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Expedition Frigate for mining ice

Antillie Sa'Kan
Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#1 - 2014-11-19 19:32:21 UTC
First the ship:


Mining Frigate Bonus per level:
+5% Mining Laser yield
-5% Gas Harvester duration

Expedition Frigate Bonus per level:
-5% Ice Harvester duration and activation cost
-20% Cloaking Device CPU use

Role Bonuses:
+100% Bonus to Mining Laser and Gas Harvester Yield
Can fit Covert Ops Cloaking Devices and Covert Cynos. Cloak reactivation delay reduced to 5 seconds.
Can fit Ice Harvesters

Slot layout: 2H, 4M, 4L; 2 Turrets
Fittings: 48 PWG, 280 CPU
Defense (shields / armor / hull): 850 / 550 / 600
Capacitor (amount / recharge / cap per second): 300 / 125s / 2.4
Mobility (max velocity / agility / mass / align time): 365 / 3 / 1,400,000 / 5.82s
Drones (bandwidth / bay): 0 / 0
Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 25km / 700 / 6
Sensor strength: 11
Signature radius: 42
Cargo Bay: 100m3
Ore Bay: 10,000m3

As you can see its a variant of the Prospect. Key differences are:

1. Larger sig.
2. Some EHP moved from armor to shields.
3. Slower.
4. Longer targeting range.
5. Lower scan resolution.
6. One less hi slot.
7. One more mid slot.
8. Less cargo space.
9. More power grid.
10. Less CPU.

Running some yield numbers with perfect skills and no links/implants/mining upgrades:

Collier with ice harvester and cloak: 7.11 m3/s
Collier with two ice harvesters: 14.22 m3/s
Procurer/Retriever: 14.8 m3/s

"But it can't fit a cloak, probe launcher, and ice harvester at the same time! That's fail for w-space!" I hear you say. Well that's the idea. You can carry a mobile depot and refit when you get there. Since depots can be scanned down this creates opportunities for content. Or you could bring a Nestor along to provide refitting services. The constrained high slot count also forces people to choose between nearly mining barge yield or the survivability provided by a cloak. Once again, depots allow for refitting, but refitting takes time, and interceptors are very fast.

The generic ore and gas mining bonuses from the Venture remain but due to the reduced high slot count and different Expedition Frigate bonuses both the Venture and Prospect will remain more effective choices for mining traditional ore or gas while still allowing the Collier to be used in these roles in a pinch.

The exact stats for things like speed, agility, fittings, and targeting are of course up for debate and change as needed to properly balance the ship. I moved the cloak CPU usage bonus to the Expedition Frigate skill because I wanted to emphasize the CPU constraints on fitting choices. However this could be rolled back into the hull and something else added instead. Maybe a bonus to ore hold size in conjunction with a reduction in the base size of the ore hold.

Anyway, this is my first serious attempt at a new ship idea so I am totally open to the idea that it may be terrible.
Komodo Askold
Strategic Exploration and Development Corp
Silent Company
#2 - 2014-11-19 23:16:38 UTC  |  Edited by: Komodo Askold
The concept actually fits somehow with the upcoming Shattered wormhole systems, since ice will spawn in there, you can't set up POSes in there, and some of those will be frigate-sized wormholes.

If anything, I'd focus your ship's bonuses towards ice mining, so it becomes more specialized instead of a "Venture with a little extra". Perhaps an ice harvester range bonus, or even a double duration bonus, instead of ore and gas harvesting bonuses. Perhaps it could be possible to allow it to fit the current ice extractors, instead of having to create small, turret-like ice extractors that could be used by other ships and break the intended balance of ice availability.

That said, it looks interesting. But only if it has a blue paintjob.
Ned Thomas
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#3 - 2014-11-20 00:37:52 UTC
I think a smaller ore hold would be in order. Something like 8k. And I agree that the bonuses should focus on ice alone. I'm give or take on the option of using a cov ops cloak.

All in all, I like the proposal. Which probably means it's too good Big smile
#4 - 2014-11-20 01:31:41 UTC
I would actually like to see a total of 3 different variations to the expedition frigate. One for ore, one for gas and one for ice. Just change the bonuses of the hulls to match. The catch is though there the current ice design doesn't support a non mining barge/exhumer mining because there isn't anything like the Miner IIs that you can fit on battleships for ice.

So ice would need to get redesigned as well. By changing ice blocks to ice cubes that are 1m3 and take 1000 units to refine, we would create room for Ice miners that could be fit on on any ship and be balancable on something other then taking 5 minutes to get 1 ice block.

Lowering the average to make you look better since 2012.

Aran Hotchkiss
Tactically Challenged
The Initiative.
#5 - 2014-11-20 04:03:12 UTC
My 2c here is you're creating a frigate which can mine at the same speed as mining barges, and I would've assumed to be able to fit ice harvesters onto a frigate you would've needed fitting role bonuses but w/e

I'm.... hesitant, to support this, mainly because (as said above) it's tantamount to fitting strip miners onto your venture.
Albeit a t2 venture. That can cloak.

You should have enough control over your herd of cats to make them understand. If they constantly make misstakes, get better cats.

Insane's Asylum
#6 - 2014-11-20 09:16:23 UTC
Easier would be to add the ice mining bonus to the prospect and add small ice mining lasers Smile
Ix Method
#7 - 2014-11-20 09:24:35 UTC  |  Edited by: Ix Method
The Venture should have shipped with this ability, restricting reasonable/practical ice mining to highsec and small random renter systems is obtuse when there is a choice to do otherwise.

EDIT: Maybe not with quite such high yields mind, that's asking quite a lot Smile

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