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Anti-pirate market blacklisting?

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#121 - 2014-06-20 23:11:08 UTC  |  Edited by: Sentamon
Petrus Blackshell wrote:
Sentamon wrote:
Petrus Blackshell wrote:
Sentamon wrote:
Hiding behind alts is the single biggest reason to completely lock all the gankbears out of highsec stations.

We've got -10 security pirates taking down fully tanked ships , and far from lowec systems, all made possible by their high securiy alts doing the prep work and the complete safety of stations. You've got to be a trully risk averse carebear to support this type of system.

~~But orca alts just circumvent that.~~

See? That stupid alt argument can be used to argue against a lot of changes that would make the game better.

Yes they do. Still don't understand why forming a fleet with people doesn't set everyones security to that of the lowest security member. I realize big bad pirates want their warm milk and safetly blanket but lets be real here.

Whoever designed Crimewatch needs to take it beyond the scribbles on the back of a napkin stage and put some real coding behind it.

Because joining an innocent-looking +10 sec character's fleet will get you killed since he has a -10 sec alt sitting in a safe spot in system, and joins the fleet right after you join it, causing you to become instantly shootable?

Oh look, another problem I can solve with 10 lines of code for the not so smart that don't check who they're inviting or grouping with.

Interesting enough, the fleet self invite setting already has a security status setting that can easily be built upon.

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Praxis Ginimic
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#122 - 2014-06-21 10:09:47 UTC
I didn't bother to read the whole thread so I'm sure... I hope... this has been said already.

All that destruction is good for business. Why haven't you started making freighters and freighter parts to meet the new increased demand?

Its the economy stupid.