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I want your little things!

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Del orian
The Initiative.
#81 - 2011-11-15 12:08:09 UTC
Select targets from watchlist would be nice for logis. Something like left click to switch to locked target in target bar.

And an indicator of remaining capacitor or a warning if somebodys capacitor on watchlist is low :)
Black Dranzer
#82 - 2011-11-15 12:08:09 UTC
Ravcharas wrote:
If I am pointed and I hit the warp button - the feedback given (you cannot warp because of blahablaha) is in the form of a text message and the ship not responding. Why is the warp button not greyed out and disabled? If I'm scrammed, the MWD module icon might as well be disabled too. If I'm neuted and don't have enough cap to run a module, disable that module icon until I have enough cap to engage it

Hell, while we're on this, how about better feedback when we're scrammed/webbed/painted/whatever the hell? Skimming over the overview looking for those tiny little icons isn't particularly effective. When I'm being scrammed and webbed, I want a big flashing light on my HUD that says "HEY, DUMBASS, YOU'RE BEING SCRAMMED AND WEBBED, GET THE HELL OUT"
Fhtagnamus Wiggins
Hedion University
Amarr Empire
#83 - 2011-11-15 12:08:37 UTC
1. Searching for system (in order to set them as travel destination) without need for opening the map
2. When you get invited into fleet while being about to jump you have to wait for 30~seconds or so, this should take no place.
3. LASERS, now are fixed on one point of the enemy ship. Why can't they move from one point to another instead? It would make them look as if they were slicing through the armour instead of punching into one point.
4. LASERS, why do they all hit at one point? Make it more varied!
5. Being able to paint on the ship, add some features, painting, logos etc (but that's already work in progress me thinks?)
6. Faction vs regular vs t2 models - More diversity in their hull would be fun. (so not only re-painting but also adding some distinctive elements into the ship's model (I know, some ships do look different but it's too little)).
7. Do something with the ui, it keeps getting messed up all the time.
8. Simplify overview settings.
GeeShizzle MacCloud
#84 - 2011-11-15 12:08:54 UTC
Solstice Project wrote:

Please remove the unnecessary whitespots from planets,
as shown here ->

It's a shading thingy, not actually an issue, but it still hurts my eyes bigtime.

This is nothing that you'll find on any planet ever,
except when it's perfectly curved and smooth ... good luck finding one. :)

what... u mean like this photograph of earth

Blackwater Task Forces
Goonswarm Federation
#85 - 2011-11-15 12:09:24 UTC
- dscan range input should be in AU not in km, can even accept decimals to get 0.00001 AU if you really need it (no idea why would you ever need that)

- why is the default dscan range set to something ridiculously small (don't remember, but it was 1000km or something stupid)? everyone using dscan changes it anyway

- better "toggle overheating a module" button so you don't accidentaly turn the module off instead

- ability to cancel turning the module off while it's still on it's cycle (so you click the module, cycle starts, click it again, red circle appears and module will deactivate at end of cycle, click it once again and red circle disappears, next cycle will start as if nothing happened) - would also help with the above

- rebalance Worm, right now it's totally useless, give it a drone damage bonus maybe and fixed 25m of drone bay?

Doctor Ungabungas
#86 - 2011-11-15 12:10:33 UTC
Industrial windows remembering the last settings you used would be awesome.
Good Sax
#87 - 2011-11-15 12:10:57 UTC
Night Epoch wrote:
Black Ops Battleships need a buff or a role tweak.

Many options could be considered:

1. Buff base stats to be comperable to their T1 counterparts.

2. Give a jump range bonus. The fuel bay is small and the jump range is shite atm.

3. Give ability to fit CovOps cloak (I don't actually like the idea as it's rather pointless ... but it can be considered)

4. Black ops pilots get a time delay on appearing in local. Would be AWESOME (IMO)

As it stands right now, BOps are useful only for bridging onto pure ganks. If you're bridging into a ~goodfite~ with even/stacked odds, the BO pilot is screwed because he's instaprimary with a crap tank.

Please give Black Ops a better defined role by (a) carving their niche a bit more or (b) providing them with enough of a stat buff that they're useful in actual combat (rather than just ganks).

Black ops are fine the way they are, if you mess with them you'll either ruin them, or make them too strong. The jump range is fine, learn to deal with the quirks of a black ops fleet. If done correctly you serious F people up..
Solstice Project
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#88 - 2011-11-15 12:11:12 UTC
Tesh Sevateem wrote:
1. Make it an option to invert zoom direction on mouse wheel (scroll up = zoom in, not out)
2. When killing/salvaging/losing a target, do not automatically select a new target (lost a lot of wrecks this way)

Number 2 is actually a necessity, but not even working correctly.
Besides ... you need to be more careful. I had the same problem,
but it's a user-problem, not a client-problem and i fixed it for myself easily
by just paying attention and not doing stuff automatically.


After killing a target in the list, the next target is getting selected,
so pressing F1 for example activates the gun for it,
BUT it's not in the selected items window, which is annoying as hell !

I know this is actually more complex, because people select other things on purpose,
so no clue how that could be corrected in a sensible manner.

Anyway, it's dozens of additional mouse kilometers every day.

Please correct that somehow.
Prime FLux
Caldari State
#89 - 2011-11-15 12:12:11 UTC
Add speed vectors to the tactical overlay. just a pointer which shows the were the ships are heading and how fast.
To make it easier to see how ships are moving relative to each other.

improve the d-scaner. show the scaned wolym on screen and on solarsystem map.
Horus Menvra
#90 - 2011-11-15 12:12:17 UTC
An opt-out check box for the new aggression warning. As it currently stands, your modules turn off and you get the warning every time the player you're assisting gains any new aggression flag. For example:

1. Player A steals a can from player B, gaining aggression towards corp 1.
2. Player C starts assisting player A (be it remote sebo, cap transfer, RR, etc) and gains the aggression flag towards corp 1.
3. Players A and B exchange fire, which causes player A to gain a new aggression flag towards player B.
4. Player C's assist modules are turned off because of incoming aggression flag towards player B, even though player B can already shoot player C, due to the aggression player C has towards corp 1.

If you put in the option to opt out of this warning (meaning no pop-up and modules don't deactivate), then people who regularly use assist modules in PVP situations aren't screwed by their modules deactivating/a giant warning that gains focus, while you still leave in your new layer of protection for players using assist modules in other capacities (ie incursions).

In my mind, it should set up in a similar way to the warning you're given before you go GCC. It's there and helps to prevent people from accidentally getting themselves killed, but for those people who want to go GCC repeatedly, you can turn the warning off. Sure, some people will accidentally go GCC in HS because their concord warning is turned off, but they consciously agreed that they accepted this risk. This should be the same for people who wish to use assistance modules on others.
Lady Irradiance
Amarr Empire
#91 - 2011-11-15 12:12:46 UTC  |  Edited by: Lady Irradiance
Pattern Clarc wrote:
Option to allow saved fittings to install ammo in cargo bay, gun groups, and rigs.

Better drone UI, less drone timing out and for drones never to split targets unless instructed to.

Aggression count down timer

Scan probe layout/patterns to be saved

Better hit area to enable overloading, preheat during jump cloak
Ranshe wrote:
- ability to cancel turning the module off while it's still on it's cycle (so you click the module, cycle starts, click it again, red circle appears and module will deactivate at end of cycle, click it once again and red circle disappears, next cycle will start as if nothing happened) - would also help with the above

Improve the dscan angle & range slider/settings. Make the steps between angle positions equally spaced if you must keep the fixed logarithmic slider values (fixed values means it's not longer logically a scale, just a radio button style control), also allow both km and AU.

Refitting T3 subsystems in POS.

ECCM and sensor booster effect

Changes to:
Sensor Damps, Info links, legion (especially cloaky SS), ECM mechanics, lol Amarr ships with 1 mid, ships without enough CPU and/or PG, tiers.

Boost active tanking, perhaps with this built-in resists idea, perhaps via overheating ease, perhaps specifically for ships already bonused to active tanking.
Also reconsider the booster change, making Strong Exile now only as good as Standard was isn't going to help pvp, removing the drawbacks will make pve ships hugely increase their demand for drugs.

Down-vote to priority of any new Tech 3 ships, first fix EAFs, AFs, tiers in all classes (make ships fill different roles, not just be outclassed/un-fit-able)
Solstice Project
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#92 - 2011-11-15 12:12:56 UTC
GeeShizzle MacCloud wrote:
Solstice Project wrote:

Please remove the unnecessary whitespots from planets,
as shown here ->

It's a shading thingy, not actually an issue, but it still hurts my eyes bigtime.

This is nothing that you'll find on any planet ever,
except when it's perfectly curved and smooth ... good luck finding one. :)

what... u mean like this photograph of earth


oh. *LOL*

You sure this is actually real ?

I stand corrected ! *LOL* What a shame. xD

Anyway, the whitespot in the game just looks really bad.

I really have never seen the sun reflecting on the earth,
for some reason this picture looks pretty much unreal to me.

Thx for pointing it out, though.
Black Dranzer
#93 - 2011-11-15 12:15:37 UTC
Thought of another one: You know that little corner icon that shows us if an item is T2/Deadspace/Faction/Officer whatever? Can we please, please have that simply display the meta level of the item? I want to be able to tell Meta3 and Meta4 items at a glance.


It can't be hard.
The Alpha and the Omega
#94 - 2011-11-15 12:15:50 UTC
1.The ability to drag windows out of the client (say chat windows or market) among everythting else on my desktop

2.Larger fleet broadcast buttons

3.Modules that dont stick on

4.Activating 2 tractors on 1 wreck (prefire the tractors then lock wreck)

Real Poison
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#95 - 2011-11-15 12:16:31 UTC
small tweak to locked targets display:

put the colored tag (blue, corpgreen, fleetpink) on the locked ships.

so in a fleet you don't accidentally your logis.
and logis will have an easier time for km whorign.
The Eden Trading International Corporation
#96 - 2011-11-15 12:16:40 UTC  |  Edited by: Kataira
please get rid of skill training stop/start while inserting implants or jumpcloning, thanks. :)

i'd also like to have a button (like the guns/boosters/repairs) for my current drones in space, so i can move it around to one of the f1-f8/+alt/+ctrl positions. don't really like to have more shortcuts than really needed.
Good Sax
#97 - 2011-11-15 12:16:52 UTC
Ryans Revenge wrote:

  • Black ops to get same range as carriers for jumping. They are useful in their current state but don't have the range to be used. Especially with how vast eve is you can only jump a few systems rather than get into someone's back yard. You should atleast be able to jump from one region to the other in my mind.

Over WAY too extreme measures...try have a chain of the actual work of having a good blackops fleet. Instead of asking for this rediculous change... MAYBE a tiny buff to range.. but def not carrier range.. thats just stupid.
Umkontu We'Isizwe
#98 - 2011-11-15 12:16:54 UTC
Little thing I would like:

Autostack function and autosort for inventories
Group sell functions for inventories or highlighted items (i.e. ctrl+a sell y? y.)
Return novelty skills to market i.e. astronautic engineering (what is the harm?)
Solstice Project
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#99 - 2011-11-15 12:17:45 UTC

Change orbiting in a way that it uses the ships direction vector if it lies within 180 Degree towards the ship.

It's really bad not being able to use the orbit i want, but instead having to hope that the
navigation computer doesn't calculate an orbit that rides me right into the badies.

When i'm at the right distance for the orbit i want,
the ship should follow the orbit i want it to have,
not completely change direction.

Garoun Investment Bank
Gallente Federation
#100 - 2011-11-15 12:17:51 UTC
An overhaul of the vast majority of drones, excluding fighters, fighter-bombers, and sentries. The overhaul would not be function-wise, but model-wise. We just got a completely new turret system, yet we still have drones that can fire at something to the far left of it while all it's guns are bolted forward. Perhaps they could resemble mobile turret platforms, atleast that makes more sense then their current design + gameplay mechanics.