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Matias Otero for CSM9

First post
KangZin Khan
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#81 - 2014-02-19 04:07:48 UTC
7o Woot Woot !!!! our fearless leader is so Brave
Lair Osen
#82 - 2014-02-19 04:13:09 UTC
Matias Otero wrote:

For example, the fact that most production happens in conditions where player interaction is limited is a brake on the content-generation engine, and I want to set it free.

Well the fact is most player interaction in this game is shooting each other, and it rather difficult to profitably produce things when your materials and products keep getting blown up.

But aside from that, you have my vote.
Silas Ehlonite
Goonswarm Federation
#83 - 2014-02-19 04:17:51 UTC
You have my vote sir!


Templar Lieutenant Silas Ehlonite

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Fwaming Dwagons
Entropic Thunder
#84 - 2014-02-19 04:30:17 UTC
Big smile
Charlie Oksaras
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#85 - 2014-02-19 04:32:58 UTC
yus all hail glorious leader! CoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCoolCool
Loroseco Kross
Hard Knocks Inc.
Hard Knocks Citizens
#86 - 2014-02-19 04:58:54 UTC
I approve of this product and/or service. Your vision and inspiration is exactly what the CSM needs, Matias.

I'm an acquired taste.

Legalized Sin
#87 - 2014-02-19 05:02:54 UTC
A few questions: What are you views on Eve's ship insurance program? Do you think it is too similar to Obamacare, pushing up the price of minerals and ships while filling internet space with newbs and insurance scammers? If eve is a sandbox, do you think it should have more sand or less sand?
Tawr Crabrat
Tribal Liberation Force
Minmatar Republic
#88 - 2014-02-19 06:16:19 UTC
Hershey Swander
Brave Newbies Inc.
Brave Collective
#89 - 2014-02-19 06:16:20 UTC
I've been with BRAVE for a year now, and I can wholeheartedly say that Matias would be an invaluable asset to the CSM9 team.

7o Eternal President. Thank you for everything.
Aeson Haklar
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#90 - 2014-02-19 07:07:33 UTC
Considering how far you've come in such a short time, I think you will do an excellent job as CSM9.
Clearly Knott
#91 - 2014-02-19 07:41:38 UTC

There's a fine line between a post and a signature.

Jasper Mangeiri
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#92 - 2014-02-19 07:42:02 UTC
Be brave! Vote Otero!

Gerold Cadelanne
Horde Vanguard.
Pandemic Horde
#93 - 2014-02-19 08:46:39 UTC
Matias for CSM 7o
Majik Muad'al
GOOD Galactic
#94 - 2014-02-19 08:49:41 UTC
I've joined and quit Eve 3 times. My Eternal President has made this game fun for me finally and he has my support for CSM9!
Fredbert Arnst
Brave Newbies Inc.
Brave Collective
#95 - 2014-02-19 09:18:39 UTC
Matias for CSM!

Caldari State
#96 - 2014-02-19 09:35:57 UTC
Matias for CSM!
Jake Devlin
Angry Alpaca Association
#97 - 2014-02-19 09:37:01 UTC
7o, Brace Collective are great content creators and there founder is just the sort of man that the CSM needs.
Max Hag
Imperial Shipment
Amarr Empire
#98 - 2014-02-19 09:44:21 UTC
You have my vote!
Tek Dallocort
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#99 - 2014-02-19 09:47:41 UTC
Eternal President for CSM 7o
Anna niedostepny
Goonswarm Federation
#100 - 2014-02-19 09:49:16 UTC
7o! Also #100th post! I win