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Faction items seeded on Sisi

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#81 - 2011-11-22 03:44:41 UTC
we test every aspect of balancing etc... and we need to have the same stuff to do a good test reallaist with real tq

and its really hard to do it ?

and more people that come test in beta ... we find somes bugs and we test somes ship too ... because its really good to test it too and find bug related to ship etc...

eatch time you do a backup ... people go buy all the contract ...

and sold it for a ton of money ..

its a test server ... we dont care if people try anything and test thing and having fun too ?

nothing more .... its just a simple thing to change a database amount * can be in a script when you replace the backup ...

and finish to run like a crazy for the contract and start the real test

if you say not because its a test server i dont understand ... we want to test all like in real game ...

you say no just because you want to have the op right ... but think to that ... its just a test server... and more we play test it and more we find bug .....

and i do a lot of testing in beta ... ship fit... missioning wormhole ...etc... more we test all and more the chance to find a bug is high

sorry for my english (its secondary)

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#82 - 2011-11-22 03:56:13 UTC
sorry but its a previlege to have people playing for free for nothing on the test server and maybe finding free of charge the bug

and without that paying member eve is nothing .... we work for free for this ...

make paying member feel cheap for a game that they pay its not the good pratice i feel

Archare wrote:
It's a test server. You are not paying for the usage of the test server. You *pay to play on TQ. Sisi is a privilege that CCP lets players use to assist them in finding or recreating bugs. It's not for testing fits. Yes you can use it as a tool to do so, but I can also use a plastic knife to hijack an airplane. If you really want faction ammo go run a mission or high sec incursion a few times and never spend the lp. Then you can buy your damn ammo on sisi whenever it mirrors. There's plenty of workarounds to procure ammo on the test server. As far as the pirate faction ships go, they should remove them from the seeding script instead of adding the missing ones. Twisted

*The term pay meaning to subscribe to game time on eve online whether through credit card subscriptions or plexing with isk earned in game.

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