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WTB(or WTT) -- Leviathan Pilot -- (combat ready pilots only)

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#1 - 2014-10-21 09:19:50 UTC  |  Edited by: progodlegend
So I'm looking for a combat ready leviathan pilot, preferably as perfectly skilled as possible (meaning as many of the relevant skills at LVL 5 as possible). The more perfect the skills, the more I'm willing to pay. I do not care about any other skills trained on the character that are not related to the Leviathan, however I do understand that they still hold value and deserve a fair price.

Besides just the Leviathan skills, I would prefer a pilot with as much of the leadership skills maxed out as possible, however I'll settle for little to no leadership skills if the Leviathan skills are good enough.

I'm in no rush and am not interested in overpaying, but my budget is pretty large, so I'll hear all offers.

This thread will run until I buy a Leviathan pilot, so there's no limit or end date.

As far as trades go, I have an Erebus pilot (w/ Erebus), and an Avatar/Ragnarok pilot (w/ Avatar). I'm not terribly interested in trading, however I'll entertain offers if they also include the Leviathan hull as well.

P.S: If you happen to also own a Leviathan with the leviathan pilot you are selling, and want to private chat about that, then I'm all ears. I'm pretty sure Character Bazarr rules prevent talks not related to character buying/selling, but just message me in game and we can set things in motion from there. However, I'm not interested in the ship unless I'm talking to the same guy I'm going to buy the pilot from. If I wanted to buy the ship separately then I'd go to the other forum.