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EVE turning down a dark and lonely road...

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Sera Kor-Azor
Amarrian Mission of the Sacred Word
#21 - 2014-11-22 22:29:37 UTC  |  Edited by: Sera Kor-Azor
How would automatic API checking work? I mean, the things I check for in an API might be slightly different to what you check for? Or is it just more a matter of an API accompanying a Corp Application?

It would be a matter of an API accompanying a Corp application, but only for high sec corporations.

State Charter is an interesting idea for High Sec corporations, one I think is worth discussing.

But back to the topic at hand, AWOXing..... I've been in High Sec, Low Sec, Null Sec and now back to High Sec. I think it's vital I vet anyone applying to my Corp to watch for things like AWOXing, which lets face it, doesn't just show up on API.

I think it fits in with game lore nicely, a Corporation would handle internal security matters internally... infact, I would like to see this extended to High Sec Alliances, cos surely an Alliance of Corporations would have their own Security too.

I think it's important that New Players learn early on about the dangers of life in space, while they are in a position to recover from the loss relatively quickly. I think you will find that if a new player is AWOXed, corp mates will usually help recoup losses, if not the Corp reimburse them.

In those cases where the AWOX has cost billions, well, wouldn't it have been better than the victim learn earlier about the dangers of carrying too much or blinging a ship too much?

True. It's better to lose your Venture or Rifter to an AWOXer earlier on rather than a Freighter. It's also true that corporations are responsible for their own security. High sec AWOXing could be compared to an agent provocateur, an agent who infiltrates in order to spread chaos and confusion. These have been around since Ancient times, and the Police still use them today.

I "AWOX" myself all the time, my Freighter never goes anywhere without a Rapier hitting it off each gate, it's the only way I know to enjoy a part of the game I like (being Freighter Pilot) without incurring losses (cos not ever ganker looks for 1b+ Freighters). The webbing trick might be an exploit, but as long as speed fit Machariels can bounce ships as ridiculously as they can I'll exploit that every chance I get.

Yes, I had forgotten about webbing your own freighter. This is certainly a useful tool that would be affected by the 'high sec AWOX' rule, and it's probably the only proactive thing a freighter pilot can do against high sec gankers (who will always be around). There are probably more people webbing their own Freighters than there are high sec 'newbie killers'. After all, you aren't going to get too much fun/ money/ prestige by sabotaging a fleet of low skilled characters flying easily insured tech 1 frigates. Infiltrating wormhole corps? That is a different story.

I don't think removal of AWOXing will ruin Eve, but I know it is pushing out one style of play. The dedicated Spy/Infiltrator/AWOXer, which will spend time infiltrating a corp looking for that big kill. If you want to improve the "community" feel of the game and the overall NPE, concentrate on gankers more than AWOXers. (that said, I'm not against ganking per se, I've enjoyed doing it myself - just it is a bit more of a grief for New Players than AWOXing I think ---- if you ask all those people who answered exit surveys again after explaining that ganking and AWOXing are not the same thing, you might get different answers --- and while we are on the subject of exit surveys, how many closed alt accounts were closed due to cloaky camping? - but hey, that's low and null only right? they can take care of themselves)

Yes, you are right. It won't 'ruin' EVE, but it would make EVE a little less of a 'do what thou wilt' sandbox and a little more of a structured amusement park like World of Warcraft. Spy/ Infiltrator/ Saboteurs exist in the real world, Sun Tzu makes reference to their use in his 2000 year old 'The Art of War'. You will even find saboteurs in the 'High sec' of a Manhattan business firm or strategic discussions in the Pentagon, so why not also in the high sec worlds of EVE?

Maybe it's the EVE jargon that makes us think that AWOXers and Gankers are something new, instead of recognizing them as the saboteurs and Highwaymen/ Brigands that have been with us since the invention of money.

I don't know who it was that suggested this, but maybe the easier solution is simply to buff insurance for high sec industrial type ships. If the payout for a ganked Freighter or awoxed Retriever was enough to replace the hull and all the modules, the carebears would care less about losing them. Gankers and awoxers could still have their fun, industrialists and traders would sell more ships, miners would sell more minerals. Everyone wins. It's a very easy, non-disruptive change as well.

It also reflects how insurance works in the real world. The greater your chance of losing your stuff, the higher the cost of insurance and the lower the payout.

In regards to ganking freighters: Our modern day stock market evolved from the Dutch shipping insurance which allowed you to pay for a portion of the ship's cargo hold while still in a foreign port.

If the ship reached it's home port safe and sound, your stock was 'up'. If the ship sank or was attacked by pirates, your stock went 'down'.

Since EVE has no stock market mechanism, perhaps something like this could be used. Instead of courier contracts, deposits, etc. haulers would rent out sections of their cargo holds to shippers who would share in the risks/ rewards with the hauler. If a Freighter gets ganked, the items it was carrying appear with a red arrow on a region wide stock exchange. Now shippers and manufacturers know that there is now a shortage/ demand of those items in that region.

"A manu dei e tet rimon" - I am the devoted hand of the divine God.

Sera Kor-Azor
Amarrian Mission of the Sacred Word
#22 - 2014-11-22 22:38:31 UTC
Iain Cariaba wrote:
The thing that needs fixing is not awoxing. What needs fixed is the mechanic to boot the awoxer from the Corp once he reveals himself for who he really is. As it currently sits, as long as the awoxer remains in space, he is free to continue his safari until downtime. If you change this one little thing so that someone in Corp with the proper roles can kick them immediately, it will achieve a lot of the proposed goal the awox nerf.

Or as Donald Trump would say "You're fired!"

"A manu dei e tet rimon" - I am the devoted hand of the divine God.

#23 - 2014-12-03 09:58:46 UTC
To be honest I'm getting tired of CCP removing valuable tools that teach you the number one rule in EVE "trust no one" Eventually I imagine all ships will come with snowball launchers and a virtual message that said "you would have been killed by pilot XYZ, be more careful next time"/

God Said "Come Forth and receive eternal life!" I came fifth and won a toaster!

Tyranis Marcus
Bloody Heathens
#24 - 2015-01-07 00:04:16 UTC
Any word on when this is going in?

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