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Rorqual - I missed the fanfest stream.

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Rex Omnipotens
Terminal Velocity Enterprises
#321 - 2015-05-14 14:58:17 UTC
Kotori wrote:
An Idea that I had, and never got round to posting is below:

I propose giving the Rorqual a unique module/bonus, that allows it to create a "time warp" effect on demand, for offensive or defensive purposes.

In effect, this would be a module, that would deploy a sphere, much like a Warp Bubble, or POS shield, that would "stop time" within the spheres influence.

When activated, all non fleet members will be expelled from the time warp. Alternatively this could be managed by the POS shield password mechanics.

Nobody within the time warp can be targeted, much like a POS shield. Only the Rorqual itself can be targeted.

All those within the time warps influence are halted. Target locks are broken and further targeting is not possible (preventing the fleet from carrying on mining). Movement is disabled, warp and jump drives are disabled. If the user logs out, their ship will remain in space, and will have a combat timer for 15 minutes AFTER the sphere ends.

The module, would require fuel (a not insignificant amount), therefore preventing it from being used indefinitely. The maximum active time would be for 20 minutes or so (adjustable by skills). It is not possible to end the effect early, and will enter a not insignificant cooldown after the effect ends (to prevent you from over abusing every time a hostile enters system)

The Rorqual enters "reinforced", whereby it cannot be attacked, cannot have additional fuel given to it, cannot be repaired, etc.

HOWEVER, the Rorqual can have an entosis module activated against it. If the attacker is able to run the entire cycle time of the entosis module against the rorqual, then the shield will be disabled after a period of time, ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

The ships within the time warp are now able to move, but are still negatively affected by the effects of the time warp, meaning that it takes them longer than usual to warp out (allowing them to be caught by the attackers).

The purpose of this module, is that it allows for the mining fleet to call for allies to come and defend them. If they are unable to get allied support in time, then chances are, the entire fleet will be destroyed by the attackers.

There could also be potential uses in offensive warfare, purposely deploying Rorquals against enemy fleets, in order disable a portion of the enemy fleet. Or even against your own fleet, if the fight isn't going your way, and you are hoping that the reinforcements 10 jumps away can make it in time.

Obviously, this would require many a balance pass, and the numbers I have suggested above are plucked from thin air. However I do feel that this has the potential to be a very interesting and unique module.

Whilst I have obviously based this on the Rorqual, this could also potentially be a new mechanic that could be applied to Supers and such. I'm not exclusively limiting this to the rorqual :).

People hate TiDi, the answer to fixing the rorqual is not more TiDi.

Bed Bugg
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#322 - 2015-06-03 13:32:05 UTC
Capital Moon Harvesters.

Anthar Thebess
#323 - 2015-06-05 12:17:29 UTC
OP left the game while waiting for CCP to react.
Something, something about people posting more on reddit than on eve forum where all Dev's listen to people Roll
Gunz blazing Ronuken
Insane's Asylum
#324 - 2015-06-08 10:45:18 UTC
Keep drone damage bonus and rep bonuses.
Then add warp disruptor / scram range bonus and covert ops cloaking device bonus? Twisted
Rio Bravo
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#325 - 2015-06-15 02:29:08 UTC

Rorqual owner club member...At this point, make the Rorqual a tiny hybrid Citadel. When deployed, with industrial core make it immune, with an immunity radius (small one). Heck, even give it a vulnerability window to make it more like citadels...It's already got a clone vat bay anyways. Maybe just don't give it Citadel style guns...

People say it will be used to PvP with...I say let em. Is there any ship in EvE that hasn't been used in some capacity for PvP? Haulers as bait, prospects as can flippers, procurers as gank traps (neut + scram + drones). There are better capital ships to PvP in besides Rorquals...If some wierdo gets his freak on by fleeting a rorqual for a null roam, let him get his jollies.

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