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[Kronos] Nosferatu RoF Buff

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Controlled Chaos
#81 - 2014-06-09 03:24:11 UTC
Koujjo Dian wrote:
Ines Tegator wrote:
While this is a nice change, it doesn't address their problems on small-class hulls and the general uselessness of utility high slots. Small nos/neuts need their range extended to match warp scramblers. This has been asked for for years; since you're finally looking at the modules, I say it's about time it gets done.

Agreed. Any change made to small neuts/nos is pointless due to the fact you will never get in range of anything in order to use them. This makes frigate PVP 1 dimensional and stale. Webs are WAY more effective than neuts/nos and is why mid slots are way more valuable than utility high slots.

I agree the range is just a bit too short for most uses in frigate combat as you have to get really friggin close to be able to use it so a NOS on a frigate means it has to have a scram and likely needs to have a web or use an AB to be able to get close enough once you get the scram on a target.

Against bigger ships AFs and in your face brawler/tackler types can get close enough to big ships and use the NOS and get inside their guns and keep tackle up and make your active fits last a bit longer before drones start in on you. A few KM more range really wouldn't affect this part of it anyways, although it might help tackling AC ships a bit easier since you can orbit a bit farther out of their guns optimal to actually reduce the guns DPS a little bit