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Should I buy a character +Bonus rambling newbie questions

RAZOR Alliance
#21 - 2014-10-22 23:32:14 UTC  |  Edited by: J'Poll
Petre en Thielles wrote:
Petrus Blackshell wrote:
Other than now being stuck with a character they haven't trained and thus don't know what it can do, why certain skills are there, and what its time value is compared to others.

Other than being stuck farming endlessly to afford Tengu after Tengu, because Tengus will blow up when flown by an inexperienced pilot.

Other than subscribing to the false notion that there is something wrong with flying anything except the top-notch bittervet metagame, and shunning the huge variety in ships, mechanics, tactics, and stuff to do that the game does.

Other than spending months of effort to do literally nothing special -- fly a Tengu with the blob.

... Yeah, absolutely no reason other than those.

Ed: In case it was unclear from the above, my answer to the OP is no. Do not buy a character just to align to misplaced skill point expectations. Find a better corp that values your contribution as a new player (which is significant) and isn't stuck up on their high-SP uniformity. Your current corp/alliance will have to learn what it takes to keep newbies around. Here's a hint from a former CEO: it's not demanding them to either spend hundreds of dollars or months of effort to become mindless drones.

Other than a tengu pilot can earn significantly more ISK than a t1 frigate. And can still be careful. You don't blindly go to a 10/10 ded site with what I said.

J'Poll wrote:

A. Yeah, because a dedicated Tengu pilot can fly doctrines...oh fail here horribly. Please for the love of God, STFU, biomass and unsub. You have NO clue what you are talking about NOR about PvP obviously by your comments. You do know that loads of T1 and T2 stuff (easily trained in just 2 months if you specialize a bit and don't do crap like training 2 months in the stuff you mention - in 2 months you can be a very decent cruiser pilot) that will kick any Tengu pilot ass that followed your route...why....because that Tengu pilot has NO idea how to use his stuff...

B. Yeah, let's have a new player do boring grinding for 2 - 3 months when they start...sure will help to keep them in game.

C. That money you spent on a character, could just aswel be spent on actual game time and have fun.

So even if you grind 3 gets you 1 character or it gets you about 4 months of game time...

A. I can speak slower, since my point went completely over your head. Tengu was an example. Insert *alliance doctrine BS/HAC/T3 here* and have that as your goal with character trading. You obviously have no clue how character trading works, so why are you talking about a subject on which you are clearly clueless? Telling new players to "stick to tackling in t1 frigates" is the dumbest advice you can give them. That does nothing but handcuff a new player to not learning any real PvP for even longer. Get them a decent revenue stream (ratting/industry in null as an example), and have them lose more expensive ships. They will learn more, faster, than they ever would tackling in a blob. Hell, I buy the ships for my new players to help them out.

B. Most new players do nothing but grind high sec missions/mine in high sec anyway. Why not give them a plan to earn decent ISK?

C. Why would I spend ISK on game time when I could spend that on new toys in game, on helping players out, and on improving/upgrading my alliance's space? If you are so poor IRL that you can't afford to sub for this game, you need to log off and work on finding a better paying job.

Spending 800 mil on a plex is the dumbest thing you can do to get game time. I can earn $30 working for an hour IRL, and that gives me 2.5 months of gametime by paying a subscription. Find me an in game activity that makes 2 bil/hr and we can talk.

A. I've character training for shushh.

And yeah, let the newb be a F1 monkey. No offense but in general being a specialized role will learn you WAY more then to press F1 on demand.

And where did I say T1 frigate. A new player can easily fly T2 now and up to cruisers in 2 months...the time it will take your idea just to get start funds...

B. Because not everybody is the same. Some like highsec, some like lowsec others go WH.


So instead of your stupid question let me counter if: Not everybody is a tool like you who thinks he must be best from the start. Why not give them training plans instead of your ******** 'Go buy a character'.

C. HAHA. If you are so with your main. No lets waste ISK on a character you dont need. If you think that having more SP equals more fun you should be put down for the sake of human kind.

And for $30 I dont even leave the house.

2bil/, easily if you know what you are doing.

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Ormand Yvorme
#22 - 2014-10-24 10:22:00 UTC
Mr Epeen wrote:
May have been mentioned already but I didn't read the thread.

Two things you need to consider when deciding to buy a character or not. Time vs money.

If you have lots of time to spend playing and not much rl income then don't buy a character. But if you have limited playtime and plenty of disposable income then go ahead and jump the queue with a nice character purchase.

Keep in mind that unlike most MMOs, buying a character does nothing for you except skipping the grind. You'll have a character with the ability to do more stuff, but not the skills to do it. You'll still need to put in the time to learn how to use the abilities of your new character. If, as you stated, you are actually getting a handle on things faster than you are acquiring skills then it shouldn't be much of a problem for you.

If you decide to buy one, now is a good time. The changes CCP has been making to the game recently have had the effect of seeing a lot of people dumping characters. I haven't seen them this cheap in a long time. You can buy a decent character for half of what it would cost to sub or PLEX to get that level of SP.

Mr Epeen Cool

What if I have lots of time playing, little ingame income but a fairly decent in game amount (30b) and no rl income? Although with my new incursion pilot I'll have semi-decent isk income (lots of frigates per hour to blow up). I'm probably just going to save for another pilot though, I kinda want a "subcap beast" (e.g. >100m SP) that can fly almost every subcap perfectly, but I wouldn't know what to train on that character after a couple of months, so I'm thinking of getting a good pilot that can do some things I'm interested in such as Interceptors, Stealth Bombers, HACs, HICs, T2 Cruiser Logi and idk what else.

While more SP =/= more fun/hour, it allows you to try out more things (unless it's a specialized character) and thus find out what you like flying. And having more fun while flying things you do like flying.
Mr Epeen
It's All About Me
#23 - 2014-10-24 12:22:41 UTC
Ormand Yvorme wrote:

What if I have lots of time playing, little ingame income but a fairly decent in game amount (30b) and no rl income?

Then you are probably not a new player and don't need any new player advice.

Mr Epeen Cool
Bastion Arzi
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#24 - 2014-10-24 12:37:57 UTC
i think u should get more experience before buying a char.

no point in getting a character with skills to V for ships you have never flown before imo.

you will just die and the loss mail will be expensive
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