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I want your little things!

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Lando Tarsadan
Imperial Academy
Amarr Empire
#1101 - 2011-11-25 13:13:04 UTC
I just started using a rorq for compressing. and imho that needs some looking into.

You can start one job at a time. guess thats as designed but terrible many clicks just to start a compression job. once you start job one and want to start job 2 you can sort the 4 lines but all shows availeble (none in use) so you have to guess which one you started the last job at. this is kinda easy for the first 4 jobs as sorting helps you. but once you deliver the first job and want to start a new job with the BP time starts to become an issue. if you dont start the job before the 2nd job you started is completed you get an error stating that the line your about to use is already in use. and you can cancel out and go through all the clicks again after you delivered the 2nd job. and so forth mildly put a pain in the .....

a surjestion would be to either make it so you can see which slot is occupied. maybe reduce the clicks. a compression you will accept all the stuff so its just waste of time to do all those clicks so in general when you select the rorq compression line it should just start the job no need to verify everything all over again.

The top solution would be to mark 4 BPOs select manufacture and it would start all 4 lines if materials are present. without all the clicking.
Unforgiven Storm
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#1102 - 2011-11-25 13:13:22 UTC
CCP Soundwave wrote:
Sorry for the delay, this week turned out to be pretty hectic. I've gone through the entire thing and taken notes :)

I have about two pages of features I think are super high quality, thanks guys :)

more small things for your list:

F***, this is really annoying!

Allow us to change chars inside the same account without the need to login again!
. . . . . (At least let us save the password! I'm in my home PC and I don't think my wife is a security issue.)
End the mandatory stop training before we jump to a clone.
. . . . . (I normally forget to start the training again and I lose days before I realize that I'm not training anymore!)
End the stop training before I inject an implant.
. . . . . (just do these steps behind the scenes using code -> stop training, inject, start training -> simplify our lives)

C'mon, fix this already!

Why, when I'm opening a cyno and have the necessary fuel but separated in small amounts it doesn't allow me to open the cyno until I stack it?
Each time I open a can/cargo and I have lots (50+) bookmarks inside, it takes forever to load and show its contents!
Allow us to stack items inside a pos or a carrier corporate hangers.

It will help allot if...

CCP makes a new option for drones, were when I warp out they try to return to my ship before I warp
CCP adds a reminder popup window for calendar events with a configurable time, with a snooze and ack buttons.
CCP allow us to see what items present in the cargo of ship or hanger, are damage, by adding some visual symbol to the icons.
CCP allow us to see what drones are present in the drone bay, cargo of ship or hanger that are damage, by adding some visual symbol to the icons.

I will kiss some developer ass if...

CCP allow us to open cans inside a pos or a carrier corporate hangers
T3 refit in space
. . . . . (If you have problems with this, just make it simple ->subsystems in cargo -> put ship inside hangar->swap-> take ship out!)

Unforgiven Storm for CSM 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. (If I don't get in in the next 5 years I will quit trying) :-)

FAYN Industries
Dark Side of the Eclipse
#1103 - 2011-11-25 13:30:44 UTC
CCP Soundwave wrote:
Sorry for the delay, this week turned out to be pretty hectic. I've gone through the entire thing and taken notes :)

I have about two pages of features I think are super high quality, thanks guys :)

Any chance we can see this list? I think it'd be nice to see what you chose out of the thread so maybe in the future I can make suggestions that fit more to your liking or what you are looking for specifically (if my suggestions didn't make it). Of course people will flame you for choosing the "wrong" things as well but I won't Smile

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Madner Kami
Durendal Ascending
#1104 - 2011-11-25 14:26:57 UTC
How about allowing alliance-members to tractor in wrecks which were created by other alliance-members and not only corp'd or fleet'd members?
Xavier duLac
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1105 - 2011-11-25 14:54:45 UTC
Screenshot File Names

Can you change the naming of file names used for screenshots to include the system name and nearest celestial body please?

I take a lot of screenshots and, over time, apart from knowing WHEN a screenshot was taken, there's no way of knowing WHERE it was taken, and this change would be VERY useful.
Man Eating Bears
#1106 - 2011-11-25 20:05:38 UTC
I always wondered why the flight mechanics never let you have control over your ships flight path. why can't we open up the tactical overlay, and tell our ship to fly and then stop at a position 30 km away? or set a que of locations, to create a more dynamic strategy to approaching the enemy. Flying with direct interaction to an object in space, or just flying endlessly in one direction, is unrealistically limiting.

I suggest introducing a navagation window that allows capsuleers to define more specifically where they want to go. (still have orbit, approach, keep at distance, and fly that direction; just add, "fly to this location" and allow the stacking of local destinations)
Man Eating Bears
#1107 - 2011-11-25 20:08:47 UTC  |  Edited by: Bearilian
Madner Kami wrote:
How about allowing alliance-members to tractor in wrecks which were created by other alliance-members and not only corp'd or fleet'd members?

how about, rather than just increasing who has access to your cans, allow the owner of a can/wreck to give it to a player/corp/allaince.
that way you would not have to abandon the wreck for any passerby, but to specific players.
Gallente Federation
#1108 - 2011-11-25 20:22:31 UTC
I expect this has already been mentioned, but I'd like to see the 3d preview window used for ships expanded.

Currently you can only look at player ships, or player used modules, could this be expanded to NPC ships?

There's lots of (currently) nonflyable ships used in PVE or like the Roden Police Megathrons which sit on gates, where you can do a "Show Info" on the NPC but you can't do a preview on the ship by clicking on the image.

It would be nice if we could.
Random McNally
Stay Frosty.
A Band Apart.
#1109 - 2011-11-25 20:25:13 UTC
Sorry, haven't read through the threadnaught but I had an idea that I would like to see.

How about a warning box in the event of a construction or ship array being taken down (unanchored) with undelivered items in it.

Lost a Revelation that way. It sucked.

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Rek Seven
Galactic Deep Space Industries
Warped Intentions
#1110 - 2011-11-25 22:45:52 UTC
One more thing...

Arrow If you disconnect while you have a covert ops cloak active, you should remain cloaked.
Terminal Insanity
Goonswarm Federation
#1111 - 2011-11-25 22:59:01 UTC
Contracts Void Insurance

But you can still trade them and no insurance loss. This really bugs me, i carry my friend's ship home because he needs to go AFK, but i cant contract it to him for when he comes back...

"War declarations are never officially considered griefing and are not a bannable offense, and it has been repeatedly stated by the developers that the possibility for non-consensual PvP is an intended feature." - CCP

Lyrka Bloodberry
#1112 - 2011-11-26 00:39:38 UTC  |  Edited by: Lyrka Bloodberry
When selling an item I'd like to have focus on the "Ask Price" Window. Would be even nicer if the default price were marked/selected so that one can just type in the new price overwriting the old.

I find it annoying to sell 200 Items and every single time have to double click the ask price window to enter my own price.


#1113 - 2011-11-26 01:09:33 UTC
Zifrian wrote:
CCP Soundwave wrote:
Sorry for the delay, this week turned out to be pretty hectic. I've gone through the entire thing and taken notes :)

I have about two pages of features I think are super high quality, thanks guys :)

Any chance we can see this list? I think it'd be nice to see what you chose out of the thread so maybe in the future I can make suggestions that fit more to your liking or what you are looking for specifically (if my suggestions didn't make it). Of course people will flame you for choosing the "wrong" things as well but I won't Smile

[Yes, I'm an Amateur](
Gallente Federation
#1114 - 2011-11-26 02:08:15 UTC
Name changes.
Tanya Powers
#1115 - 2011-11-26 02:26:19 UTC
Empress Regina wrote:
Mine might not be a little thing...but here goes:


Allow for customization of the cargoholds (setup)

Right now she has 3 basic holds
Main Cargo
Corp Cargo

And of course the luxurious ship maintenance bay

What I suggest is that we be able to customize the layout ie: change the configuration so that I could add or remove space from each of the holds

You could have some sort of formula that trades one type of hold to create would not be take 50,000 m3 ore and convert to 50,000m3 corp but perhaps subtract a percentage from that for "conversion"

You could also use this as an ISK sink or AUR sink by charging for the customization, if this week i need Orca an uber hauler then its $X.XX amount of ISK or AUR to reconfigure. Next week I want storage to move more ships then $X.XX amount to configure.

You could also install this as a job - since we know that getting out the welding tools will take time, perhaps a refit time - a week maybe longer depending on what you are doing, and of course we would have to pay for the shipyard time as my precious is being refitted..........

Another down side to the reconfig (trying to get balance) is that changes to the basic configuration (lets call it Stock Orca) mean that she is not the hull tank she currently is - ie: for each % of change there is a corresponding loss on the armor and hull HP. Meaning that your uber hauler becomes more of a house of cards (making it a more lucrative target).

I find this to be one of the most useful ships in has many purposes which I find very handy, its almost a "mid sized" freighter which BTW is missing.

now lots of people have been asking for a Pony or a Kitty.....maybe even a Puppy. Empress wants a mid Sized Providence for Xmas - give it a 250-400K size hold.....a bit more agility and speed......god forbid maybe a fitting or two......and I promise to jump up and down with joy Twisted

Thank you CCP

More or less this for Orca.

Very often (almost always) that ore hold I don't need it at all, I'd like to convert this one either in cargo hold or CorpHangar, but ship hangar I'm in doubt...don't know if this would be fair for freighters but why not.
Pure Victory
#1116 - 2011-11-26 04:40:26 UTC  |  Edited by: Leskit
)Instead of having everyone read a large wall of text, (see page 46, post 907) I will suggest solutions instead of presenting problems:

ArrowGive the legion covert subsystem a 5% bonus to medium energy turret per level and remove the cap use bonus. (this brings it inline with the other cloaky subsystems)
ArrowDo the same thing with the Legion drone subsystem.
Arrowgive the Proteus drone subsystem 100Mbit bandwidth.
Arrowmove the utility hi slot from the sacrilege to a low slot.
Arrowgive Loki immobility drivers one more high slot

Questionmake the sacrilege 5% faster and give small agility buff.
Questiontech 2 hurricane, harbinger, drake, myrmidon

Pirateall those fancy ships given as alliance tournament prizes..the Vangel, Adriestria, etc. have there always be 50 copies in game. if one dies, have one show up in contracts, say, in the capital system of that race, for some isk (2 bil? 10 bil?) so they are actually used. If they're going to be more than hanger decorations, have the opportunity for another pilot to get it if the original owner loses it. or conversely, have a contract available to them with a replacement ship for some isk (5 or 10 bil?) and if they can't buy it, have it go to public auction. I'd love to get my hands on a vangel and actually use it...

Give the EAF's love. the Ashimmu could use a little as well, a little more PG or more armor should fix that i think.

Attention the ability to see cloaked fleet members on screen and overview...i've decloaked plenty of fleet mates and enemies, making for some interesting fights, but mostly just headaches.

be able to separate corporate and ship maintenance hangers into more than 7 tabs. 10 minimum, 20 would be Ideal. being able to select the number as needed is the key here.

switch characters without logging off.
Man Eating Bears
#1117 - 2011-11-26 09:52:34 UTC
-give a note to someone. (much like email. but would be stored in notepad)

when you create a note, and right click it you get an option to "rename" or "delete", just add the option to give to player/corp/alliance. if they accept the gift they will now have the note without having to create it themselves.

i realize this is really lazy, but hey, its the little things that count.
Kosta Shadow
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#1118 - 2011-11-26 11:33:51 UTC
So I would like to start with the problem of formal wars are corporations or alliances to announce to each other. I am already tired of the war and for them lost all desire to play the course of the war should be, but they must have different goals. At the moment, most wars are declared in order to type his easy victories or in order to get easy money. To do this, already have systems with low security. A system with a high level of security should be a safe haven. War must be declared in the disputed territories and spheres of influence, and other interests that influence the development or corporate alliances. For example 2 Alliance claims to the same system at the zeros of a weaker alliance alliance B, and he wants to disrupt the supply of eg goods empire in alliance B and vice versa, thus weakening the enemy. That's one reason why the normal sound of the war.
How can we try to correct this situation A) obtained the victory in the war not to post on sites such as battleclinic and the like. Prohibit players to blackmail each other wars to get the money obtained through foreclosure.
Still propose to introduce some improvements to the game
01) Players who want to fight with each other by mutual consent must dispose of the container, it's uncomfortable, I think, how to make this process easier but very easy to enter in the menu to invite the player to fight the same way as is done when we want to invite someone the conversation.
02) Add a game bars, casinos, shops and the like why then came up with the cabin if the players can not communicate with the stations.
03) Fail to translate the Russian version of the client to the Russian language
04) It would be so in the game were aliens, and then a galaxy of some descendants of people looks like it is not plausible.
05) Ships Minmatar are the fastest in the game they should have the right look, the only ship hurikane appearance is normally drawn, it looks fast and swift his appearance matches its characteristics.
06) Ships Caldari cruisers particularly would like to add more symmetry.
07) Make a pvp arena in the high sectors, such as the arena team players flies and start killing each other, the last survivors receive a valuable prize realties.
08) Add implements a hybrid of ammunition that can shoot EM and Explosive Minmatar have the same ammunition fired all kinds of damage to why hybrids do not shoot all kinds of damage.
09) Add the possibility to invite a friend and a better friend to his cabin at the station.
10) Make it more interesting mission agents, as it is not believable when you attack 20 battleships and you can not do harm, to do one with the accompaniment of 2-4 ships a little less, but that he was as strong as 20 and so it was not so easy kill, and of reward for his head to the corresponding.
11) Add the possibility to insure T2 T3 and factional ships
12) Allow such as titanium ships, aircraft carrier, fly into a dreadnought in the high sector, but prohibit them from there and shoot some lead or fighting with the players.
13) Add the mission of agents of the 5th level systems with high security
Friendly Corpse
Empire Assault Corp
Dead Terrorists
#1119 - 2011-11-26 11:34:37 UTC  |  Edited by: Friendly Corpse
Target Re-Sequence idea.

Say I have 5 targets locked and I would like to kill them in a specific order, using the rollback.

Perhaps consider that I want drag my targets into sequence in such a way, similar to fittling mods, ya'know drag and drop?

[frig] [hauler] [titan] [stargate] [container]

locking times differ, and my dps needs to be on the titan, but i can pop the anonying frig for giggles

so, select frig and do a target shuffle

[stargate] [container] [hauler] [titan] [frig]

with that set, I can get my velator into optimal and fix a transversal. yarr!!

oh noes!!! a falcon has uncloaked !!!

nvmd ignore this post, im in station now -.-


Expect The Worstâ„¢

flapie 2
Malevelon Roe Industries
Convocation of Empyreans
#1120 - 2011-11-26 12:49:39 UTC
Hmmm not sure how to look at the title tbh, but i think i got the clue now so here goes a post with a few little things:

Current list little bugs:

  • Ship rotation: ships getting stuck inside of eachother turning out to having 2 ships in the center of your screen.
  • Client Focus: when using 2 client on a dual monitor setup there are a lot of time outs or packages lost, resulting into the overvieuw not showing correct distances (iow, you warp to a gate and it keeps sorting the gate at the bottom even tho you have sort for object that are close to be on the top of the list.) Also when targeting focus isnt aplyed correctly, i have this issue the most when running 2 clients on fixed window setting.
  • Chat windows: Every time i start up my client i have to resort all my chats cause its not saving the location and order at witch i have my chat windows setup. Would be nice iff i dint have to spend 5/10 minutes redoing everything once i get to log in.
  • Drones: They just simply dont listen annymore, there going all over the place and even after telling them to kill a target when a target is destroyed they tend to bugger of and pick there own target. Focus option seems to not work all the time. Happens a lot if you dont wait for 5/10 seconds after killing a target, if there back into idle state they tend to actually listen more often but its not 100% of the time.
  • Warp tunnels: When using the dual monitor setup and swapping between clients, the current warp tunnel gets bugged and either doesnt show, or shows verry porely with pieces of animation missing. This also tend to warp your ship backwards/side ways and prity much anny wierd oriented warp you can think of.
  • POS Guns: Controlling POS guns is kinda wierd in total, i cant seem to lock annyhting with in the locking range that is mentioned in the guns description. And for some reason 1 controlled gun always seems bugged, i even managed to shoot my own POS without having anny locked targets what so ever.
  • Fleet: Making things lock true clicking things in broadcast holding down the lock hotkey ??

List of things i havnt heard about since 2006 and beyond:

  • Industrie: System wide astroid belts ?? what happent to this idee ?
  • Industrie: POS structures that would be based on the previously mentioned Systemwide astroid belts.
  • Industrie: Capital miners, yeah you heard it right, i have seen this mentioned with the systemwide astroid belts, but it died just as fast. There being rementioned almost every patch that brings a capital class industial ship, saying there not here yet .... wonder why its taking so damn long tbh.
  • SOV Stuff: Where are the alliance controlled gate guns, destructable stargates, costumizable gates, taxable gates etc etc etc ?

Random little things:

  • Cyno's: Great work on the effects btw, still loving them. How ever i think the way this mechanic works is kinda broken, there is a huge step needed to be made to get into a capital ship atm (unless your in a big corp/alliance). And that step mainly contains the (in)famous "Cyno Alts", would be lovely if there is a mechanic thought up where its easyer to manage a jump to a certain place. I mean why would a person need to make 4/6 alts to be able to make it worth while to get a Capital/SCapital. Its also closy related to holding chars, witch i also things is kinda tarded, Capitals tend to get a "im super rich" tag this way, i really dont see it fitting into there roll on the battlefield. Hope this doesnt upset to manny alt rich players in the game :P
  • Afk cloackers: there still here and still nothing to counter them, they can just cloack up in you system and keep you from doing your daily stuff for hours on end. Here is a small suggestion i found rather fair to deploy:
  • Make the cloack its "thickness" wear of after say 15min of idle playing, so that if someone goes totaly AFK on a save spot, you can acually scan them down at some point. This way active playing cloackes are still able to use the cloack like it should be used, and people that simply place an alt in hostile areas to disrupt there daily jobs can be hunted down and killed with some team efforts.
    Dont get me wrong, properly flow cloacky chars are valid tactic in my point of vieuw, its just the "lets go AFK all day here" tards that are kinda not fitting into the gameplay atm.
  • Bump tactics: This is getting kinda old tbh, it was a good tactic for ages but with the new bigger ships these days im starting to doubt the logic in this. Lets take for example a frigate and a titan, the frigate warps into the titan, and bounces the titan away with 2k m/s. Lets see how this would work in RL, a mini cooper races into a big truck or train does the truck/train bounce of with a insance amount of speed in the oposit direction ?? Dont think so, the mini cooper and its drive are gonna get wasted, and he wont be able to tell the story. Ok now i do think you dont need to blow up on bumping a larger object, how ever i do think that a sorta collision dmg should be apleid to armor and or structure. Lets say that same frigate warped into the Titan again, and got to half armor and structure on impact and bounce of the titan. I recon the next time this pilot does a warp to a larger ship he is gonna think twice about what range to warp to. This can also be aplyed to empire, but also should be thought out a bit futher, befor we get bitter vets to race into newbs with a big BS insta popping the new frigate without shooting and without getting concord penaltys.

(Ran out of tekst ill post more at some point)
Kind Regards
Flapie 2