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[VIDEO] Clarion Call 3 (released)

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Lord Maldoror
Fairlight Corp
Rooks and Kings
#1 - 2011-11-18 01:33:19 UTC  |  Edited by: Lord Maldoror
The third in the Clarion Call series.

Youtube Link (full 40 minutes, 1080p available)

Regarding the MKV version:

For those who wish to have an MKV, an eve-files mirror is here. (1.77Gb)

A quadcore CPU is recommended.

For viewers with an Nvidia card and VLC Player using the MKV: please go into your video driver (right click desktop and then 'Nvidia Control Panel') and and set dynamic range to full. This is very important, especially in Eve videos.

For viewers with an Nvidia card and using Windows Media Player with CCCP codec pack, make sure dynamic range is set to full AND also untick 'dynamic contrast enhancement' and 'color enhancement' on the same screen.

Users with ATI cards should have no problems with either player, using their default settings.

Notes on Clarion Call 3/AHARM response
Three Fish Incorporated
#2 - 2011-11-18 01:47:02 UTC  |  Edited by: Chssmius


Excellent work!

Piloting aside I think this is your best video to date. Everything else is simply...flawless?!

Those who point out that there is a lot of narrative leading up to the fight, although true, fail to appreciate the drama and tension that this builds for the final fight. Without it, the fight is like ... it is like hearing the closing moments of the fourth movement of Beethoven's 5th Symphony heard without the rest of the symphony. The final fight is a good fight but doesn't have nearly the depth or carry nearly as much weight as the body of work as a whole when viewed from start to finish.
Matari Exodus
#3 - 2011-11-18 02:52:59 UTC  |  Edited by: Kovorix
Absolutely stunning. Amazing production, story and fight. Very possibly the best eve video of all time showcasing why this game is so great.
Club Bear
#4 - 2011-11-18 07:33:22 UTC
Matari Exodus
#5 - 2011-11-18 08:30:50 UTC
Getting in early...
Red Sky Morning
The Amarr Militia.
#6 - 2011-11-18 08:46:55 UTC
Can't wait.
ry ry
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#7 - 2011-11-18 08:56:01 UTC
Daco Cutter
You know the Drill
#8 - 2011-11-18 09:14:03 UTC

Wooo \o/
North Star Networks
Not Purple Shoot It.
#9 - 2011-11-18 09:44:41 UTC  |  Edited by: Lowa
This better be ready very soon or I'll start doing drugs. Again.


This is, by far, the best one in the CC series as it adds one crucial thing that the others lacked - a significant story!
While the other two has been show casing brilliance in piloting and new tactics and are the top contenders for that spot without a doubt, they have been just that, a show case.
And before you point it out, yes some story was added in them but compared to this the third chapter they got nothing!

This has a whole other feel, the intro, the build up, narrative...its the perfect mix of story, action and education and its all above the other two making this the best in the series and without question (one of) the best movies of the past year or two. Or three. Or...

Hat is off. o7
Lady Irradiance
Give my 11percent back
#10 - 2011-11-18 10:20:33 UTC
Just in time for afternoon tea? Spiffing!
Mystical Might
Eclipse Pulsar
#11 - 2011-11-18 10:28:14 UTC  |  Edited by: Mystical Might
Think it's time I go home "ill" and watch me some awesome.


Big smile

Aloe Cloveris
The Greater Goon
Clockwork Pineapple
#12 - 2011-11-18 10:44:33 UTC
This isn't the worst way to start my weekend. Kind of excited, not gonna lie.
A Blessed Bean
Pandemic Horde
#13 - 2011-11-18 10:55:26 UTC  |  Edited by: URDEAD2ME
Do want NAO !

just watched it and Shocked all i can say is totally epic one the best eve films iv ever seen .
IChooseYou Alliance
#14 - 2011-11-18 11:01:01 UTC  |  Edited by: Jalif
First Page....


Was really good, motivated me to get back on track with Jalification 5.
State War Academy
Caldari State
#15 - 2011-11-18 11:10:25 UTC
oooooh. Can't wait.
Vordak Kallager
#16 - 2011-11-18 12:29:23 UTC

Sa souvraya niende misain ye.

Miriam Sasko
Matari Exodus
#17 - 2011-11-18 13:32:37 UTC
Damn you, need to go out of town for the weekend.

Ah whatever, reserved the post anyway.

Latest Video: The Graf Spee Legacy

Enthes goldhart
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#18 - 2011-11-18 13:48:51 UTC  |  Edited by: Enthes goldhart
amazing, truly enjoyed watching that video :)
Kieser Soze
Fairlight Corp
Rooks and Kings
#19 - 2011-11-18 14:11:45 UTC  |  Edited by: Kieser Soze
fantastic video LM... as always... very gripping story telling... i remember logging in to everyone telling me i missed the best fight of the year an how agent saved the day... epic stuff man!
#20 - 2011-11-18 14:34:55 UTC  |  Edited by: BLACK-STAR
I'll seed the older vid for as long as I can.

the last one was epic, great editing and informative. The new one is decent

the female voiceover in the last one was great and I kinda miss :<
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