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I want your little things!

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Raven Ether
#1141 - 2011-11-27 19:24:16 UTC
A direct reduction to Jump Clone cooldown, or a skill that reduces it significantly.

It really helps boost null population too... I could jump in for the fleet op and be back in my highsec body after fleet op is over, but I can't do that because if I jump I will be stuck there for 24h.

So basically, a way to reduce jump clone cooldown.
Hypnagogia Ichinumi
School of Applied Knowledge
Caldari State
#1142 - 2011-11-27 19:56:09 UTC
When using the tactical overlay, you can mouseover a turret to get a range bubble for both optimal and falloff.

There is no reason not to have the same for missiles.
Global Telstar Federation Offices
Masters of Flying Objects
#1143 - 2011-11-27 19:58:47 UTC
Hypnagogia Ichinumi wrote:
When using the tactical overlay, you can mouseover a turret to get a range bubble for both optimal and falloff.

There is no reason not to have the same for missiles.

Implemented on Sisi deployment on Tuesday

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Man Eating Bears
#1144 - 2011-11-27 20:26:38 UTC
implement a review post for corporations.

every business out there has to face the fact that there is a public website that customers get to review them on. I realize this might be abused alot, but would come in handy a great deal.
Litla Sundlaugin
#1145 - 2011-11-27 21:13:48 UTC
How'bout a buff to the Skiff, giving it a 100% bonus to mining yield per cycle just like the Mackinaw's 100% bonus, this would make it more viable for low sec ninja mining, giving a reason to risk it.Big smile
Deep Core Mining Inc.
#1146 - 2011-11-27 21:48:19 UTC  |  Edited by: Malkev
Make the overheat buttons larger.

CCP Soundwave wrote:
That's what this thread is for. Hand me your grips and feature requests and I'll prioritize them on my list.

Is it possible to update your first post with the list of things from this thread that pique your interest?
Zod's Minions
#1147 - 2011-11-27 22:22:05 UTC
Can Outer Ring Excavations open a High-Sec branch?
Brainless in Space
#1148 - 2011-11-28 02:56:16 UTC
Avila Cracko wrote:
Please remove drone poo drops!!!
Please... no minerals from drones!!!

give them a bounty of some sort but no sec increase.

I have always said that mining with guns/missiles is bad
Kent Reeves
#1149 - 2011-11-28 02:58:58 UTC
A mobile app for EVE-Gate.

(not exactly client related, I know but it's about damn time we get one that is CCP supported.)

Let me read my mail through an app that doesn't force me to fumble with the stupid browser controls.

Also, EVE-Gate skill changing. Make it happen.
EVE University
Ivy League
#1150 - 2011-11-28 08:10:37 UTC  |  Edited by: NorthCrossroad
Ok, some more small things:

1. Allow to copy char names from the previous chat log or any other location. So if char name is a "hyperlink" - you right-press it and have "copy name" thingy. Just like on usual url-links.

2. In first create contract window if user enters any symbol into the edit box, automatically 'private' contract option should be selected.

EVE University
Ivy League
#1151 - 2011-11-28 08:12:40 UTC  |  Edited by: NorthCrossroad
View content, ship scanner and linking fits

1. Often needed to link a fit of the ship that is not at your station and not saved in your fittings. So allow to link any ship fit from any remote station that you've found through search in your assets window.

2. When searching for a ship from assets instead of "view content" very idiotic list introduce normal fitting window! In which everything will be disabled, but visible in normal view. Or at least create groups for slot layers.

3. Introduce fitting window to the results of the ship scanner!

Patri Andari
Thukker Tribe Antiquities Importer
#1152 - 2011-11-28 09:11:16 UTC
Open Great Wildlands for player soveriengty.

I never understood why regions like Geminate, Delve, Fountain and Pure Blind have NPC presence but still allow players to own space, yet Great Wildlands gets treated like some federal park. Did someone find an endangered species there or some such?

Thukker only have 3 stations all in one constellation. Why not open the rest to player control as all the above regions?

Or trick it out with stations like Curse, Stain, Venal or Sydicate.

Either would be a more efficient use of space.

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Sahara Wildcat
Wild Amazons EVE
#1153 - 2011-11-28 14:16:05 UTC
I would like that would be at the station was a conservatory with tropical vegetation, something like a mini jungle
Aurum Gallente
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1154 - 2011-11-28 14:25:23 UTC
I want to see buttons for groups of drones, it would be very nice if player can put group of drones to button (F1 or F2) and use it like a module. First click will launch drones, second one will engage drones on current target, third click will disengage drones.
Bayushi Tamago
Sect of the Crimson Eisa
#1155 - 2011-11-28 15:59:24 UTC  |  Edited by: Bayushi Tamago
Make contract sales tax appear as a separate entry in the wallet like market sales. Just spent a week on a petition because the sales tax was taken off the contract price instead of a separate entry.
Mashie Saldana
#1156 - 2011-11-28 16:28:36 UTC
One very annoying bug if you are dual accounting, when you hold down CTRL and click on ships to target on client A you have to release CTRL, then click on the target on client B and then hold down CTRL again to start selecing targets to lock.

Up until a year ago you could just hold down CTRL and happily target people on both clients without releasing the button.

Can we please have that function back?
Valeroth Kyarmentari
Verdant Rampart
#1157 - 2011-11-28 16:38:29 UTC
The ability for my ship to plot a course that is a curve when an object is in the way. If I hit fly to something that is on the otherside of a Large Collidable object, I expect my ships computers to fly around the object. Not up to it, stop, fly away, back to it, stop, fly away, back to it stop fly away. Same sort of things with acceleration gates. If I hit activate gate Fly me up until I can actually warp. Don't fly up, try to realign, fly up, try to realign, fly up try to realign.

Toros Revoke
#1158 - 2011-11-28 16:46:01 UTC
I like to get the energy shield effect that used to cover the Archon's fighter bay, it just vanished one day Sad
Bayushi Tamago
Sect of the Crimson Eisa
#1159 - 2011-11-28 18:39:29 UTC
Since it appears my post was eaten:

Not being able to do remote market manipulation out of region.
Please modify remote market skills so that you can do market stuff out of region, but, say, the range is reduced to half your 'in region' range. It's most annoying that when you're 1 jump away from your stuff you want to sell, but because you're in a different region, you can't do anything about it until you go there.
Elanor Vega
Native Freshfood
Minmatar Republic
#1160 - 2011-11-28 20:08:08 UTC
Remove minerals from alloys from drone drops