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PI Setup, Will this Single Planet setup work?

State War Academy
Caldari State
#21 - 2014-07-05 11:37:31 UTC
Hi sec PI can be done but with some limitations. Here is what I found out that works.

1. You don't need storage units. Your output is pretty limited and you will almost never fill them. They pretty much are a waste of time. I use the spaceport for all my hisec storage and route all my materials through that. It has 10K m3 storage and allows you to launch your stuff without having to transfer anything.

2. Sometimes its just cheaper to buy the P1 or P2 than trying to extract it from the planet. Look around at the markets. Someone is always selling their PI for a decent price. Take advantage of it. When making a P2 in hisec I usually extract the material that has a better yield and buy the other. It allows me to maximize my extraction of the first material and I still have plenty of powergrid for factories.

3. Making anything for POS fuel. It's a guaranteed seller.

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