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Worlds Within a World - The EVE Universe Monument

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Prokonsul Piotrus
Prokonsular Republic
#461 - 2014-05-17 01:34:30 UTC
Attention, CCP and anybody who would like to make this monument (and EVE) better known. Also, legal geeks.

Do you realize that Iceland has problematic, pre-Internet freedom of panorama? This means that legally, if a photo of the monument is published on the Internet, however owns the copyright (CCP/artist(s) depending on their legal contract details) can sue the websites to receive renumeration. Now, I am not expecting they do, rather, the problem is that a tiny number of websites care about it enough not to accept such pictures from Iceland (and other similarly affected countries). Now, you may ask - who cares about those few paranoid/lawful websites? Well, one of them is Wikipedia. You know, the site we all use every day, and whose article about EVE Online is viewed every day by about 1,000 people. Wikipedia, being a small NGO with donations-run budget has a policy of purging all images which could get it sued. What that means is that Wikipedia will never display a picture of the monument, UNLESS CCP (whose representatives are, I hope, reading this) can do a simple thing.

Wikipedia can accept such pictures is the copyright holder of the picture and of the art object in question agrees to use a free license, such as Creative Commons. So, CCP, if you truly want to world to be able to legally view the monument, and help spread info about EVE, please change the licensing of the monument (you could append its description at EVE Monument to reflect it). Then you could upload a picture to Wikipedia and add it to the article (see this page for some legal details). Or I can help. I have helped dozens of artists and organizations get pictures on Wikipedia that otherwise would be illegal for it to host (most recently I arranged for the this article to have a picture).

On that note, it would be nice to spice up the general EVE Online article at Wikipedia with few more screenshots to make it more appealing to those 1,000+ viewers each day... same procedure applies - you just have to relicence some of your promotional materials to CC-BY-SA and it's all good. If any CCP lawyer raises concerns, remind them that fans are reusing all mater of copyrighted content anyway and you are ok with it, so this would be just legally acknowledging that you like us to do so, and enabling better promotion of EVE stuff on sites like Wikipedia.

PM me or better, email me if you want to get in touch with me about that, CCP.
Prokonsul Piotrus
Prokonsular Republic
#462 - 2014-06-09 01:12:52 UTC
Hmmm, it appears that nobody really cares about promoting this monument much. Oh well, I though tit was cool.

At this point I am stopping monitoring this thread for updates (closing this tab). Anybody who wants me to notice any replies here, PM me or email me. Cheers,