 year WoW vet and couldn't believe when WoW first got them. EVE however was a game I was never expecting to ever start with micro-transactions. Besides the micro-transactions I was wondering how the game's health is as a whole?

The "greed is good" thing was a somewhat out-of-context quote that nonetheless triggered a large storm of player dissatisfaction over the direction the game was going back in 2011. The result was a drastic restructure and focus change within CCP. Since then, the community outlook on the direction Eve is heading in is overall positive.

Also, a note on microtransactions. The only microtransactions in the game are aesthetic upgrades for you or your ships through the New Eden Store. There were never any microtransaction items introduced that give an in-game advantage, period. There were never any plans to add any either, nor any desire expressed to do so by anyone. The "Greed is good?" leak was a "devil's advocate" bit of writing in an internal newsletter.

Cear Jfrassoric wrote:
I've re-subbed for a month to see how I like it so far. I want to play. EVE has always been a game that has intrigued me. I look forward to your responses.

Welcome back! Hope you enjoy your stay in New Eden!

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