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Dev Blog: CSM8 - Second Summit Minutes

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#121 - 2014-04-16 17:15:47 UTC
CCP Xhagen wrote:

Good to know.

My line of thinking can also be described as "is the reason for forming a corp a social one or a game mechanic one?" and then the second thought is "would there be any benefit of having a social group, more than just a chat channel, without the baggage that corps are (i.e. the assets, wars, etc.)?"

my vote on this is basically "yes, I'd like a social group that's not as complex as a corp." I play with a few RL friends and all we use the corp for is a common chat channel and shared bookmarks/fittings. we make limited use of a corp wallet but that's about it.

there are ways around this of course but the current corp structure makes it overly complicated to just play with my friends, especially with alts that may want to be in a different corp for other reasons.