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Eve Launcher Broken?

Megan Ryder
#1 - 2014-09-21 08:02:52 UTC

my eve launcher (v2.1.655130) isn't working, anyone else had problems? I can get in game using exefile.exe, but I havn't seen any news or posts about this...

Space Mermaids
#2 - 2014-09-21 08:12:43 UTC
That's the current build for everyone. Mine works fine but the one for Singularity doesn't work. Similar to you, I 'could' log in through the bin executable but not the launcher.

There are actually 4 files in the game named, launcher.exe and while each one is different, they are all named the same and I think it's creating a lot of the issues with launcher update and launch of EVE.

simple answer, just keep logging in from the bin folder.