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So I just autopiloted from Jita to Amamake

First post
How M'I Alive
#1 - 2014-08-14 00:48:11 UTC  |  Edited by: How M'I Alive
Started the autopilot about 2 hours ago. Went to shower and eat, watched some news. Came back and low and behold; I'm alive and AFK at a gate in Amamake.

I have done this once before; it took 2 hours 45 minutes or so for someone to finally shoot me down,

So my question is: What the hell is wrong with you guys? This is supposed to be a violent game, and lowsec is supposed to be about pure violence. I've read who knows how many threads about how much PvP there is in FW.

So much PVP I can autopilot through large swathes of FW space unharmed in a freakin' T1 frigate.

CURRENT JUMP COUNT: 302 and dead

Background and update.

About 3 weeks ago I had accidentally set my route to "less secure" before initiating auto-pilot through highsec. No, I do not mind being ganked on occasion.

Upon returning I had noticed my ship crossed roughly 20 low-sec systems in doing so, and yet survived. I then decided to test what would happen if I did it again. I autopiloted across another 30 or so jumps and then sat AFK at a gate for well over an hour before being finally killed. I decided to see just how far it could be pushed when continually moving. That bring us to today and this thread.

Some evidence:

Char name may be revealed upon death, mainly for the amusement of those who might have seen me passing through.

After 302 jumps I have finally been shot down. Pod was shot a jump or two later. Well guys, that is some active PvP let me tell you. Truly a ruthless area this lowsec.
Radelix Cisko
#2 - 2014-08-14 00:51:15 UTC
Good job

Despite my posting prowess I really am terrible at this game

James Amril-Kesh
Amarr Empire
#3 - 2014-08-14 00:57:00 UTC
"I rolled a die twice and got two sixes. What the hell, there's only supposed to be a 1/36 chance of that happening. Something must be wrong with the die!"

Enjoying the rain today? ;)

Scipio Artelius
Weaponised Vegemite
Flying Dangerous
#4 - 2014-08-14 01:10:48 UTC  |  Edited by: Scipio Artelius
Three possibilities I see immediately:

1. No one cares about you

2. People cared but noticed what you were doing so trolled you by not shooting, just so you'd rage in the forum

3. You chose a time when not many people are on and got lucky

Most likely #3, but I really wish it was #2.

#1 is a given either way.
Yang Aurilen
Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry
Templis CALSF
#5 - 2014-08-14 01:18:04 UTC
Now AP from Old Man Star to Tama to Kinakka and enter them from their respective highsec entrance. Post results.

Post with your NPC alt main and not your main main alt!

How M'I Alive
#6 - 2014-08-14 01:41:17 UTC  |  Edited by: How M'I Alive
I have now autopiloted from Jita ---> Amamake, followed by Amamake ---> Maseera.
That is a total of 67 jumps through lowsec, on autopilot, while in a T1 frigate.

Still alive.
Seriously shocked right now.
Perhaps this thread can serve as motivation for pilots to be less scared about doing things in low....
State War Academy
Caldari State
#7 - 2014-08-14 01:43:01 UTC
You must not have got the memo....

Everyone moved back to high-sec to run SOE missions / incursions then gank miners with catalysts on alts. Rest of the time is spent being armchair generals debating on how to fix null and low-sec in GD.
Hiyora Akachi
Advanced Hole Theory
#8 - 2014-08-14 01:51:00 UTC
T1 Frigate "autopiloting" through LS? Definitely bait for a PL drop, 10/10 would avoid.
Riot Girl
You'll Cowards Don't Even Smoke Crack
#9 - 2014-08-14 01:55:47 UTC
I haven't scouted a single gate in months. Can't be bothered.
#10 - 2014-08-14 02:02:34 UTC
autopiloted plenty of ships into lowsec... usually people get paranoid and don't engage. had one sleipnir make its way into a hsec island, next morning woke up to find him sitting on a hsec gate and had some fun reading the local banter between some RvB dudes puzzled at the slowboating sleipnir making its way trough their camp.

best one was one orca that made it 8 jumps in before i noticed it and docked it up in a panic. some dude had tried to tackle it on a gate while flying a frigate and got owned by the gateguns a few jumps back... hilarious rage on local. i guess this is why no one kills fat ships in lowsec, gate campers get paranoid about getting the PvP flag for agressing a bait, and those who don't care are on frigates/dessies that get destroyed by gateguns.

PlanetCorp InterStellar
#11 - 2014-08-14 02:05:06 UTC
Amamake gate pvp is so 2006.

Star Jump Drive A new way to traverse the galaxy.

I invented Tiericide

Asura Vajrarupa
#12 - 2014-08-14 02:50:32 UTC
How M'I Alive wrote:
lowsec is supposed to be about pure violence.

If you look at the ships killed in the last 24hrs on your in game map, you'll see which of the three security zones is actually the most dangerous.

Ignorance is the cause of suffering.

Jake Warbird
Republic Military School
Minmatar Republic
#13 - 2014-08-14 02:53:51 UTC
So... Eve is dying? Eve is dying.
Ralph King-Griffin
New Eden Tech Support
#14 - 2014-08-14 02:54:33 UTC
How M'I Alive wrote:
while in a T1 frigate.

theirs your problem, do it in a hauler.
Yang Aurilen
Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry
Templis CALSF
#15 - 2014-08-14 03:04:00 UTC
Ralph King-Griffin wrote:
How M'I Alive wrote:
while in a T1 frigate.

theirs your problem, do it in a hauler.

Just fit a cyno and watch gatecampers scamper when you light it.Lol

Post with your NPC alt main and not your main main alt!

How M'I Alive
#16 - 2014-08-14 03:10:31 UTC
124 jumps and counting. This is absolutely absurd, heh.
Some evidence, unfortunately cannot display all the logs it would seem.

Will I hit 200 jumps?
The Dark Space Initiative
Scary Wormhole People
#17 - 2014-08-14 03:19:19 UTC
I used to jump an Orca containing everything I owned into Amamake just for the adrenaline rush of it.

Epic Space Cat, Horsegirl, Philanthropist

Jur Tissant
Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#18 - 2014-08-14 03:19:48 UTC
Do this in a freighter and I'll be impressed.
Mindstar Technology
Goonswarm Federation
#19 - 2014-08-14 03:26:04 UTC
Jur Tissant wrote:
Do this in a freighter and I'll be impressed.

3 hours later and five jumps in, OP passes through 17 gate camps, 5 hot drops, and a significant and confused portion of people who are unsure what is going on.
Serene Repose
#20 - 2014-08-14 03:28:22 UTC
You de MAN! Whoa. Never saw a person play random odds quite like you. Way to go!

We must accommodate the idiocracy.

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