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I want your little things!

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Ione Hawke
Darkness Industries
#1221 - 2011-12-01 14:43:21 UTC
* Display size of courier packages in the appropriate column in various asset and inventory windows instead of leaving it blank.
* Now each packages is named for it destination system / station. Add the issuer name to the package name.
Aina O'Sinnor
Drop of Honey
#1222 - 2011-12-01 14:44:30 UTC

  • Enter wormhole bindable hotkey

  • Auto shoot: Shooting starts over after reloading at the target the module was shooting before reloading.

  • Visible damage of drones in drone bay

  • Repackaging at POS

  • Larger overheat buttons on modules

  • Display damage/health in percent in bars of a locked target, at least in the selected item window.

  • Make label categories in Contacts double-clickable to open a new window like it does for the predefines standing categories.

  • Auto repeat for DScan: 5 sec interval.

  • Make scanner tabs detachable: Seperate windows for System Scanner and DScan. Also applies for other windows like People and Places.

Ujagar Sommdax
Gallente Federation
#1223 - 2011-12-01 15:18:08 UTC

I'm doing trades and specifically reselling jita modes elsewhere. Reselling was bigger few years back, but still viable for some items. A problem I've had during my entire 'career' is knowing when a single module on your sell-order list is sold out.

Imagine a sell-order list of 100 or 200 modules. At the moment I have to follow transactions and click view market details to see if my modules are still on the market (I have a reckognizable .77 added to my sell orders).

If I could fix my sell-order list under a new market orders tab, so I for instance would see heavy missile launchers 0/100 when its sold out, it would make it easier to see what items needs to be bought (note: MY heavy missile launchers). With this improvement it would be easier to maintain a 'shop' in eve tradehubs. Bear

Regards Ujagar
Jenn Makanen
#1224 - 2011-12-01 15:25:10 UTC
The ability to 'top up' a sell order with new units.

Always annoying when you have a sell order for something that normally sells in several unit batches, and you're the only one in the area selling it, and someone leaves you with a single unit for sale. rather than tying up a new sell order (or eating the broker fee for cancelling and re-listing), I'd like to be able to add more units to the order.
Fix My Lasers
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#1225 - 2011-12-01 15:42:00 UTC
1. Working active tank in PVP for both Armor and Shield.
2. Better Drone interface:
- Launching drone grps via keyboard shortcut
- Smaller drone overview window
3. Something that differs races, like bonuses
4. Selectable laser damage
5. Fixed Assault frigs
6. Proper T2 BS.
7. Camera Offset in space - not only Left and Right, but also Top and Bottom.

Bring back Blaze and Lux crystals!

Hung TuLo
Militaris Industries
Northern Coalition.
#1226 - 2011-12-01 15:47:17 UTC
Allow certain ship to be equiped with a sonar style search function tied in with the D-scan. This functionality will be used to find cloaked ships.

The intensity of the signal shows how far or how close they are to a cloaked ship.


Create a new type of probes to detect a cloaked ship. A probe should be able to ping a cloaky just like d-scan but this allows for the user to find the clocky at a far greater range. The probes will be able to detect and completely identify the location of the cloaky ship.

"In space all warriors are cold warriors" ---  General Chang  Star Trek VI

flank steak
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#1227 - 2011-12-01 16:40:01 UTC
Make the CQ do something. It is sade to see all those resources go to waste
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#1228 - 2011-12-01 17:32:41 UTC
1. reverse the jumgate animation when somebody is jumping into the system instead of jumping out of it
Kor Tramelien
Neutronium Seraph 7 INC
#1229 - 2011-12-01 17:33:51 UTC  |  Edited by: Kor Tramelien
LONG RANGE TORPS!! Bring them back!!

Every other race has multiple viable long range platforms..........Faildari?? The Rokh!!

You know the Caldari prayer and it doesn'y have anything in it about frenchie hybrids!! --------------->MISSILES!!

It's our birthright!!


(Just think of all the Carnage our lovely new Raven's could wreak.........You even made the Naga a gunboat!! Recompense is due!!!)

Every Caldari that reads this give me a :"HELL YEAH TORPS"!!! Twisted

And then put shield tanking inline with Armor......This would bring Minnie/Caldari back in line!!
Marcus Wilde
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1230 - 2011-12-01 17:57:06 UTC
Dunno if someone mentioned this already, but...

A Local Channel filter would be really sweet, maybe set by standings, sec status etc...

And a spelling checker on the forums would be nice tooBig smile

Tears + Bucket = Win

The J8sters
#1231 - 2011-12-01 18:12:37 UTC  |  Edited by: thekiller2002us
A tiny 'dev' icon beside any forum post that a dev has commented on- and upon clicking it- it brings us straight to the dev response of that post i.e if the post was on page 8 then clicking that tiny icon allows us to view that post without having to flicker through dozens of pages.

Pos 'attached modules' - i believe that there was somewhat a 'threadnaught' in the ideas section- a very good idea too.

teir 2 destroyers

tech 2 shuttles - autopiloting brings you straight to gates rather than 10km off of them 9au warp speed.- however 5m cargo bay and much higher sig radius (similar to sig radius of destroyer or something)

Tech 2 battleships- can fit tech 1 capital ship guns- tank of a battlecruiser, useless tracking- maybe similar to supercap tracking, massive sig radius- effectively making them good at only shooting large things that dont move i.e pos's.

Nerf Supercaps- no bridging abilities on any supercap. Supercap cannot jump greater than 1-2 systems a day effectively turning it into a 'KING' piece on a chessboard- the way it always should have been. (que major alliance rage)

limit on ships able to cyno i.e similar to mass on wormholes- i.e only 10 bs jump per cyno. (only able to put up 1 cyno per pilot)

do something with the neut rr's- my brain is too sore trying to think of a solution to this. This in my opinion is really highly desired.
do something with the wardec system.

I'm with Brick on this one- make thouse carebearing b******s squeal..

Verge of Collapse
#1232 - 2011-12-01 18:20:17 UTC
the IGB needs a UI rework to have bigger labels, buttons and something overall less funny looking.
#1233 - 2011-12-01 18:34:07 UTC  |  Edited by: Raid'En
when will ly industry tab will remember i want to install jobs on my damn pos, which is
not on the system
not on some public station
Unforgiven Storm
Eternity INC.
Goonswarm Federation
#1234 - 2011-12-01 19:06:29 UTC
Two more:

Trade window in the station between 2 players always opens centered:

-> Can the client save the window last position and size please! its annoying like hell to loose the window last position.


-> Can you make it bigger? in 1080p screens is a very small calculator, just open the windows one and compare them!

------------------------------- --------------------------------

This is not small stuff. For the next summer expansion think about this:

- Achievements - Give players goals and objectives so they can wil medals and, why not, even points to spend in training

Unforgiven Storm for CSM 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. (If I don't get in in the next 5 years I will quit trying) :-)

Draco Rosso
The Mjolnir Bloc
Templis CALSF
#1235 - 2011-12-01 19:29:24 UTC
Okay ccp you got me to sign up again with the plex changes to FW. No deliver on your promises to FW or I'm going back into hibernation!
Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#1236 - 2011-12-01 19:30:01 UTC
I'm not sure this hasn't been suggested yet, but just in case:

Return the ability to set the number of targets per row/column for the target strip, please!! Because fishing out targets from under system information (or the capacitor UI in case it's sorted vertically, or any other UI element that happens to be in that place) in combat situation where every second counts is horrendous, especially after the most recent change to the said info, with much increased font - it now almost completely covers entire target area, you have to be a precision clicker to do that in one click fast and multiple times.

This is very important for those of us who enjoy flying logistics and triage carriers, who manage a lot of targets (up to 10 and over) and don't play on super-widescreen resolution (i play at 1440x900, and 10th and 9th targets are obscured by system info text). Also people with UI scaled up (110+%) will notice this too. And since new targets always appear on left they usually end up under the text, which sucks.

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Dark Venture Corporation
Kitchen Sinkhole
#1237 - 2011-12-01 20:26:51 UTC

  • Corporation and Corporation Management needs a TON of work.

  • We need the ability to divide up SMA's just like you can with CHA's.

  • We need more control as CEO's/Directors in terms of permissions. Currently if I assign someone the role to access High Slot 1, they can access High Slot 1 on any CHA. Unless I change the permission to require Starbase Fuel Tech or Config Starbase Equip. (Keep in mind both of those permissions are not given out to any new member). We need the ability to limit someone to High Slot 1 in just that one CHA, rather than all of them.

  • Factories and Labs require the "rent factory slot" even in WH space - I don't want them to have the ability to rent a factory slot when it isn't needed. That's giving out free rights for things that don't need them.

  • We need the ability to log what players are accessing the hangers, this is super important for theft within a corp.

  • Please fix the CHA and SMA divisions is the biggest thing I can think of.

  • The 24 hour timer before you boot someone from a corp is also very annoying. This needs to be changed to get the thieves out of the corp asap.

Wormhole space needs work.

  • We could use new nebulas like the rest of EVE - while small, still cool.

  • Please fix the Magnatar Effects in WH space - you removed them due to an exploit - I would have assumed the exploit been fixed, but instead you simply removed the feature of the Magnatar system altogether.

  • Alliance Bookmarks. Also when you right click in space, and save the location, you should have the option to save it directly to the corp locations rather than having to go to your people and places tab.

  • Reseed the faction tower BPC's - once again another instance in which something was broken, so instead of fixing it, you remove it altogether and screw with the market value of those towers. Removing items and driving their value sky high is not necessary - it screws with a player driven economy. Didn't the economists tell you that? :)

arcca jeth
Dark Alliance
#1238 - 2011-12-01 21:04:09 UTC  |  Edited by: arcca jeth
Reposting this from another thread I posted in.

i think a new capital ORE ship with mobile refining capability would help add players to low and 0.0. (would promote small roaming mining ops gangs). Could have sec status limitations to promote is obvious intent to boost mobile low/null industry.

yah sure you can compress ore with the Rorqual but then you gotta haul the ore out and still refine it in High sec, if you want to make something out of it right away. (refining times still sucks in low/0.0)

The ship I would have in mind would have to be an ORE Capital ship. It's only purpose is refining. It would need a jump drive and bonuses to refining based off of your industry/refining skills. Decent size "mineral" bay for minerals only and one for ORE only. And if you were feeling nice maybe fitting service. Equally as long to train for and as expensive as or more expensive than the Rorqual.
I would like to see a ship like this implemented to have BETTER refining bonuses than high sec stations.
arcca jeth
Dark Alliance
#1239 - 2011-12-01 21:10:57 UTC
woopsie daisies
Pere Madeleine
The Gentlemen of Low Moral Fibre
#1240 - 2011-12-01 21:17:08 UTC
Change sec status mechanics to encourage more lowsec PVP.

Currently, PVPing in lowsec means either only shooting flashies (limits targets badly), or going -10 pretty quickly (which essentially confines you to lowsec/null). The problem with the former is that it can be very hard to find anybody in lowsec at times, and limiting yourself to flashies gets very frustrating, and the latter means that you're in a high risk environment, with the worst access to isk making methods in the game, and no access to low priced markets. High cost of living, low income. A bit like Iceland, I guess....

I'd propose, leave the GCC mechanics as they are, so shooting a non flashy target gets you gate/station aggro if you're there, but change the sec loss so that PVP in lowsec will never take you below -2 (maybe -5 to leave some limit there) so you're never banned from highsec markets. Highsec sec loss for ganking would remain unchanged.

Additionally, change the gate/station gun mechanics so that they do less damage to smaller ships. They should still hurt, so it's not possible for an interceptor to tackle and slowly eat away at a BS for example, but it shouldn't be the case that anything smaller than a BC basically can't fight on gate without logistics. Frigates (especially interceptors and AFs) shoudl have a role in lowsec gang PVP, and that role should be acting as fast locking tackle. They should be able to get the initial point on a target, which then allows the rest of the gang to get points and allow the tackler to warp off. Lowsec should not be practically risk free to travel through in a small ship or cloaky hauler.

The outcome would be to encourage more lowsec PVP, because the penalty for doing so would less, and would make the entry barrier to lowsec lower, because younger players could viably take part in frigates, and still be able to travel back to highsec.