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EVE New Citizens Q&A

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"How did you Veterans start?"

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Ovv Topik
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#21 - 2014-03-24 17:03:02 UTC
Good idea for a thread! Two years in for me.

My journey has always been a 'Sociable Solo' play style, partly due to circumstance and partly by choice. Voice comms is a problem for me as my family are asleep when I'm on, but the main reason is after trying loads of fleets and small gangs, I've come to realize I'm more of your 'Jubal Early/Jango Fett' type. Just the mould I came out of. I think it's partially about immersion as well. If I'm chatting on comms, then it's 'Bob from Croydon' or 'Terry from Texas' I'm talking to, whereas in game IRC immerses you in New Eden to a much deeper level.

Spent My first year in New Eden seeing the sights, trying loads of different content:
Finished the tutorials and did the SoE arc.
Tried mining for about 2 minutes and had enough.
Worked my way up through the mission levels but was bored by the time I got to L3's.
Exploration lasted a bit longer, and I happened to scan down a Cytoserocin cloud in low sec and was amazed at how much it was worth. This led to an unexpected career change into Booster production, and I was soon sitting on a significant pile of isk.
That made me think it was a good time to try PvP, so I took the 'Tribes Shilling' in the Spring last year to try my hand at it, not expecting to like it - Just wanted to have done it.

Fleets were meh. Structure bashing worse. Small gang better. But then I got my first solo kill, and before my hands had stopped shaking I knew I'd found my game. Been racking up solo kills practically every night since and it aint getting old.

Progressed through a few corps who were happy to take me understanding my preference for solo PvP until I finally felt ready to fulfil my day one ambition of being good enough to apply to The Tuskers.

Us soloists often get wrongly labelled as not being a part of the sandbox. But there is a big difference between ppl who avoid contact with the community, and those who participate and interact in a solo context. My experience has taught me that solo players can be a valuable asset to any corp/group in loads of ways.

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Petrus Blackshell
#22 - 2014-03-24 21:30:55 UTC
ShahFluffers wrote:
Petrus Blackshell wrote:
butting heads with some faction warfare bigwigs like Late Night Alliance (hi, ShahFluffers),

We're "bigwigs?" Lol

At the time, you rolled around in gangs that were larger both in ships and numbers than ours, and threw around capital ships now and then (something we still do not do). You guys also had/have a good part in dictating the tone of the warzone. So, yes, bigwigs. P

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Kronenbourg Strasbourg
Amarr Empire
#23 - 2014-03-24 22:49:27 UTC
Awesome topic guys; thanks for taking the time and effort to share the stories. At least I know I'm not doing anything massively stupid (well, not all of the time anyway!).

Hopefully I can look back and share some thoughts in months and years to come Cool
Ralph King-Griffin
The Devil's Warrior Alliance
#24 - 2014-03-25 10:49:53 UTC
I wish this thread continued health, well into the future.
its good to see that everyone starts in eve in just a derpy fashion.
Arctic Light Inc.
Arctic Light
#25 - 2014-03-25 11:50:23 UTC  |  Edited by: Baneken
I ain't going to write a wall of text.

Anyway so I started long long time ago as gallnte, gallente, black ops by luckily guessing that per + will should be high because I wanted to be a perceptive character with an iron will. Roll

That's about how much I knew about EVE in 2007 and how much information you received from a character creation. Big smile

My brother wasn't as lucky his character had 20 cha + int for his sebiestor rebel trader + what ever role. Big smile

Anyway so I joined my friends somewhat carebearish corp and spent like first 3 months of travelling 30j between Gallente and Amarr when ever I wanted to do some lvl 4's in Dodixie, because I didn't want to waste time grinding for standings for amarr ... Question
At some pint in all this my first ever hype got lofty scammed ... Yes, I like learning the hard way from the warnings of my corp mates ... Bear

At some point this corp that I was in joined CVA which for me meant about as much as gibberish but I learned to live in null and lost my first Ratting domi on R3-K7K belt to some frigate because I figured he couldn't break the dual rep tank anyway.
Well being a winmatar he had ammo for resist holes on board and after about 2 minutes while I happily tanked him I suddenly died, lol.
At some point one of the directors heard of this faction warfare thing and I joined on his corp this went on for a while and then WOT came from around the corner and my CEO suddenly stated that he had had enough of EVE and kicked everyone not interested about WOT from the corp with a 2 weeks grace period.
So I made a new corp with my comrades at arms and at some point we joined an alliance in the provi blob in retaking providence campaign where we bombed the i-hubs/sov units/stations/what ever with stealth bombers first for ***** and giggles and later for real.

I lived in provi for while gathering isk, building stuff, doing all sorts of other carebear things and losing a ship or two for occasional pirate gangs and some times even winning.
At some point my corp got tired of provi and we changed to a PvP-alliance that lived in the great wildlands from there we moved with ev0ke and finally things went bust for ev0ke and in the end I now find myself in this WH alliance.
#26 - 2014-03-26 20:40:00 UTC
I started back in the "Here's a spaceship, **** you." days. Not really a Veteran as I play off and on.

Noob corp leader decided we were ready for npc space in Venal. We weren't. Leader left us to die in flames after a couple weeks.

After our resources dwindled away everyone else bailed. I ended up logging in just occasionally to die then took a break.

Did a lot of reading and decided to give it another shot. Still in Venal I made it my goal to fly back to high-sec. This was not an easy task at the time as all the bottlenecks were camped always. I learned how to avoid death after building up a pretty impressive bookmark collection (pre-warp to zero).

Down to my last ship (Rupture) I finally made it after weeks of lying, cheating, begging and running away. I still have that ship.

Hit and miss corps. Joined E-Uni which was pretty boring but I learned quite a bit.

Messed around with Incursions when they were fairly new. Made back all my lost isk.

Messed around in 0.0 corp which was good fun until a big war came through and due to some broken deals all my stuff was "confiscated".

Currently just messing around in high-sec missions until I find a new home and/or find time to play more than a couple hours at a time.
Iria Ahrens
Space Perverts and Forum Pirates
#27 - 2014-03-28 08:15:37 UTC  |  Edited by: Iria Ahrens
Relatively briefly,

Started in 2007 but have taken year long hiatus a few times, every time I return I spend a few moments annoyed with myself for not maintaining my subscription and working on skills.

In the beginning the interface really threw me off. Spent maybe 3 hours designing my character before logging in, because it kept timing out and losing all my effort! Made a Caldari because it was supposed to have the best EW and EW was what I did in the Navy.

Then getting shot and not knowing how to shoot back. I remember the tutorial telling me to load the Damage control unit, and not being able to find it. I flew out of the station, accidentally locked up one of the yellow wrecks instead of the enemy ship and shot it, and got concorded. There were a lot of yellow wrecks as I recall.

Started doing missions buying all the skillbooks I could afford, mixing in learning skills in what seemed like a good ratio. Then I find out EW had no effect on the rats, and since I was pure carebear at the time, and because the caldari ships were all ugly then, recreated like the noob I was. Looking at my account history, it look like I only lost 1 month's training. :( Spent even more time trying to figure out which race and bloodline to make because back then, they weren't cookie cutter, each one was a little different and some were considered best because they were worth more skillpoints. After all that research tossed all that effort aside and chose Khanid because I liked the way she looked. Well, at the time it was pretty good, so many avatars were gawful.

Came in as amarr and using my "superior" knowledge quickly progressed past level 1 missions to level 2. Bought an Omen as soon as I could fly it, raised medium turrets to 1 and fit a few beam turrets. Then I noticed that it had a 15m3 drone bay, so went and bought the drones skill and spent 5 minutes training it and put the single drone in my bay. Thinking I would be super awesome in a cruiser compared to a frigate, I decided to do another level 1 mission. "I should be so overpowered this will be wicked fun." I thought. I warped in and saw the 4 rats and attacked.

I never hit a single 1. I spent 30 minutes watching myself miss repeatedly before I remembered the drone. Kicking it out I told it to go do something useful, and the drone slowly whittled away the 4 ships. So a mission that normally takes less than a minute took me almost two hours. That finally prompted me to read the forums where I encountered strange phrases, "Bigger is not better." and "angular velocity" and "Amarr suck reroll caldari" ---Amarr really did suck pretty bad then, but pretty lazors! I also became a drone nut.

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Yarda Black
The Black Redemption
#28 - 2014-03-28 11:28:51 UTC
Got a Bantam through tutorial and went all pro by deploying containers. Expensive at the time, but there was less need to warp. Bantams fill up fast. I was already learning faster cos nobody was that smart. Containers were stolen. Got a nice "thank you" mail tho.

Got a Badger and afk mined. Dude offered to help and give me some ore. No need to be paranoid. Not everybody in EVE is mean you know? Grabbed the ore. Lost my first ship.

Did more stupid things and still fail at EVE every now and then, but that s how it started.
Ice Fire Warriors
#29 - 2014-03-29 19:24:28 UTC
Good stories so far. Let's keep it up.
RAZOR Alliance
#30 - 2014-03-29 20:13:33 UTC
ShahFluffers wrote:
Good stories so far. Let's keep it up.

I keep reporting this thread to friends and keep kicking them until they post their story.

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Solecist Project
#31 - 2014-03-29 20:28:33 UTC
I dropped missions before i reached lvl2, except distribution missions... hahaha.

i bought an iteron and started trucking stuff around ... and eventually to lowsec.

I once even had a job for the quafe Company, in lowsec, from one station to another.

The first time I sat at a lowsec gate, it was in my iteron. With crap to sell to npc buyorders.

After reading the message box ... i took a leak and decided to decide when my heart slows down again. hahahahaha. xD

It took me ten minutes including the leak. I jumped ...

... nothing happened.

hahahahahahaha. xD

But I died once at Autopilot in my iteron, when I thought it's safe enough to go pee. ^^

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Alaric Faelen
Goonswarm Federation
#32 - 2014-03-31 06:58:05 UTC
Started in 2011, knew no one that played, knew nothing about Eve except that WoW players hated it. I hated WoW players, so it sounded perfect for me.

I began with a regular subscription, no trials, I accepted Eve as a long term investment of time and sub money. BTW, never once have I used a PLEX to dodge giving CCP my fifteen bucks.

Mined for a week, joined a random invite care bear corp, ignored them and ran missions to train combat skills. That CEO took everything (not much, we were all newbs) and bailed. I used the excuse to leave high sec, join a pirate corp in Molden Heath, and shoot people in the face.
Actually, I refuse to play an MMO alone, and my pirate corp was out flying constantly. I learned more in a week there than in months of scratching around high sec care bearing. I started really having fun in Eve, and it became an obsession.

One year of piracy and I needed a change (and we lost our statics to stake out). I wanted to move up in PvP scale. Both in terms of the size of the ships I fly, but also the sheer size of the fleets involved. So I moved to sov null.

I just happened to move to the border between the HBC and CFC just as relations crumbled and TEST fail-cascaded, plunging the entire west of the map into war. Been at war pretty much ever since, in fact.

The advice I always give--- fleet up, play with other people. Even if it's care bearing, grinding missions (yes, they can be done for some reason other than maximum isk/ fun) or dying in a fire on a gate somewhere... Eve is made exponentially better by playing with other people.
Inxentas Ultramar
Wachters der Lage Landen
The Watchmen.
#33 - 2014-04-06 22:07:06 UTC  |  Edited by: Inxentas Ultramar
Started in 2011, first thing I did was a courier contract a friend of mine had set up for me. It was a little daunting as I had to scan for bubbles, look for the right station where I actually had docking rights, etc etc... but it was fun to be thrown for the wolves. My buddies were all in null / WH and their corps didn't have much use for a Rifter, so I set up a tax haven corp and started messing around. I think I left the game after half a year for a while, but the space drama seed was already sown, and I found myself resubbing after 3 months to look for a lowsec PVP corp. Been subbed ever since.

At some point things went awry in that corp so I decided to give my own a try. Looking back now I have to say, I'm proof myself you can start a corp as a relative newb a few months old and still succeed, although we have had our fair share of misery and grie... *ahem* challenges to overcome when initially setting out in lowsec. Lol Off course we died like flies and we also made the mistake of joining with an alliance that was already rusting beneath the hood.

Eventually we ended up hooking up with a local lowsec alliance. We basicly occupied a bunch of stationless systems and played there as if it was wspace with local. With this alliance we also occupied a wormhole at some point, but we never gave up our old assets untill the alliance leadership had to deal with some IRL stuff. We parted ways respectfully and inherited a bunch of assets. This time in Eve was very defining for our corporation and saw the first members attending fleets that were more organized then your average frig roam.

Eventually Titans dropped in fleets. Things were on fire. 48 hours later, our cosy little pirate den was pretty much wiped. We tried rebuilding one in a calmer corner of space, but a group of local outlaws decided to keep putting this in RF which caused certain alts to pop up in local... but only we knew these belonged to the group that had previously wiped our POCO's. We had a civil chat with said invaders and organized to have them kill their shiny fleet in exchange for a good price on some assets they obviously desired and reaped glorious outlaw tears in the process.

We continue to thrive in lowsec until this day. We're not the biggest, not the baddest, and definately not the wisest group around, but we've been active in this state for almost 2 consecutive years. Just scraping a buck, buying ammo to throw in peoples faces and having a laugh.
XS Tech
#34 - 2014-04-06 23:25:23 UTC
ShahFluffers wrote:
J'Poll wrote:
Thanks Shah, now I have to write up a full wall of text post and share all the horror stories about what I did in the last 3,5 years.

HTFU? Blink

Kids these days ... can't even link things properly ...

Will take a while to actually write out what got me into eve, so I'll be back.Bear

One of the bitter points of a good bittervet is the realisation that all those SP don't really do much, and that the newbie is having much more fun with what little he has. - Tippia

#35 - 2014-04-10 18:24:38 UTC
Excellent post for us newbs. Keep telling me more!
Mr Epeen
It's All About Me
#36 - 2014-04-10 20:04:47 UTC
Not much to tell for me.

The year was 2006 and I saw a link to this new space MMO on a Freelancer forum.

"Free trial?", I says to myself, "sign me up!".

Back then the tutorial consisted of 'this is space, go forth and do stuff'. So I did stuff.

Some of the stuff I did was fun and it got even better a few days into the trial when I discovered skill training lol. So I trained things. All things. If it was green I bought a skill book for it. I sure couldn't do any one thing well, but I could do most anything okay. After a year of that, I sold that guy and discovered my calling. Character trading. At that time, there was a thing called ghost training that enabled you to start a long skill and unsub while it trained. I made a lot of nice characters for little money and sold them for lots of ISK and got pretty space rich.

With my ISK worries out of the way, I could focus on just doing things that interested me and thanks to my first year of jack-of-all-trades play style, I had a pretty good idea of what things I wanted to do. So now I just do things I like with five permanent accts and a few more I play from time to time as I need their specific expertise for something.

Mr Epeen Cool
Center for Advanced Studies
Gallente Federation
#37 - 2014-04-16 04:33:55 UTC  |  Edited by: Bunyip
Alright, huge wall of text, but I've had a long and storied history in this game. Here we go:

I guess I should really begin at the beginning. I started Eve in January 2004, back in the infancy of Eve. I had been playing Diablo 2, which I thought was an MMO. When I went into a netcafe, I saw them playing Eve and CoH, and subbed to both.

My first character was a nightmare, as I boosted charisma mostly. I deleted him and made Bunyip at that time.

I remember most of the big milestones (but not the game's launch, unfortunately). I remember when the scanner was a hideous mark on the lower-right side of the screen. I remember when the first Battleships were introduced, and only the uber-rich could afford to fly one of these beasties.

It was during this time that I saw somebody with a Dominix, the famous space potato. Back then, it had an insane drone bay (I don't recall how big, but in the thousands of m3). I fell in love immediately, and became a drone addict. It would be a while until I could afford a Domi, but I kept at it....mostly.

As I learned scanning, I would sell people BMs to various exploration sites, and made decent money at it. I also learned that everybody who was anybody was mining Omber, and set up my HQ in a station in Gallente space to make it rich. I learned to fly the Covetor, the money ship for mining, and would be at the belts as soon as DT was finished to get some mining in before I headed to work.

Eventually, I had some ISK built up, but finances made it problematic to play this game. My girlfriend, who I was living with, became my wife, and I had to start supporting her. So began my great adventure with marriage.

After a few months away, I couldn't resist the Eve addiction any longer, so I resubbed and trained up an alt, Nicodei. She was a Minmatar, and I found out how much I loved the Rifter. She ran a low-sec newbie mining corp, back when low-sec was relatively safe due to the few players who actively played this game. As a Christian IRL, I founded it with those principles, and called it Alpha Manufacturing Enterprises [AMEN].

I had my first real taste of PvP during this time, and found myself on both sides of the gun (even though I'm a diabetic IRL and it caused my blood sugar levels to plummet). I also made friends that would continue to shape my enjoyment of this game.

After a few months in game, I had to leave due to the conception of my first daughter. I left my alt with a friend and sought out my future in the dark and scary thing we call Real Life. Eve was still in my blood, so much so that my eldest daughter's middle name was Nicodei.

Eventually, it was late 2007, and I resubbed to Eve. I found out that my friend had sold my old character off, and there was no way I was gonna get her back. This news shredded my heart, but I redoubled myself and made a new alt, Krazeek. I chose her because the new Vherokoir line had such beautiful avatars.

Also, during this time, I had heard about the CSM, and followed it closely. I decided to run for the 2nd term, and started up the propaganda train which got me elected (barely). My health was failing me during this time, but I attended every meeting I could, and CCP flew me out to Iceland twice (with disastrous results each time). However, I have a few notches on my belt from the CSM, though not something to talk about here.

My daughter was born during my term in the CSM, and that caused me to be distracted at many of the wrong occasions. On one, Krazeek was flying through high-sec in an Itty 5 (back when it was the king of the haulers), and set my system to autopilot while I tended to my daughter. I came back to see my pod slowboating through space. In the gank., I lost over 10b ISK due to T2 BPs I was carrying. It hurt, but I at least laughed at the fact that the only thing that dropped from my wreck was a 10nm AB.

I believe I represented myself as best as I could during this time, especially as I watched Pattern fall away and Ankeseptemah start to fall away. I learned a lot about the game, and am eternally grateful for CCP allowing me to serve in the capacity of CSM Delegate.

As the term neared it's 6 month end, I found out that my wife was pregnant again, and so stayed subbed a few more months until I had to leave. I sold Krazeek, and I'm happy she found a new home with somebody else.

My current alt was fashioned after my wife (names have been changed to protect, um, people). I'm training up a new alt, who will remain until self-sufficient. I'll then sell her off, as my wife has decided to leave me.

The next few years were pretty rocky, and not much of major import occured. I've gotten rich through missions and exploration, and seen others get rich due to my naivete in scams. Life in New Eden continues, and every new expansion increases the breadth and depth of this amazing game, or refines some clunky mechanics.

I mostly stick to high-sec (mostly due to the physical condition mentioned above) and play the markets or solo fly missions myself, with a little mining and manufacturing (what I call the 4Ms of PvE in Eve). I may leave occasionally, but I'll always be back later to go at it again.
Valleria Darkmoon
No Salvation
Top Belt for Fun
#38 - 2014-04-17 07:35:14 UTC  |  Edited by: Valleria Darkmoon
I started back in early 2008 in probably most typical fashion. Invited to play by a RL friend who had been playing for a few months already he showed me footage of Alliance Tournament 4 and I thought it looked fun so I hopped on board. Knowing nothing about anything I started out Caldari and started working on getting into that all encompassing noob ship of the day, a Drake. Played for about a week before my friend told me where he was flying so I could come join him for level 4 missions and more ISK than I could dream of. So I packed all my things into my Caracal and headed over only to have my journey cut short when my ship and all my things were hideously murdered by jumping into Rancer.

After being very angry over what just happened my friend told me how to set my autopilot to avoid low sec and I took the much longer route in the new unfit Caracal I bought with the insurance money. At the time I thought going back to Rancer to kill these guys was all I really wanted to do. But after a couple of level 4 missions and I was back on my feet and the anger died away as my killright timer ticked down to zero and I started to think about what I wanted to do. I have been a pvp player in every other game I ever played so with my friend and his group of in game corpmates we started doing semi-daily (2-3 week) forays into low sec for some pvp action. So off I set with my mighty 3 million SP in a Thorax to show the world who was boss. The first Dominix I ran into neuted me out so hard my damage control shut off and that ship returned to the dust it came from with startling quickness although my gang did kill the Domi and thus I was on my first a capsule. The tragedy of my first utter failure to pvp taught me much however and the next time I went out I got on 3 killmails and even brought my ship home.

The very next day I logged in and fell into a very old trap of fleeting up with someone at random from local who was at war and going to help them mission and by mission I mean warping to either a friend or alt of theirs who massively outclassed me and almost instantly blapped my ship again. Thus the lesson on scamming being acceptable in EVE was learned. This time I was less angry than the Rancer incident largely due to the fact my wallet was slightly fat for a noob but was still upset to say the least. The trips to low sec continued and soon I lost another ship when our 4 man gang engaged a pirate Maelstrom and were quickly killed by the rest of his gang jumping through the gate and this is where I learned the most important lesson I ever learned in EVE. I realized I did not attack that Maelstrom because of who he was, I attacked him because he was there and I thought I could win. Conversely it seemed impossible to me now that any of the ships I had lost were due to me being me, it was because I happened to be there and not that there was anything special about me or what I was doing. My entire outlook on the game and even life to some extent changed in that moment. All anger over losses past, present and future fell away as I finally "got" the mentality of EVE.

Shortly after my friend and I along with some of the people we met in game decided to go full pirate with our massive average SP around the 8 million mark. None of us were much into gate camping and we started to roam around Metropolis low sec for the next year or so building skills and learning to play from our triumphant victories and crushing defeats all the while taking on pretty much anything we could find in simply fit T1 cruisers. In fact to this day we still have some admirers when we're seen passing through Metropolis low sec who recognize our names from our old corp, No Salvation[NO SA]. We were admired by some for our roaming as opposed to gate camp kill farming and absolute balls out play in ships widely regarded as underpowered at the time and coming out so often on top despite having to deal with gate/station guns that would never be on our side.

We tried the massive blob, null sec wars thing briefly but we all had a taste for small gang warfare at this stage and the massive blob fests just didn't have the same appeal. Alliances wanting a long list of blues didn't sit well for us who wanted some pew on a nearly daily basis now and we returned to the low sec roaming we enjoyed for so long.

Like most people I took a break for a year or so and so did all of No Salvation but most of us kept our accounts active and still training. When we all returned we decided to try to take over a wormhole for the purposes of having a roam nearly every night in a different part of low sec. My biggest loss to date took place on that takeover where I lost an Armageddon Navy Issue when the Russian inhabitants of the wormhole we attacked got on the batphone. We did eventually gain control of the system though so at least the loss was not in vain. The logistics of living in a wormhole with only 7 people started to wear on us after a month or so and following the most epic fight No Salvation had ever won where we fought with 6 people vs. 15 and killed 12 of them for 1 loss the wormhole idea died and sadly it seem No Salvation did around the same time. People having less time to play now than when we had been in school meant it just wasn't the old days any more. Shadow Cartel is my new home now and I love it here as they still have much the same feel as the low sec roaming I've loved for years and only a couple old NO SA members still have time to play and they have joined up with the Cartel as well. I don't play as much as I used to but no other game can give me the same adrenaline rush I get from EVE and I doubt I will be able to leave that behind. As my SP tops 85 million there is just too many experiments for me to run in solo/small gang pvp to completely stop playing now. Time to make myself a pvp video as soon as I learn to edit my footage better.

TL;DR: long story is long.

Reality has an almost infinite capacity to resist oversimplification.

Bastion Baruta
Amarr Empire
#39 - 2014-04-17 14:46:28 UTC
Reading this has given me hope for the future. I just started playing for the first time last night, and I must say, once past the information cavalcade, i'm interested. Already upgraded my trial to a starter pack, and am enjoying the quests and tutorial (which keeps messing up but that's ok).

Already installed the app on my phone (Aura) and the desktop companion so I can slowly watch skill bars fill up, and am looking forwards to adventure out in the timeless reaches of digital space.

Died once already after I ignored my friend who is helping me learn the ropes, and jumped into some big high level battle where I got cremated.

Now I play a little more cautiously, and am slowly working through the tomes of information attached to this insanely expansive game.
Aivo Dresden
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#40 - 2014-04-17 14:49:23 UTC
Some of these stories are amazing. :D