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[Rubicon 1.1] Capital Turret Tracking Changes in Conjunction with Heat Iteration

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Sofia Wolf
Ubuntu Inc.
The Fourth District
#61 - 2014-01-16 17:34:19 UTC
Seems like quite a reasonable change. People already complain about blaping dreads, and now with all new overheat boost to TC, RTC and TP something like this tracking nerf for caps is probably needed.

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Derpa Pedel
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#62 - 2014-01-16 17:36:42 UTC
Inb4 it was CCP Greyscale's idea...
Van De Helsing
Bloody Entertainment
Fanatic Legion.
#63 - 2014-01-16 17:47:55 UTC
CCP Fozzie wrote:
Hello again! This thread will cover the changes to the base tracking stats of all capital turrets alongside the expansion of heat to Tracking Computer modules.

I advise reading the Heat Iterations post before this one.

When expanding the ability to overheat to Tracking Computers, we investigated the effects that the change would have on different levels of turrets and the doctrines that use them. With the help of the CSM we have identified that the effects on Capital Turret tracking would be (slightly) negative so we're making a small tweak to them at the same time as the heat expansion.

In Rubicon 1.1 the tracking speed of all Capital Turrets will decrease by 5%.

This means tracking will be 5% down vs current TQ values when not overheating any TCs, about 2% down when overheating one T2 TC, and about 1.5% up when overheating two T2 TCs. Using higher meta TCs makes the crossover faster.

These changes will be on SISI very soon for you to try out for yourself, and as always we look forward to hearing your feedback.


CCP Fozzie, why all your rebalance lead to nerf, especially capital ships?

May be, it's time to boost capital ships? Now you are making them invalids.

Best regards,
Van De Helsing
Goonswarm Federation
#64 - 2014-01-16 17:49:34 UTC
Kregan Gadhar wrote:
How about adjusting the something to make the Phoenix a better dread or is it going to be the whipping child for the rest of Eve existence?

the phoenix needs so many things adjusted to not be garbage that it's less an adjustment and more a "reskinning a moros with the phoenix hull and tinkering with the bonuses a little for variety" style rework thats not really a point release thing

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Arthur Aihaken
#65 - 2014-01-16 17:53:22 UTC
iskflakes wrote:
Will my Erebus even be able to hit a carrier?

So did the Phoenix just get better?

I am currently away, traveling through time and will be returning last week.

Hatsumi Kobayashi
Caldari State
#66 - 2014-01-16 17:59:39 UTC
Abdul Secheh wrote:
- Carriers are OP, what should we do?

stop posting dys0n

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Vinyl 41
#67 - 2014-01-16 18:05:07 UTC
Arthur Aihaken wrote:
iskflakes wrote:
Will my Erebus even be able to hit a carrier?

So did the Phoenix just get better?

ahahaha nope but you cant say it got any worse - it nearly feels like a small buff to the phoenix
#68 - 2014-01-16 18:09:33 UTC
So if i overheat my TC my dread has better tracking and we are also going to be able over heat damage mods. Awsome.

My dread just got better

Findell Ronuken
Republic Military School
Minmatar Republic
#69 - 2014-01-16 18:11:15 UTC  |  Edited by: Findell Ronuken
I dont understand this change Dreads already have a hard enough time tracking supers and titans this will just make it harder making ships that are already overpowered even more so.
Quinn Corvez
Caldari State
#70 - 2014-01-16 18:13:07 UTC
This has just been posted to take some of the attention off the SOE battleship thread. Nice try CCP but I'm no falling for it!

Increase the tracking of capital turrets so that the perform exactly the way they do now with an un-overheated TC... Then go and help rise with that joke of a Nestor concept because I think he's having a breakdown somewhere.
Arkon Olacar
#71 - 2014-01-16 18:21:47 UTC
At times like this I wonder if Fozzie has even played Eve
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#72 - 2014-01-16 18:42:57 UTC
More capital Nerfs to go into the GOONS (CFC) Favour . How will this affect the balance of power in null sec. What is CCP opinion on the possibility of this giving goons the capacity to control all of nullsec
#73 - 2014-01-16 18:52:46 UTC  |  Edited by: ISD Ezwal
I downvote this topic.

*Snip* Please refrain from personal attacks. ISD Ezwal

If this is what you call "Rubicon" - I feel very anxious about seeing the other shore of this "river". I'm a big fan of EVE but with the last 1-2 expansions you made me worry about eve's future much more than before.
It looks like you've become unpredictable and unreasonable in your rush for new things, in your rush for changes just for the sake of changing, no matter what and how.

Fix the POS system, for the beginning.

OpenSUSE Leap 42.1, wine >1.9

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Collapsed Out
Pandemic Legion
#74 - 2014-01-16 18:55:04 UTC
it feels like the devs are even more detached from the game than I really thought. There's a problem with carriers, a problem with drone assist... and they nerf the tracking of dreads.

Seriously?! I just don't see the justification.
Le'Mon Tichim
Hedion University
Amarr Empire
#75 - 2014-01-16 19:02:18 UTC
Yeah, because nerfing the tracking is a great way to fix the fact that they're nothing more than glorified battering rams.

Can you hear them? They are calling to us. It is beautiful.

#76 - 2014-01-16 19:03:47 UTC
If - instead of the latest 2 expansions - they revamped pos system including roles, and gave some love to drones (hi to "game of drones" team) -- THAT would've been success. What they really did is a big fail compared to that lost potential.

OpenSUSE Leap 42.1, wine >1.9

Covert cyno in highsec:

FT Diomedes
The Graduates
#77 - 2014-01-16 19:06:13 UTC
Please explain yourself. This change makes no sense at all. Do you even play Eve? Have you ever used a dread or Titan?

CCP should add more NPC 0.0 space to open it up and liven things up: the Stepping Stones project.

Rall Mekin
#78 - 2014-01-16 19:16:47 UTC  |  Edited by: Rall Mekin
This nerf makes me want to stop buying the PLEX for dreadnoughts program I've run for my corp--I use my real life money to buy PLEX form CCP and the give dreadnoughts to people who need them.

I am a C5 wormholer, and while I will definitely adapt and change, its probably going to be a hit for revenue--and not just for me, but for YOU, CCP.

If you keep making Titan's and dreads useless, there will be less and less demand for them. If there is less demand, you will loose a large source of revenue, as I know there are people affluent enough in life to PLEX for caps and super caps. I COULD, but I have no desire for one...

They are already balanced and easily fall prey to a t3 swarm. I'd just say, don't put in overheating on tracking computers... I don't really care for it...
Money Makin Mitch
Paid in Full
#79 - 2014-01-16 19:18:41 UTC
FT Diomedes wrote:
Please explain yourself. This change makes no sense at all. Do you even play Eve? Have you ever used a dread or Titan?

You might overheat your tracking computer every once in a while, so the baseline stats need to be nerfed. Because the previous tracking nerfs weren't enough. Clearly, subcap-blapping dreads and titans are a problem Roll
Joran Jackson
The Red Circle Inc.
Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork
#80 - 2014-01-16 19:19:03 UTC
There has got to be a better way to balance overheating than this ham-fisted swipe at capital turrets.