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Grouped Weapons, not all firing?

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Cruor Angelicus
#21 - 2014-09-04 18:06:08 UTC
From what I can tell this is only graphical and the numbers still show up.

This also seems to be more prevalent when totally overkilling something smaller, such as doing 3000 damage to an NPC frigate that only had 500 HP. In this case it's fairly common for me to see only one gun fire.

The Drake is a Lie

#22 - 2014-09-04 20:08:28 UTC
Greg Valanti wrote:
I almost always group my guns while in station when first fitting a ship and never knew about this bug. I wonder how many times I've been gimped because of it without knowing.

I as well.

I would suggest having not only a game tester but a code tester as well but CCP's financial position is such that we would never see that. It is far better to have the paying customer do that work.

I believe in being Pro-Active as Opposed to Reactive. Reactive tends to be more costly in time and money.

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