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baseCost Spreadsheet for Crius Calculations [Download or View]

Plleasure Hub
#1 - 2014-07-27 04:09:08 UTC
A lot of people seem to be having trouble with calculating the new job installation costs because of the fact that you need to know the "adjustedPrice" for an item. I have created a public spreadsheet with a list of all createable items and their adjustedPrice. You can view it through Google Spreadsheets or download it.

View or download:


Items are listed with the typeid of their output item, not the blueprint typeid.

These values are based on a modified long-term average price of the materials used to construct the item. It is possible for them to fluctuate, but the change should not be significant in the short term.

Check out Steve Ronuken's calculator!

Qoi's is also awesome:

Formulas to determine the build costs of any job type:

See the system cost index through CREST API (this could use its own spreadsheet..):

Using all this information, you should be able to precisely predict job installation costs for any item and any activity.

Happy building!

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