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CCP combat fleet incursions and rules of engagement

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Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#361 - 2011-11-24 13:28:30 UTC
Seems "CCP Prawn" is very new to PVP. Or he is a SPY lol

Go look for him on this killmail hahahahahaahha
CCP Navigator
C C P Alliance
#362 - 2011-11-24 13:30:34 UTC
NereSky wrote:
Did you get what you hoped from this excercise Navigator ?

For the most part, yes. The main aim of this event was twofold - could we run an event on short notice that would energize players and give them a fun experience as well as seeing how a CCP fleet would operate when under mass attack?

We got a lot of information from the event and a lot of feedback across multiple threads and other forums which will help us greatly when preparing for future events of this nature. We hope that more players can get involved next time but you guys must also realize that there are restrictions we must operate under. For example, we cannot announce a staging area and time in advance otherwise thousands of people will show up and potentially crash the server which makes a fun event a non event.

We also need to ensure that there is better balance in our fleet and we will also look a lot more closely at the loot which is dropping. The feedback so far from players who participated is that they were not that interested in the loot and were just much more interested in the good fights.

Anyway, stay tuned for more news, blogs and info about what is in store for the future and thanks again to everyone who showed up, took part and took their losses with good grace. You were true sports Big smile
Jarnis McPieksu
Gallente Federation
#363 - 2011-11-24 13:33:59 UTC
CCP corpse is more interesting loot than plexes and stuff. Granted, if you keep dropping shiny things, there will be more ninjalooters for the rest to shoot which bumps up the kill count considerably.

I'd say NEX store clothes are not a bad idea as loot, nor are random faction mods, but PLEXes were tad... umm... people tend to go to frenzy over them and I'm sure there were some tears as random ninjalooter managed to snatch a PLEX, only to get tackled and popped before he could get it to safety. People tend to consider PLEX as "real dollar value" much more than any other item (even when strictly speaking it is nothing but a stack of ISK in compact form).
Jarnis McPieksu
Gallente Federation
#364 - 2011-11-24 13:34:46 UTC
Oddsodz wrote:
Seems "CCP Prawn" is very new to PVP. Or he is a SPY lol

Go look for him on this killmail hahahahahaahha

Friendly fire best fire...
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#365 - 2011-11-24 13:40:29 UTC
Jarnis McPieksu wrote:
Oddsodz wrote:
Seems "CCP Prawn" is very new to PVP. Or he is a SPY lol

Go look for him on this killmail hahahahahaahha

Friendly fire best fire...

Friendly fire isn't. Remember? - the unofficial forum for everything DUST 514 -** the** blog site with everything else DUST 514 you need

Eugene Kerner
Goonswarm Federation
#366 - 2011-11-24 14:33:33 UTC
I just LOVE how CCP Nova shows up un every killmail...
Big smileBig smile

TunDraGon is recruiting! "Also, your boobs [:o] "   CCP Eterne, 2012 "When in doubt...make a diȼk joke." Robin Williams - RIP

Mr MaltaProject
Good Sax
#367 - 2011-11-24 16:01:17 UTC
Also, some feedback.

I don't want to read through everything so I will just say, CCP don't put an armor rep rig on a ship with no armor rep, just put another T2 trimark :P

Only feedback from me.
Enna Bairelle
Aeolus Logistics
#368 - 2011-11-24 18:33:16 UTC
CCP Navigator wrote:
Enna Bairelle wrote:

2. All CCP ships will be Tech I or Tech II fit.

Imperial Navy Heavy Nosferatu


That was a loot item in cargo and not fitted Big smile

Hem, nope, it was in a high slot.

Royal Vinat
#369 - 2011-11-24 19:11:22 UTC
was so fun! I took my alt (WNK, alice kill me...ahaha) to see this fight, our fleet jump after the down... (and you kill both shiny ship...)

Hope this event make happen again and soon as possible. I'm new player and i love to see Dev's make event like this!
Pilots with Narcolepsy
#370 - 2011-11-24 22:13:35 UTC
I wasn't there, but periodic events like these where the players and devs get to interface within the game is pretty nice imo. Please do it again ... maybe make it a monthly or at least quarterly event. Smile
Herb Men
#371 - 2011-11-25 12:28:25 UTC
I have but one question.

Who was FC?
Destination SkillQueue
#372 - 2011-11-25 18:11:07 UTC
NereSky wrote:
Oddsodz wrote:

3 - Don't take so long to deploy. Well this is a bit of silly complaint to make really. No other alliance/corp advertise that they are going out to kill. So why am I complaint about you doing it? Well 24 hours is to vague a time frame to wait on for such a event. Make that time frame smaller and then the carebear in me will not go mad about sitting up all night waiting for the intel to roll in about where and when.

3) Disagree on this point, the problem that CCP has during these events is us the players, who moan and bicker like school kids, the time it took gave fair warning to all imo.

I don't think it's the fair warning part he is complaining about. Rather that it is very hard for many people to participate, when the window for the event is so long and vague. It means the people who want to participate will have to reschedule or fudge up the next 24h of their lives. There is a limit on how much CCP can cater to these things, but an estimated time table would go a long way in mitigating the issue and wouldn't harm the events.

It's much more preferable to say for example to announce, that there is going to be an event on a planned date and later(before that day comes) give an estimate when the fleet is supposed to deploy and preferably even how long the event is likely to last(a rough estimate). This way people can prepare in advance and make time for it and more importantly don't have to stay up all night/skip work because they fear they might miss the event otherwise. It's good for CCP, since more people will participate and have more fun doing it and it makes participating as a player more convenient and less of a hassle for you in RL.