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EVE New Citizens Q&A

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"How did you Veterans start?"

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Empire Assault Corp
Dead Terrorists
#101 - 2014-09-16 15:03:24 UTC
> 2008
> State War Academy "aww yeah. I gun blap some bitches"
> Undock in Bantam
> Yellow can with T2 Ammo *BLING BLING*
> Take Ammo
> Die
> Convo dude... WTF MAN
> Crazy dutch dude.
> Takes me under his wings
> Become high sec griefer
> Become low sec griefer
> Join FW
> Go null sec
> ???
> Back in high sec griefing.


William Ruben
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#102 - 2014-09-19 18:23:57 UTC
It was suggested that I copy the post below for posterity.
William Ruben wrote:
I thought I would provide my fellow newbies with a progress report of my game impressions now that I am 4 months or so into this EVE thing.

A brief history: I started in May after having read a bunch of forums FAQs and wikis, so I came to the game with a solid idea of what I wanted to do: PvP with no strings attached. I even came to the game with my corp picked out ahead of time. So, I ran the combat/advanced combat tutorials (and then exploration just to see what it was like, and surprisingly I found it interesting enough), joined corp, set my clone, then for a lark decided to see if I could autopilot my way to station in Syndicate from newb Gallente space. Made it to the gate into null, whereupon I met my first bubble. Welcome to null!

Firstly, the learning curve. I've never been so humbled by a game before--and a lot of this is probably needless (a manual would help) but there we are. What has helped more than anything was getting into my corp, and then asking questions in comms. I now feel like I have a solid working knowledge of the basics, but am constantly learning new things. For example, each new ship fit I see it seems like there are new classes of modules to learn about. This could be streamlined via, say, a manual that lists the sorts of things you can fit into a ship, instead of what I will call the 'Brownian Motion' model of game knowledge acquisition. But several year old accounts are also learning new things, like how you can click and drag drones in and out of bay to space and back.

Second, how am I occupying my time? I generally play between 0 and 2 hours a night, sometimes a little more, sometimes weeks away. Yes, you can play casually! My corp does not care--I didn't join one with pretensions to space age of empires specifically for the relaxed atmosphere. I do small gang PvP and more recently blops. Sometimes I explore and find DED complexes for the bittervets to run (they cut a share to the finder) which keeps me in isk and ships. Sometimes I will run a data or relic site. Whatever. I have no pressure to plex my account which I think is the most important thing--its a game, if it becomes work its not fun any more. About a month in it became apparent that having a market alt in Jita was pretty important, so I plexed a second skill queue for a month to get it sorted. Don't feel the need to have multiple accounts like many bittervets might tell you you will have to, but consider alts as you become more accustomed to the game and their need becomes clear.

Third, skilling. Its crazy, but what I think is most important is to spend time learning how to fly the ships you can instead of hurrying to the biggest ship possible. I got into tackle frigs, then interceptors as soon as I was able. Then I started maximizing support skills, and adding in different fitting skills as new fits demanded. Right now I am polishing off drone skills for a ratting cruiser, and then will go back to frigates and perfect my assault frigate, then build up bombers/cov ops ships. Then perhaps I will go back and start working on logistics frigates. My long term goal is towards T3 cruisers--I'm not even going to consider battle ships until next year at the earliest (if ever).

The thing about skilling is that it hasn't been a carefully scripted plan I have been following. Instead, I have been trying to skill into ROLES to play that I would find interesting and would be valuable to the corp. Therefore, my skill queue has sort of wandered from thing to thing (again, that 'Brownian Motion' thing). But this has worked for me I think because 1) I enjoy myself and 2) I am patient. I am also satisfied with flying smaller ships and seeing how my effectiveness is increasing over time.

The tl;dr Be zen about this. Enjoy where you are. Get with good people. Be able to laugh at yourself (just last night I hilariously misunderstood what a bittervet meant when I was told to "warp to w"). Be impressed with your first sight of a Titan, or capitals exiting a cyno. Have an idea of what you want to do but be open to try new things.

Shoot nerds, get blown up, try to escape with your pod, but if you welp it all, rinse repeat and shoot nerds again.

Primus Inc.
#103 - 2014-09-20 22:37:19 UTC
Started in 2003 just as the game was going live in North America with a great bunch of guys from a website I frequented that were calling for players to join. FrugalsWorld Inc was born.

Kicked around with them, not on this toon until later though, for a long time. We did a lot of mining, ratting and small stuff back then. I remember getting killed in low sec hauling zydrine through low sec in my condor for the corp by m0o corp. I still remember when our CEO discovered industrial mining for the first time and was thrilled on TS and chat to tell us all. We helped each other a lot back then and had a real good sense of comradery which was great.

Friends, good friends is what you need when you first join. Not just corp mates but friends. People thatll go out of their way to help you out and you do the same. If you dont have any coming in MAKE SOME!! Itll be the best investment you made in eve I can guarantee that.

Have you heard anything I've said?

You said it's all circling the drain, the whole universe. Right?

That's right.

Had to end sometime.

Solecist Project
#104 - 2014-10-01 14:04:18 UTC
I started in december 2009.

I've spent two weeks prior to even logging in with reading up
on how the game mechanics work.

I've spent my time scrapping ISK together to skill and buy an iteron ...
... and then started trucking from and to lowsec.

That was within my first two weeks of playing.

When I sat at the lowsec gate for the first time ...
... reading this message about entering lowsec ...
... and my heart pounding bigtime ...
... I choose to take a break and go to the toilet first. lol

What a rush that was....

That ringing in your ears you're experiencing right now is the last gasping breathe of a dying inner ear as it got thoroughly PULVERISED by the point roaring over your head at supersonic speeds. - Tippia

Max Deveron
Deveron Shipyards and Technology
#105 - 2014-10-06 07:19:31 UTC
I started playing exactly 1 week before Christmas in 2010. Was active Duty military at the time.

In a week i was having a terrible time, couldnt figure things out, ships dying, couldnt make any ISK, had no clue what i was doing.....and really learned to despise the rookie help chat.
Met another soldier at one of the bases social places....he introduce me to his CEO who took me in. That guy answered my billions of questions, fitted ships for me and told me how they worked so i could learn better.
Not long after we got involed in i guess you could say a mafia group....where the corp i was in soon became a lead corp in the adhoc shadow alliance. What were we doing? Can-flipping, ganking, extorting for the Status Quo of the area!!
The group became a real alliance then we were under wardec for several months.
But in those months we also had moved to nullsec as renters to give our own miners a chance to be safer from the dec'rs
The war ended. We made lots of ISK.
I learned how to Run a corp as a CEO when he retired from the position. Back in that day being in nullsec was fun. We had lots of fights, we made ISK hand over fist.....and occasionally ganking in our former Highsec home was awesome. It was also near the time of the beginning of what nullsec has become today. Due to stupid inhouse political drama our own alliance shattered.
I created a new character....ran a banking operation for a while that was somewaht succesul.
But i had to keep leaving game for longer periods of time. on my final leave of absence....most of the people i knew or had a close comraderie with had been forced seperate ways or left he game entirely. EvE wasnt the same.
I reitred my main.....made this toon and had the goal of seeing if i could hire on and train a group of noobs to be as space rich as me along with other things. (I made my massive amounts of ISK doing industry)
I learned some serious lessons doing this......not all players are quite equipped for this game. And i was far to lenient with some of them. I also learned there is Carebearism and then there is CareSlothism......the latter broke me....and i finally turned into what i consider a bittervet.

But I am stil kicking around....there are still things for me to do yet that i have not fully experienced...Most of the old cadre players that I have played with are gone....some arguably forever. Yet i faith in the new ones that i have trained, and the couple or so other old timers I met along the way. I have other accounts, I have other characters for many different things and reasons......but none of them would be possible nore the different styles of play or fun i can have without the interaction of others both good and bad.

In short.....all I can say is find a group, a corp, your comfortable with....make friends. Learn to adapt. Losing a ship or pod is not the end of the world. Learn from have learned to ride a bicycle am I right?
Bagrat Skalski
Koinuun Kotei
#106 - 2014-10-16 17:06:03 UTC  |  Edited by: Bagrat Skalski
I don't remember. Shocked

Ok, maybe a little, it was some corp, me making ISKs and losing ships in Low sec and High sec, usual stuff.
Kyou Dakewa
The Kyou Dakewa Foundation
#107 - 2014-10-22 05:52:50 UTC
I'm no veteran, but i'm chilling at a respectable 7 million SP.

While all these stories of great noobness and overwhelming choice width of eve aren't all to alien for me, I started Eve out due to a friend asking me to. From day 1, i was training to be come a deadly weapon of space warfare, starting out by piloting the much loved Harpy.

The Merlin is a resilient little ship, and that's one of the first counter-intuitive things I learnt as I died of every mistake you could possibly make while we roamed around Black Rise. My skills weren't helping back then; i remember feeling unimaginable joy as i hit the 100 dps milestone in my blaster fit.

As I roamed, I acquired the limited fighting prowess that carries me on today, and boy did that mean a lot of deaths. I used to look at my kill/death log depressingly, tell my friends about how hard this game is. They reassured me that this is how it is when you're new, that the kills will come with time. And they advised me, we talked about fits, tactics, stuff to avoid, how to dodge gatecamps, etc.

Still, I can't help but feel like i had it way easy considering I was flying with a bunch of semi-seasoned guys that could have my back, knew how to D-Scan and which fights to pick in the world of plex pirating. I am thankful for their teachings and hope to keep on fighting for fun and profit.

This is everywhere, but i think it's not said enough. If you're new, talk to people before you even start buying things or training skills. Take the risk. It's worth it. It will spare you months if not years of suffering, trying to figure this game out.

That's Eve's most iconic feature: its huge and slow learning curve. It's what makes it hard to get into, but it's also what makes it hard to get out of.
Mandar Amelana
#108 - 2014-10-23 18:11:55 UTC
My girlfriend at the time (who is now my wife) introduced me to the game. She absolutely DOES NOT play, but used to date a guy that did. When she discovered I was into MMO's, she asked if I had heard of it. I decided to give it a try.

The beautiful space scenery is what initially caught my eye (this was 2011 at the time). The gameplay learning curve was ALMOST too much, but I stuck with it pounding rocks and running missions. I got involved of some not so rememberable corporations, and then took a hiatus.

My biggest mistake, and one I think many players make, was being too afraid of low and null sec. Fear of the pvp. What makes this game great is the absolute danger of the random PC pirates. Do not fear them, embrace them. Do not risk what you can't afford to replace. Have a back up plan, but don't be afraid to put your neck out there. If you can't fight them yourself, find a bunch of guys who can.

Get active in a corp. This game is boring for me solo, and if it wasn't for the guys in my corp/alliance, I'd probably not play. Its not just the company, its also the fact that their knowledge base will make the learning curve a little more bearable.

Nothing too deep or profound here. If you'd like to chat more, feel free to convo me!
Lavente Shihari
Caldari State
#109 - 2014-11-03 13:07:44 UTC
I wouldn't call myself a vet, still here's my story:

Roughly 2 and half years ago my then roommate started playing eve, and i happily joined him.
I had heard a lot of stories about, how brutal it could be, the trill off a fight and the great null sec alliances.

I wanted to jump straight in guns blazing, so i finished the tutorials ASAP and started training in to something Battleship sized (because you know bigger is better....) I bought a plex to fund it all and trained the minimum required skills for the modules i thought i would need. Along the path to a Battleship came my first try at a pvp ship, a moa which i brought to tama where it promptly blew up.... 3 feroxes followed and my roomate didn't do much better.

We where broke and raging, we would pvp no more. We tried making some isk and doing mining and missions, but it bored us and training took to long. We did not resup.

Roughly 8 months ago i decided i wanted to play a game worthy of my time, this brought me back to eve.
This time i made plan, join a corp to have fun with people and learn the basics. Make some easy isk while mining and gearing up for lvl 4 missions.

I ended up joining a pirate corp near Hek, they did some gate camping and while their add said newb friendly they weren't very helpfull. I did get my first kill with them and it made hungry for more. Still because the lack off interest in helping me out i left and started talking with other corps. I found one with a newb training corp and promptly joined them. It turned out that the newb corp did no pvp whatsoever but, they where very helpfull.

I learned a lot about missions, mining, fits and how to avoid getting ganked in highsec, but mostly the following:
1.) consider everything you undock already lost.
2.) if you can fly something that doesn't mean you should, make sure you can fly it well.
3.) if you don't like something, don't do it (well this i learned from mining)

But the best part about them was when we got wardect. They had a wormhole somewhere and brought us all in to avoid the wardec. At the same time 2 of my friends started playing eve and i made an alt so i could play with them and avoid any of the dangers in Womhole space.

While having fun with my friends and doing some missions i read up about Wormhole space as much as i could. It fascinated me and i wanted to go in there for the full experience. Not just sitting there doing nothing like my ceo had ordered.

While reading i learned a few basics about wormhole space, get a covops cloak, learn to probe fast and press dscan as much as you can. So i started training for the ship i thought would bring me the most fun in WH space, a Stratios. I left the newb corp and started a new one with my 2 friends. We ran missions while training up for the ships we wanted to fly in to w-space. Making the occasional trip in to low sec to try and find some fights.This resulted mostly in us losing ships.

After a month or so we geared up for our first trip into w-space, i still remember trill off the unkown and freaking out at the first sign of danger. We did some sites in c1/c2 and the the isk was amazing, for us anyway. We started looking for c2's on a daily basis and did the first waves from c3's when we would find them. As soon as we would spot something on D-scan we ran to highsec. It was fun, dangerous and exciting. But like all things when you've done them often enough the danger doesn't seem so real and we started slacking....

While daytripping into w-space one day we where being watched, they came from a hole we did not know was there and it was out off d-scan range. We just finished the final wave in the site when we got hot dropped. I still remembered the 2 stratios decloack right next to me they pointed us and next we know 3 battle-cruisers land aswell. We all died, the excitement was back and i wanted to do this to other people.

I joined their public channel saying gf and asking what i did wrong, a month later we where part of their alliance, living in a C2 (hs/c3 static) with their training corp. I learned more and more, how to roll holes, Keep security, finding people with d-scan and how fickle Bob can be.

Unfortunately the alliance fell apart after an eviction attempt. I was left alone as my friends stopped playing, it was a very lonely time, i tried to recruit some new people but my experience was lacking, and most left. I couldn't offer a good fight to people coming in to my wormhole and i was at loss on what to do next...

In the mean time someone i knew stopped playing eve, at that point i wasn't even aware he was playing but he was getting rid of his characters and offered a tengu pilot to me at a cheap price. Now i could run c3 combat sites solo and my isk income rose sharply. Besides that i now had a ship i could do some serious dps in. I was still lonely but i managed keep the pos fueled and occasionally fight some people. I kept hanging on by a thread and i was seriously considering leaving eve again.

Then i got in contact with one off my old alliance members, the same that got me in the alliance. She and few other members had joined a relatively new C5 corp and they were apparently all fun guys. So i went on a frig Roam with them and a week later the POS was offline, my stuff moved out and i was shooting stuff at a regular basis in the C5. The corp mates i met there are now my friends and today i'am still having fun in the same corp With the same friends.

So my advice to all new players, pick a corp with people you enjoy spending time with, doing things you like to do in eve.
Don't fly anything your afraid to lose and most of all have fun Blink

Shoot all the things !

No Vacancies has some vacancies, join our public channel "no vacancies" for more info.

Jenna Olgidar
OutLawed Country Inc.
Outlaw Nation.
#110 - 2014-11-03 13:52:13 UTC  |  Edited by: Jenna Olgidar
Just saying when i joined back in 2005(clearly not this character)
I skipped all the tutorials undocked as fast as I could. once outside. didn't know how to use the camera. then didn't know how to dock so i ended up shooting the station and getting concord back into the station. spent the next 2 weeks going through the tutorials.

Didn't know what i got myself into but im still here so it can't be all bad.


FYI - found the game via an add looking for another space game like EVEnova. yeah who remembers that game.

So yeah like my post. -Olga

Eija-Riitta Veitonen
Ixian Machines
#111 - 2014-11-09 00:59:32 UTC
It all started on a cold, dark evening somewhere in early Feb, 2005. I was scouring the internets for a sci-fi themed game when I found an EVE free trial ad on I took it and abolutely loved the game, the world, the complexity... Unfortunately, I did not have an ability to pay my subscription (I was but a first year undergrad student without any money to spare whatsoever), thus I left after the trial expired, but EVE has left me wanting for more...

Over half a year later a friend found EVE online and invited me to join him on his travels across the universe. I started another trial account and found EVE universe as much interesting and appealing as it was back in the February. Only this time I had means to support a subscription! I dug up information on my first trial character and re-subbed it. Since then I've had over half a dozen accounts and more than twice that characters, had periods of high activity and relative dormancy, but over nearly nine years since then I haven't been too far away from EVE. Funnily enough, the friend didn't last even through the first trial.

I don't remember my first days in EVE with much clarity, but I do remember dabbling with some mining, missions, and lowsec. Eventually I've come up on a corporation of like-minded individuals, all based from the same country I was in and speaking their language, so it felt like home, even though my english skills weren't that bad. We did some high-sec mining then, in early 2006, ventured out into null-sec, where we rented a system from Red Alliance somewhere in Insmother. I still remember the N-RAEL gatecamps with fond memories. We still were an industrial/mining corp back in the day, but that was where we (well, some of us) found a passion for explodifying other players' ships instead of red crosses. Luckily, we were able to participate in RA fleets and they noticed us too, extending an offer of membership, which out corp accepted. My first large-fleet engagements were had at around spring 2006, just after a Red Moon Rising patch hit the servers, introducing new capital ships, Carriers, Motherships (Supercarriers back in the days) and Titans. While we did not see titans for at least a few months after the patch, Carriers became a common sight in alliance ops quite soon.

Afterwards RA decided to move north, to around Deklein region (I still have assets around VFK-IV) we moved alongside with them. Got involved in the BOB's MAXX campaign, on the receiving end, had many good (and not-so-good) fights with them, but eventually they (BOB) drew us out. RA collapsed, many corps left, we also left, joined a new local alliance and participated in local activities. When that and the following alliance collapsed in a matter of few months we lived nearby in Venal region without having allegiance to any of the major alliances until we got forcefully evicted from there. The corp splintered into two, having most of the PVP-oriented people leaving for greener pastures and CEO resigning due to real life issues. I decided to go my own way from there.

Started my own corp in the end of 2006, primarily as a mission/industrial corp that (continuing the tradition of my old corp) recruited mostly on a nationality basis, for ease of acclimation and communication. After a while we grew up in numbers and become one of the most prominent corporations based on our language group. Moved out to a low-sec missioning hub and joined forces with a small russian-speaking alliance already living there, continuing the missioning/industrial activity but with increasing PvP focus as we needed to defend our home system from occassional pirate incursion, though our own policies around haven't been much different. We operated on NBSI policy, giving only two options to our opponents: join us (or at least become blue) or die.

After a while the core PVP contingent of the corp decided to split off and try their luck in nullsec again, by joining the Against ALL Authorities alliance, basing around Stain. I transferred rule of the corporation to one of the industrial-minded directors and went off to nullsec alongside with other corp members. The split was very amicable and we all continued to hang around in unified chat and even had positive standings set from alliance towards our corp, to recognize their friendly status, even though our paths rarely intersected due to being in different parts of the EVEverse.

Eventually my growing distaste for nullsec warfare which always revolved around CTAs and blobs, and the trend was only increasing, I returned back to my old corporation. After a while (late 2009 -- early 2010) we have met a group of highly skilled low-sec PVP players, known as Rooks and Kings, who were operating in the same region from a constellation nearby. It still beats me how we managed that feat, but after more than a few skirmishes our alliances realized it would be of mutual benefit if we became friendly, and this is how my history as a RnK pilot started...

I eventually handed over reigns of my old corporation to a good friend and became a part of Rooks and Kings alliance and participating in many of the feats they are renowned for. I am immensely grateful to them and my old low-sec Russian alliance for the fun and comaraderie they provided. Those were by far the best days of my EVE life.

Finally, at around early 2012 I found myself tired of all things EVE and went dormant. This character was created at around that time as my blank slate, as all of my other characters went dormant and eventually got sold or unsubscribed. Joined a friendly group of (mostly) indy players that operated in the same area. The old corporation I have created kicked around for a few years until most of the players went on with their lives and the corp slowly faded away. Now I have only one account and mostly station spin and live off the wealth I've accumulated over the years :)

Welp, that's all of my story so far. Thanks for reading!
XRacKS Van-H-heim
Caldari State
#112 - 2014-11-28 09:24:23 UTC
Srsly guys:

Just started a few days ago and I´ve learned alrdy much from ur stories! Please tell me (us) more :)
Vaerah Vahrokha
Vahrokh Consulting
#113 - 2014-12-06 12:14:46 UTC
I am not the eldest in EvE - my first character is 2008, but my story is so borderline absurd... because EvE changed my real life and vice versa. No other game did this.

I love competition and challenge. I left other MMOs (I play MMOs since before 2000) because they'd become too easy or I'd completed them. In example, I have just quit Elder Scrolls Online because I have cleared everything and now it's just a bore.

in 2008 I joined a PvP MMO that sadly failed to live up with expectations. I was eager to PvP and to do something... harder... different. Something I could finally say: "this is HARD". Googling around with these criteria, it was inevitable I'd find EvE.

So I created my first character. To make it harder, I picked the worst and weakest race of the time: Minmatar. Everybody else infact were rolling Caldari, a sort of "sons of the gods" race getting all sorts of advantages on multiple fields.

I spent the first days joined to the Rookie Chat. Oh, the horror stories you read over there! Lol
Ebil pivates, scammers, thieves, scandals. This definitely made me want to know more of this strange game: so awesome yet so half unknown, yet still growing in player base after several years.

As the ISDs (volounteering players who help newbies) suggested, I needed to make money (ISK) and to do that they suggested starting with mining Shocked. I read some guides around, they suggested to buy an Osprey (at the time a good mining cruiser) and then up and up to the Real Thing, aptly named: "Hulk". At the time there were no really useful tutorials, we had to buy expensive "training books" that would allow us to... train the other skills. Skills had no queue. People were using all sorts of tricks to plan them so that skills would finish training during the day, but that was not always possible. So the most hard core guys had to set alarm clocks at 3 - 4 - 5am and wake up to inject the next skill or rank of same skill.

I slowly gathered up enough ISK to purchase an hauler. For days I'd slowly mine and fill it with Tritanium - at the time it was worth 2 ISK per unit... and then I'd pilot it to the highest selling station. Usually in Minmatar space (the one with the fewest "high sec" routes) that meant going low sec and sell there.
At the time there was no "You are to enter low sec" warnings, so I happily went 17 jumps in hi sec then 2 in low sec and then sell my Tritanium in there P
One day, however, I met a guy at the hi sec to low sec gate and he blew my hauler Cry
In NO OTHER GAME EVER I felt so strong agitation like in EvE, I was shaking when I died!
That make me realize EvE is different. And things matter, oh they do.

To add insult to injury, I decided to spend the afternoon doing something different: my first PvE mission!
I loaded up a Rifter (skill being so low I could not fit half of it!), went to the NPC "Agent". He gave me a simple mission: "go fetch me a pack of cigarettes". I did not even know it was odd the mission objective was a station 23 (twentythree) jumps away. Nor I vaguely smelled risk: the pick up station was like 7 jumps in low sec. Finally, I had no idea that one of the systems on the route called: "Rancer" would be any way different than others.
Guess what happened the instant I entered one of the most dangerous systems in EvE: I got insta-melted by an army of pirates.
Now poor like a dog and scorned, I got back to my mining ship. Slowly made up ISK to buy another hauler.
Back at the time, mining ships had very tiny cargo hold, you had to dig a bit, eject the cargo in space, take it up with your hauler. Back at the time, one of the preferrect griefers hobbies was to "can flip". They'd steal your mineral hoping you'd attack them (you'd get "flagged") or they quickly stolen minerals, ejected them in another can replacing yours. At this point you'd take up the stuff without knowing it changed ownership and you became PvP flagged.
Of course I had to learn the above concept and... guess what, I learned it exactly in that day. I picked up my usual "can" with my hauler and... 10 seconds later a guy in a frigate appeared and killed my hauler. Another loss!
But hey, I was not easy to put down. I docked up and prepped my shiny new PvP combat Rifter! I'd bring swift justice on that felon!
So off I went, I got back to the mining belt to punish the guy and... TA-DA! More ships popped up and they were cruisers and... one of them (the same guy) slaughtered me. Since in my previous PvP games, opponents always acted "honorably" and this guy instead insisted on bringing in massive forces against a total rookie, I got really, really annoyed and started unloading some abuse on him on the local chat. Of course he was all happy and taunting and mocking me.

I received my first incoming "tell". A 2005 or so guy told me to not despair and to return mining once the PvP timer reset and... just to mine and watch.

So I did. 30 minutes later the griefer was still killing newbies. He can flipped another hauler guy. He went to shoot at him on his frigate... and this time... the hauler did not die. He went off, switched to his compliment of cruiser and other stuff. He landed... and found waiting for him an ARMY who butchered him and then wardecced his corp (no, I don't recall if they suicided gank his other buddies or whatever, it was just a lot of explosions!).
It was the 2005 guy who brought swift justice along with his corp mates! 5 minutes later he invited me to his corp.

He teached me soooo much. Gave me fitted ships up to including T2 fitted Hurricanes and other stuff I could not even use.
I spent such and AWESOME time with them, we'd do operations together every days. He properly introduced me to low and null sec where he had a Rorqual and other things. We became friends, so much that when, one day, he had to take some months off EvE he made me CEO of his 35-ish people corp.

(to be continued)
Vaerah Vahrokha
Vahrokh Consulting
#114 - 2014-12-06 16:54:59 UTC
I was still so "young", it did not occur to me that I suddenly became the owner of two POSes, one of which copied Capital Parts, Engines (and so on) BPOs, each worth the unbearable amount of one billion ISK.
So I just made his corp go forward those months. When he returned back, I made him CEO. He told me he did not really expect that, because most would have just taken his 43 billions worth of assets and would have run with them.
43 billions? I shaked again. I could not even think I could grasp that whole amount (back those days, 1B meant "richness").

At the same time, on another character (PvP one) I joined a low sec / Factional Warfare and then null sec corp called "Dark Rising" and I had soo many good times and things with them. Including being in war against Caldari / Amarr and by mistake (I am not English and did not understand the Fleet Commander orders well) warping exactly in Amarr territory with a battlecruiser. I got lost, ended in the Amarr System itself and got chased by an horde of people and ... did not die! Corp mates and FC were laughing so hard and telling me how to blind navigate back to the "safety of Amamake" (check around how safe the low sec Amamake system is Twisted) where they waited for me.

More and more good times came through. However I kept having an issue: I was always, permanently, utterly POOR. I had 50 millions on my name, I took 4 months of mining to scrape them together. Buying ammo, ships, fittings prevented me to ever go above that amount. I could not afford buying a fitted battlecruiser. And you know, in EvE, the first law is: "don't undock with what you cannot afford to lose".

I talked with one of my corp officers about this. He told me: "check the forums. There's one, called Market Discussion (MD), where all sorts of rich guys hang around. Check that one out.

I was totally, utterly ignorant of the very meaning of words like "investment banks, stocks, bonds, IPOs" and whatever devilish jargon the guys over there kept talking about.

I asked them soooo many stupid questions but some of them helped me learn. Slowly I learned the basics. One day I stumbled upon a website featuring a proper corporation: balance sheets, stocks, bonds, charters... you name it. Imagine my surprise when I learned it was a "fictional EvE corporation"!
I got impressed, I wanted my own "finance" corporation and look like a serious EvE tychoon!

Yet, I still had that little issue: 50M on my name. I decided to try what at the time was the shiz: station trading. I found it to be complicated, time intensive and boring. The phenomenon called "0.01 ISKing" was already there.
I looked for an EvE trading guide. Most were bad or outdated but one attracted me for it's ease of use and convenience: Enlarge your wallet!.
Thanks to it I started understanding what moves the markets, concepts like daily traded volume and others finally became clear.
In one month, my 50M became 1.2B.
At the same time, I became curious about is considered the true EvE Online "end game": the so called "meta gaming". That is, a lot of purely human created "content". Meta gaming is what sets EvE apart from any other game.
As I recently stated on my EvE Online blog, EvE Online is superior and different, leagues above to any possible other online experience.
I was so eager to enter the "meta-game". As such, I looked at which "meta-profession" did one of my favourite posters called Shar Tegral and started learning it. The meta-profession was called "Auditor", that is a guy who checks somebody's claims when they want to be trusted with loaned money.
In example, a guy wants to start producing Tech 2 cannons because he found out (usually right before expansions) they'll soon be the featured weapon of the month. He needs a lot of money and timing is of the essence. But EvE is the MMO where scamming is not punished. So The guy hires an "universally trusted" Auditor to check his accounts, his wallets, his business plan, to check if the POS he claims to have actually exists, if his characters can actually manufacture Tech 2 cannons and so on.

Needless to say, becoming "universally trusted Auditor" is not exactly easy, in a game where everything has to be based on trust, yet there's no way to punish who didn't deserve trust. But hey, I wanted challenge, didn't write that? So I faced huge obstacles and accusations (the first times investors told: "you are a scammer alt!"). But in the end I won this battle.
Tightly tied to Auditor is another much "elite niche" meta-profession: be a so called "third party service", that is the guy who holds collateral on behalf of two parties and makes sure both get their deals correctly done as per agreement before releasing such collateral. I have actually added a beginner player EvE Online Portal, so if you'd like to learn more about these "strange" terms like "third party service", you may check them out there.

Time passed. I kept having plenty of fun with all these things I listed in my walls of text. But you know, I can't ever be happy.

I started thinking: "hey, I really love all this finance stuff. Why couldn't I just copy and paste my EvE fun in real life?"

Sounds crazy, doesn't it?
Vaerah Vahrokha
Vahrokh Consulting
#115 - 2014-12-06 17:26:26 UTC
I started studying trading and finance for "real": in real trading websites and so on. Besides a short experience with futures, I started learning about Forex. I got expecially "piqued" by concepts explained by a certain "price action" theory.
One day I stumbled upon a thread where a guy teached exactly those concepts, in a way even a goat could understand.
I expecially loved his way of working, because he preferred a "relaxed", almost "lazy" approach to trading. In EvE I had to endure all that 0.01 ISKing by doing station trading. Maybe I could adapt my EvE trading to what that guy teached?

Once learned his stuff, I actually found out an old EvE trading tutorial that catered exactly to the likes of me! It's called: The Slow Sell System for Lazy Marketeers

Having learned so much both from EvE Market Discussion's forum posters and that guy, I wanted to share my new found knowledge with everybody. So I created a thread about this odd experiment (copying EvE trading into real life and vice versa).

In the beginning I didn't get exactly a warm reaction. After all this is impossible, isn't it?
But I did not give up. I found a way to import the EvE Online market data into a real life trading platform. EvE market charts now looked as good and professional as real markets! That helped me immensely, because I could apply the concepts I learned in RL inside EvE and also use EvE "fake money" (ISK) to test my theories I did not dare to risk real money on.
My research went posted into another, sequel thread.

Not only the experiment was going well. I actually made ISK and real life cash with it!
I could finally start playing with "major league" players. I could start what I consider my best contribution to EvE Online: a charity. A charity in YOUR cold, harsh EvE. Take that! Twisted. Knowing I have been actually useful to real people in need of help fills me of joy. All of this while playing and having fun in my favourite game!

Beside that, my trading allowed me to fill my blog with charts P about my favourite markets: the gigantic minerals and ices markets. After a while I wanted to put my theories into practice.
I created a 100 billion mutual fund.
Players of the cold, harsh, scammy EvE would have had to trust me not to rob their money AND to make them money by using a trading method nobody else used (nor truly appreciated).
The incredible happened: the "you are so new, you have to be a scammer alt" guy actually got given 100 billions AND made them a big profit in few days.

At the same time, real life was not going very well: my country fell to the crysis and many lost their job, me included.
My country has no social means to help the jobless, after a couple of months they are out of luck, usually lose all and end up living under a bridge or something.

I took courage and... traded. Stuff learned thanks to EvE ended up feeding me in real life. You can't know how much this struck me.

Years passed and one day, on a real life finance forum I got contacted by a guy who looked for people with a software development background to go help him on an island (Canary islands).
So here I went: to live on a tropical island, getting money both from him and from trading I learned in EvE Online.

Not long after, I sort of got showcased on Fanfest for the second time: the first because of the charity, the second time the CCP Chief Economist would show EvE markets charts with a peculiarity: they were different than any charts he ever shown. They were basically a copy of my "real life looking" EvE markets charts, calculated with the same algorythm I used.

That day I realized I was happy. Happy with EvE, happy in real life. I felt I "won" both of the hardest games of my life. P
Brujo Loco
Brujeria Teologica
#116 - 2014-12-07 21:19:51 UTC
Hmmm ...

I started playing waaay back in 2005, currently at "Current Skills: 335 (Skill Points: 186,349,497)"

I remember a long time real friend of mine somehow discovered this game, started a trial account and called me within the first 15 minutes of playing on the phone: "Brujo! You have to play this game! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO BUT ... WOW SPACESHIPS"

So I promptly proceeded to go to his house and get the the client burned in a CD and went back to mine (no easier way to share 600megs of client back in the day for us) . Installed and then called him back

Me:"What did you learn in these past hours?"
Bro: "I dunno, I´m still floating and traveling around LOL!"
Me: "Wut? lel"

The next few days I began to try to UNDERSTAND what to do ... was super frustrating, I talked to an agent and he told me to go kill stuff, in route I got lost, saw some red crosses near a gate and I cried because someone was about to destroy me ....

A couple more days in I began doing level 1 missions in earnest, my best fit was a super "logical" dual combo of Shield booster + plus armor repper with some "batteries" I found around. My first fights were always close encounters , and I couldn´t understand why! Then a "pirate" dropped a drone and started investing into learning how to use them.

A few more weeks in, I was already a mission runner (very proud one! was doing L2s! already!) When my bro tells me he found a nice national corp of fellow venezuelans. They lived in the spooky places where people killed you! and were members of something an "alliance".

So the first thing they tell me to do is go to a border sector and get a copy of their jump points. So I learned their jump points, which were bookmarks to warp to 0 between gates back in the day, and the rage! everybody serious had a set of these bookmarks! So I make the trip (sweating profusely, because in the deep south there lived monsters and players that could hack into your computer and make you blow up just by looking at you, some even ... CLOAKED!!!

A couple more weeks in I start to learn how to "bug" out asteroid fields ... (dont ask, it was an exploit back in the day) but EVERYBODY DID IT!!!! So people could mine in peace in the desolate places of the South.

After a while, the quiet life in the South with the odd skirmish, patrol and many other things led me to experience the game with alts. I entered an awesome Alliance, parked this main for a bit and we built stuff, we created a paradise and it was lost.

I spent hours in gatecamps just talking on comms waiting on one side of the jumpgate as our scouts alerted us of an incoming roamer .... As soon as the guys warped into our side, everybody fired on him and a big "HUURRRRAYYYYYYYYYY" went wild across comms as the silly roamer/spy/noob bursted into NOTHINGNESS ... People squealed in joy and congratulated each other ... some days nothing happened and people just talked about movies, the smell of their feet, how one guy was saying lies about "us" , how that guy´s fit was great against that, and more smell related topics regarding body parts ...

Then I grew tired, moved around after everything collapsed and went to do L4´s in low sec. Back in the day it was super super hard for anyone to find you inside a pocket.

My bro was with me in Intaki space when he forgot to read the patch notes. As soon as he started to warp into the L4 and deploy drones local filled up. He didn´t have a chance (I was there with him in the same system) . His bling mission running ship was lost. He was devastated and drank that night in the memory of his lost ships and all the memories.

He left the game shortly after that and I was again adrift. He hated Hi-Sec and Lo Sec was awful now for mission running, everybody could now pop into your pocket, Eve had changed. So I packed up, let my alts dwindle and decided to stick with this guy, my main.

I roamed Hi sec for ages. Tried a bit of FW, mission running, research, industry, and here I am still lost, wandering.

I should be super rich now, but I hardly play for money or amassing wealth. I´m technically poor these days but I enjoy the game now in a more philosophical way. I enjoy the community, I enjoy the issues it generates (drama) and enjoy the way the sandbox thrives.

I have many more stories, but this is a short version, the "clean" one Big smile

I haven't PVPed in ages! I mostly light PvE or invest into science/research markets and some industry/T2 building.

Most of my friends moved on and now I mostly hang out in OOPE, where I can chat about anything with other fellow capsuleers. It´s been an awesome ride, and will remain here until the server dies out. There´s always something to do here, a new market niche to explore, a new way of doing old things.

It´s amazing! Big smile This game has everything , but between you and me, what I love most is the community. Nowhere else , no other MMO has the player generated content this game has. From Real Life soap operas to borderline crime investigations, this has kept me entertained for years!!! There´s always people here willing to do something different, something so broken or twisted that someone else will feel it´s effect even years after the fact.

That is for me what has kept me glued here. Honestly the game behind is just a bonus for me these days Big smile

Inner Sayings of BrujoLoco:

Templar Dane
Amarrian Vengeance
Team Amarrica
#117 - 2014-12-10 10:36:48 UTC
My first few minutes in eve in '06....

I create a character that looks like garbage and has a high default charisma, fter navigating the crappy interface and talking to some old tutorial agent, I need to mine some regular ass veldspar for him.

I undock and then warp to a belt. I come out of warp near a megathron that is mining. I'm googly eyed looking at this huge ship. I put my velator's mining laser on an asteroid and after a minute I see how little I got from the this is gonna take forever.

But what's this? The megathron has a jetcan out....I approach it and have a look. HOLY ****, it's exactly what I need, veldspar. This kind soul obviously doesn't want this, he must have jettisoned it for noobs. So, I drag the contents to my cargohold and ignore any warning I may have got. WELL ****, I don't have enough room for all of it. I open up my cargohold/market/etc and am looking to see if maybe there's a way to make room.

Suddenly being shot at, move move move move move move, CONCORD all over overview, megathron explodes.

I warp out of that belt swearing I'll never go back, those damn npcs just killed that poor guy in the battleship helping out noobs...
Feyd Rautha Harkonnen
#118 - 2014-12-19 17:56:07 UTC
A sordid tale. Take from it what you will.

Billy TwoMirrors
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#119 - 2014-12-21 06:39:23 UTC
From my first month in Eve, the one thing that stands out in my mind was buying a small hauler, then spending days/weeks trading. I was so excited when I made my first one million isk I nearly fell of my chair.

Once you had made your first million isk, you became a somebody in Eve. Up until that point you were a rookie. That's how it was back then.
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#120 - 2015-01-08 07:12:23 UTC  |  Edited by: Chal0ner
I started as a miner/mission runner as "everyone else". It was back in 2008, just after Christmas after I've read about
Goons take down of BoB. I think it was. Then I thought, this sounds really cool. Or, maybe it was after looking at
MMORPG for a sci-fi game to try out and EVE was the only one that stood out and only then did Goons take down BoB. Or a combination of both. Either way, I started out as a miner/mission runner. After a nomadic life where I settled on a mission hub close to low sec. And fairly soon got a drone mission into Aunennen low sec (which unbeknowst to me was some kind of reloading system for a null sec alliance).

Anyway, I fitted my little Kestrel with light missiles, loaded with autos and a smart bomb in case the drones got to nasty - and promptly got my arse handed to me. After failing miserably I flew past the gate camp that had gathered on the high sec gate
in my pod - luckily from the "wrong" direction. After that I decided to avoid low sec missions for a while and moved camp again.

My next home system was Jita, which back then wasn't as crowded as now - back then it wasn't on it's own data node either.
So when Jita ground to a halt due to all the trade, surrounding systems also ground to a halt. What made me move to
another system was a few days into my experience when the Jita node crashed. For days Jita, and my ship in there was
unavailable. For smarter people not having the largest trade hub in game as home it wasn't a problem - just take your
trade somewhere else ... for me on the other hand ...

Anyway I set up shop in Poinen after that, sucker for punishment probably. Poinen was - back then - the main mission hub in the area. Complete with ninjas, war deccers and can flippers. I soon experienced all that. And grinded my way to my first Drake. Excitedly I grabbed it, moved all my gear from my Caracal and applied it to the Drake, unfortunately I didn't have isk to fill the missing slots but - hey! it was a battle cruiser. It had a tank. Surely it would survive my lowly mssions?

Then I was back at square one ... Looking at the wreck of my new ex-Drake hurt, a lot, then the grind started again. And I fit the next Drake properly (or at least more properly than an oversized Caracal).

My first high sec war was spent a day in station listening to our corp members discussing how to take these guys on, what they were in (expensive frightening T2 cruisers) and how to continue doing the thing we did (missions and mining). We decided to fight and I was so nervous I was shaking, risking a third of my entire fleet (or a third of my useful fleet) but I hoped that having people around me in more valueble ships they would be targeted first. Eventually we managed to hunt one of the war targets down to a station in Perimeter. After a him being camped in for a while he clone jumped to another station somewhere. Later on I think we used his corp to hunt to down war deccers that we didn't have a chance of fighting.

In March wormholes were released, and we heard of people already living in them by april. It wasn't supposed to be possible due to logistical problems. CCP were wrong ... We went to one of them, jumped in and my overview was a confused mess of read crosses everywhere (someone must have fleet warped us immediately) and later on the wallet was filled to new levels but we never did that again. A couple of corp down the road I actually did live in a C3 wormhole then a C5 wormhole where we were ransomed of our POS by a fleet of russian mercs with capitals. The only cap we had was a Rorqual ... The most people that were on at the same time to defend the POS was ... 5 ...

From then on I've lived in 0.0 but that is another story.