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[Oceanus] Cyno Displacement Zone around starbases

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Serendipity Lost
Repo Industries
#381 - 2014-10-08 22:10:28 UTC
I like the idea that the titan opens the bridge, jumps through and pulls everyone with it. Everything within 20km goes with it. If there happens to be an XL sma w/ in 20km, it gets bridged too. Tower in the radius? It comes along minus it's shields. You would need to prevent bridging warp gates and stations/outposts, but other than that.... anything goes (literally)

In a fight and bridging out?? You get to bring 20km worth of your closest friends with you. That would be a sweet way to rip the guts out of a 200 archon fleet. Drop your titan in the middle, get your cap up to snuff and pull a 20km circle of the enemy fleet a few light years away. Talk about dynamic fleet fights... this would be super crazy!!!