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[Proposal] Moon Mining.

Black Canary Jnr
Higher Than Everest
#1 - 2014-07-25 18:03:13 UTC  |  Edited by: Black Canary Jnr
Hi folks,

I guess i'd best start with a few disclaimers; firstly i know that this concept isn't a new idea as such, new ideas are rare and i am not very smart. Secondly i don't even know if this is a *good* idea, it came into my head and it's better written down than not so flame away, of course constructive feedback is appreciated more than a single sentence rebuttal. Thirdly, i don't have all the answers you're looking for, this is a first sketch not some master plan i have been working on for several years. That's just the way it goes.

The current state of moon mining

Moon mining occupies a peculiar aspect of eve, it's the sole source of T2 manufacturing conponents and is a rather passive method of obtaining them requiring the input of POS fuel in exchange for extracting a set amount of Moon goo in return. Occasionally a rarer R64 or R32 moon is fought over but aside from that it's a case of put in fuel, take out goo.

So what's the issue with this, why does this proposal have to happen?

Well to clarify this proposal doesn't *have* to happen, it's not going to 'save eve' etc. etc. It's just a cool idea of an alternative way to get moon goo which is, as stated above, in no way new. The issues as i perceive them is that the obtaining of T2 components isn't accessible without military might, being granted POS roles and running a POS. In other words it's a pain in the arse and inaccessible for your average line industrialist to approach T2 production, forcing them into T1 production effectively, which is pretty boring.

The Actual Proposal bit

After a short period of thought it's come down to this:

- Reduce the 'passive' moon goo output by an amount. This ensures that Tower mining, which would produce the majority of T2 components still, is lucrative still, given the potentially limited supply of goo.

- Create a new Deployable module, the Moon Mining Hub. (Unoriginal boring name, i'm sure someone can think of a better one).
This new module is anchored on a moon instead of a pos. The module would allow the active mining of that particular moon, however the goo would be extracted in the form of inpure goo, that needs refining to get the actual moon goo. Specific moon goo cannot be targeted, all the available products are extracted into the goo. The amount of moon goo that can be extracted is of course limited by the 'adundance' of the moons minerals, Prehaps abundance 1 would allow 1.5 times the amount of the goo to be extracted daily compared to when the moon is POS mined. This creates some competition for the best moons

The new module would allow the active mining of moons and would be limited to 2 per a system. It would create a warpable beacon once deployed. The structure would have a considerable amount of eHP and be reinforcable before being destroyed. Once reinforced the moon cannot be mined. The module would be deployable in Low sec systems and lower, including worm holes.

- The mechanics of moon mining. Of course moon mining deserves at the very least an appropriate mining module, and prehaps a new ship. After obtaining these the player must be within a certain distance of the module to mine the moon (further than prehaps 50 KM disrupts the moon analysis and prevents moon mining occuring.) Then the player can target the moon and mine away.

So i guess that's all i have to say, i think it's got interesting options for gameplay play anyways. Feel free to debate the numbers which just got shoved in there *because*, point out how i just described ring mining word for word and post any links to old threads i couldn't be bothered to find and necro. I hope i've started some fires going anyways, fly safe.