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Eve technical progress

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The Conference Elite
#41 - 2014-01-23 19:22:00 UTC
CCP Prism X wrote:
Kateryna II wrote:
understand your desire to keep on working rather than reply on forums and stuff, but as someone else has pointed out general EVE population is kept in the dark most of the time on things down in the pipeline. It would be nice to get the road map visible for all things EVE.

I know, and I'm not really trying to be facetious even though I clearly have a burning need to try and be funny all the time. Thing is that I'm just a programmer in Team Gridlock, I can't give you any infromation outside of that as it's not mine to give. But I can be extremely vague about what I'm doing because that is my work (not being vague.. but the stuff I'm being vague about). And what I am doing is relevant to the original post (not so much the links to my previous dev blogs though), and that's all I can currently say.

Now back to lose more of my already precious Sanity. o7

That was... vague.

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