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New industry skills discussion (connected to Advanced Industry)

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Hedion University
Amarr Empire
#221 - 2015-02-01 06:35:49 UTC
Quite frankly I would like the Material Efficiency skill back, the Advanced Industry skill is quite useless to me as I could give a **** less about having faster production times, it doesnt save or make me anymore isk. At least with the reduction of materials from having it at L5 it meant I didnt have to mine as much as other indy people and I would make more isk in profit. As it stands now there is no benefit to having all indy related skills trained to L5 as my material costs are the same as anyone else, at least before I didnt have to mine all of the minerals required I could buy some and mine some and still make a decent profit. Now to make a decent profit I pretty much need to mine all of the minerals required.

The "time saved" from having AI trained to L5 would actually be useful if it actually saved me time doing something but since whether its building/researching etc happens whether Im logged in or not really isnt a bonus to me. Reason I trained ME to L5 was because it gave me an edge over other indy people who didnt have it trained to L5. Now its almost pointless to do any building as there is no more competitive edge as the requirements are the same for everyone as it is based on the research values of the bpo/bpc being used and since maxxed me/te bpo/bpc's are so readily available, kinda makes it all a wash.