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♛♛ Bobmon, CSM 10 ♛♛

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Beyond Divinity Inc
Shadow Cartel
#201 - 2015-02-25 09:24:29 UTC
Marlona Sky wrote:

RIP Shocked

also : +1 for bobmon
Malcolm Otsolen
Red Federation
RvB - RED Federation
#202 - 2015-02-25 11:28:10 UTC
Not voting for anything PL since I heard excessive use of racial epithet on Twitch Streams by PL leadership.
Macabre Votum
Northern Coalition.
#203 - 2015-02-25 11:32:08 UTC
Tara Read
Blackwater USA Inc.
Pandemic Horde
#204 - 2015-02-25 19:04:48 UTC
Bobmon wrote:
THE BELLOW CONCEPTS ARE JUST IDEA's Based on either CCP Idea's or Player feedback!

  • #1 ''Hardcore Player Mode''
  • CCP Rise talked about this a few weeks back and it got me interested. I did some thinking, and I liked the idea to have a ''special alt'' who is badass at doing pvp related stuff.

    Hardcore player mode in my opinion should be based on the pirate faction lines, This would work because it would back up the fact that your char can always be shot, even in highsec by all other players. This char is special because once you ''unlock'' it you get a certain amount of SP that you can use on ALMOST ALL PVP RELATED SKILLS.. With ''almost all'' I mean that I want to exclude every skill that doesn't require you to actually pvp in your ship such as:
    - no cloak and cloak related ships (bombers, probers)
    - no station skills
    - no poss related skills (only anchor maybe)

    These pirate faction chars would only have the capability to fly their own pirate race ships (maybe all pirate ships, haven't decided yet) because they created these themselves to fight off their enemies. The effect of them self designing their ships might result in a small extra bonus but again, not sure on this yet.

    Pirate Chars won't have access to WH space because their focus is to fight their true enemy, The big four factions.

    Fleet wise I want these chars to basically be solo ''roaming'' ácross new Eden but I do think that they should be able to group up with other pirates of their faction but this might result in them getting some drawbacks at forming fleets or whatever. Pirate Chars should basically force a player to be on top of their game or they get killed

    Pirates can maybe even make isk through killing people that do militia related stuff, and I would love them to be these little pricks who cause a lot of chaos everywhere their go.

    Arrow#3 Lowsec
    Make lowsec better for new alliances and Players to get into pvp so that they have a place to grow (more on this in this you can find here)

    I think if i may be frank in my response that these two bullet points are the main reasons why I will not be voting for you in the CSM. I'll outline my counter reasons below:

    1. "Hardcore Mode". While I admire that you think Pirates in Eve are "hardcore" I find the concept of alts skipping training and other foundation based skills for the sole purpose of having a "max level" alt is utterly ridiculous. Eve is full of alts. I myself have six accounts for various uses and I'm sure you being in PL have members that have dozens of alt accounts.

    Putting alts in a position of "niche" maxed pvp skilled factions for the sole purpose of getting into pvp quicker in theory is okay but when looked at in Eve's current playstyle of having multiple accounts and characters is rather dangerous and unreasonable. Various entities would just train alts and place them in whatever Pirate Faction gave the best bonus for the current meta to support whatever doctrines were niche at the time.

    Furthermore, the concept of locking out players of certain areas like WH's not only neuters WH's usefulness post Phoebe for travel and fleet placement, but limits the concept of the sandbox as a whole. Pirates already become locked out of High Sec due to Security Status. Further restricting players based upon "lore" or rather your loose concept of what lore should be in Eve is rather damaging to an already dying playstyle.

    Which leads me to my next point:

    2. Lowsec.

    Your concept of low Sec being a "training ground" for a bunch of F1 pressing tidi fests is not only laughable, but is frankly insulting to those of us who live in low Sec for the very fights you claim Low Sec is to "train" people towards in Null. Null is not the end all nor is it the be all of Eve.

    There are many players who flock to Low Sec to get away from the very grinds and blobs that you claim is the "Endgame" of Eve Online. Not only do I disagree with this ignorant concept but I find it rather amusing how Low Sec is so lightly thrown aside to only focus upon what makes YOUR game playable for your specific niche.

    Indeed why wouldn't we get rid of post Phoebe changes to jump fatigue and give players streamlined combat alts? With your proposed reduction of nerfs to jump fatigue there would be no use for WH's and it would once again align entities who depended upon non fatigue timers and high SP characters with being back on top of the proverbial food chain.

    Which leads be to my conclusion:

    1. There are already Pirates in Low Sec (hi! *waves*)

    2. Using Low Sec as a watered down region where players dip their toes in for very little to skitter off to Null is baseless and frankly insulting not only to those who thrive upon small gang PVP, but feel very strongly of improving and making Low Sec and Piracy a viable and fun place.

    3. Post Phoebe changes are staying because it defangs entities who forgot to use Stargates and trying to undo them is laughable.

    Until you actually approach people as a CSM candidate and try to learn their playstyle don't go throwing out ignorant concepts as the "best" solution or idea. it makes you look bad.

    Into the Ether
    Out of the Blue.
    #205 - 2015-02-26 18:35:24 UTC
    Malcolm Otsolen wrote:
    Not voting for anything PL since I heard excessive use of racial epithet on Twitch Streams by PL leadership.

    That's like calling an white Australian cop racist coz a white American cop beat up a black guy. Just because they look the same, wear the same clothes and do the same job doesn't mean they're the same.

    Everyone has an individual personality, maybe you should give them a chance? Or maybe just keep calling people out as racists because that's a lot of easier than providing legitimate reasons to dislike them

    You can't go Bob-wrong with Bobmon


    Gallente Federation
    #206 - 2015-02-26 22:08:23 UTC
    Malcolm Otsolen wrote:
    Not voting for anything PL since I heard excessive use of racial epithet on Twitch Streams by PL leadership.

    Do you have a link? I'm curious to see how bad this is.

    Either way, not voting for Bobman or anyone else dragging their blocs agenda around trying to get on the CSM. I want to actual healthy change.
    Macabre Votum
    Northern Coalition.
    #207 - 2015-03-01 09:21:30 UTC
    Im hyped! Can't wait to see the results!

    @BobmonEVE - BOBMON FOR CSM 12

    Macabre Votum
    Northern Coalition.
    #208 - 2015-03-04 12:45:36 UTC
    CCP Leeloo: UPD: 23792 votes last year and 27304 this year! YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE TO VOTE #CSMX #CSM10 #tweetfleet #eveonline

    Woot Woot! Cant wait to see the results!

    @BobmonEVE - BOBMON FOR CSM 12

    Sister Night
    Garoun Investment Bank
    Gallente Federation
    #209 - 2015-03-06 18:39:49 UTC
    Sorry cant vote for you

    1. You dont have the well being of Eve as a agenda, only your bit
    2. Be capable of growing chest hair first :P
    Macabre Votum
    Northern Coalition.
    #210 - 2015-03-07 10:34:15 UTC

    I was on this show and we had a good discussion regarding the new sov update

    @BobmonEVE - BOBMON FOR CSM 12

    #211 - 2015-03-09 01:10:20 UTC


    Macabre Votum
    Northern Coalition.
    #212 - 2015-03-10 11:17:38 UTC
    Bobwrong wrote:



    Damm that was suppose to stay a secret,, THANKS

    @BobmonEVE - BOBMON FOR CSM 12

    The Riot Formation
    #213 - 2015-03-12 01:11:37 UTC