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Super Good Tourney, some parting thoughts from TEST

Test Alliance Please Ignore
#1 - 2014-09-08 20:17:22 UTC
Excellent job balancing guys, no troll. The amount of different valid comps in the final rounds proves the tournament scene is in a pretty good place right now. I was wrong about tinkers, the proved to be much more beatable than I thought, mostly thanks to the higher dps possible at the point values.

Some thoughts from TEST for your consideration to add a bit more variety:
- Recon ships are overpriced, not sure if any even flew
- T1 logis are overpriced, not sure if any even flew
- HICs are overpriced. They're pretty terrible at any reasonable price though.
- turret HACs are overpriced, PL notwithstanding
- Tier 3 BCs are overpriced
- Guristas are underpriced. There is very few instances where Gila, Worm, and Rattlesnake are not the best ships at that point value
- Bombers are an edge case. Overpriced at 4, underpriced at 3. 4 is probably better.
- Tier 1 and 2 BCs are a hair overpriced while Command Ships are a bit underpriced, especially Sleipnir/Eos/Astarte. They provide boosts while not sacrificing team DPS/utility. Especially Eos which has utility highs too boot
Test Alliance Please Ignore
#2 - 2014-09-08 20:32:34 UTC
I pretty much agree with Faife on all points. But I want to throw out a couple qualifying statements.

Recons are in a bad place right now because they have not been subjected to tiericide/rebalancing yet.

In the current drone meta, Guristas shine brilliantly. But very few other pirate ships were flown effectively on a consistent basis. I don't feel that any one pirate faction's ships should be priced more than any other faction. But Guristas are pretty powerful in the AT environment because of drones being the OP-ness these days.

It was nice to see something besides HACs as primary dps. Like pirate ships, I don't like seeing a particular ship of any class cost more than another. Again, those drone boats are OP. Having such good tracking and dps coming from Domi's and Ishtars is just OP.

HICs haven't been rebalanced.

T3s haven't been rebalanced.

Perhaps bump the prices on those T1 BCs down by a point for next year.

I'd like to see more tracking disruption. So make that "Weapon Disruption" thing that got tested last year happen. Make sure it works vs drones and missiles. But drones mostly.