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After Action Report: Retrieval of Ber Kan

Captain Hoax
Freedom and Profit
#1 - 2013-12-27 07:14:27 UTC
Before I begin, I would like to extend a personal thank-you to everyone who assisted in this operation with special thanks going out to Bai'xao Meiyi, Roland Cassidy, and Foley Jones. Your assistance was invaluable in this endeavor.

Operation Clockwork Dancer, a commando op put together to secure the pilot Ber Kan, was executed almost flawlessly in the afternoon of 24-12-115YC. Alaric Berkan Scandoveski was successfully extracted from the facility and is presently undergoing intensive treatment for injuries sustained during his capture. He is expected to return to active duty within several weeks once his doctors have authorized it as safe for him to re-clone.

The operation was put together when Psyker Drasnive Ulvo was able to back-trace what are now assumed to be ransom videos to the Archangel world designated J4UD-J II. It was here that intel discovered an old Matari trade encampment that had been forcible requisitioned into a testing facility and slave encampment. Clockwork Dancer was devised as a way to gain entrance to this facility as quickly as possible.

Primary Objectives were:
1. Provide orbital distraction, and support to both in space extraction, and orbital bombardments.
2. Destruction of two communications relays to disrupt coms between ground facility, and orbital station and forces.
3. Infiltration into the encampment and main facility Warehouse.
4. The extraction of Pilot Ber Kan.

Secondary Objectives included the capture of personnel, gathering of intel and securing classified documents. This went better than expected and multiple persons of interest from Serpentus and Cartel were secured, some of whom claim to be researcher. These people are being questioned and processed at this time.
Intel is still going over the documents gathered and report that it will take time to decrypt, mostly due to the volume of information recovered.

An on the call priority was made by Agent Mae Midkiff for the same extraction of multiple Amarrian and Matari slaves. These people will need a home and/or a charity to take them in.

To maximize the odds of success the op was divided into 3 sub-ops
* The assault on the main warehouse
* The assault on the ground relay
* The assault on the orbital relay

Bai and Foley took charge against the main warehouse with support from operative Mae Midkiff, Mr Cassidy organised the fleet op against the orbital relay and the ground relay was left to myself in an MTAC. With our objectives in mind we began the op with the fleet beginning their assault while we made insertion via shuttle. As we cleared atmo our shuttle was targeted by ground based SAM sites forcing us to take evasive action. Although Roland did have a trick up his sleeve in the form of orbital over-watch from a Widow, the shuttle did sustain minor damage. With the primary objective in question, Bai and Foley made the call to perform a low altitude drop from the shuttle to proceed on foot to the warehouse. The rest of us stayed on board the shuttle, making a hard landing roughly 2km out from the primary and secondary objectives.
Meanwhile the orbital task force succeeded in destroying the relay as well as occupying the attention of the angels small homeland defense fleet. This gave the Widow free reign over the AO, and helped clear the way of hostile armor for Foley and Bai. Oddly enough the ground based relay was almost entirely undefended, with only a handful of inactive automated sentry guns keeping watch.

With the objectives secure infiltration by Psyker, Roland and myself was to commence. Plans changed however when Mr Cassidy was called away on urgent business and had to be extracted by allied forces. Around this time an enemy MTAC emerged and was shortly destroyed via a Mjolnir cruise missile, courtesy of Rolands widow. This provided enough of a distraction for the rest of us to enter the main facility. Miss Meiyi was able to secure multiple prisoners as she and Foley pushed into the compound however I am afraid my data becomes somewhat spotty at this point. My last sensor readings indicate Miss Meiyi was engaged with a person of interest when she dropped off IFF.
As Foley and myself pushed into the facility we encountered moderate resistance as well as several research personnel. We eventually found Ber Kan chained up and in a critical, yet stable condition. Once extracted we turned command and control over to Guristas personnel who assisted in the evac of remaining prisoners and slaves before orbital bombardment removed the accursed place for good.

While we were able to retrieve Ber Kan from his captors it was not before they were able to… significantly injure him. It may take some time to heal his wounds. There are signs that his implants have been tampered with and his spinal sockets have been deliberately sabotaged. Naturally after enduring such torment for almost a week now Ber Kan will be undergoing psychological evaluation and therapy. I will include a doctors report for the morbidly curious, the short version is his captors seemed intent on taking him apart quite literally peice by peice.
Captain Hoax
Freedom and Profit
#2 - 2013-12-27 07:14:42 UTC  |  Edited by: Captain Hoax
++Subject: Ber Kan++
Both hands severed.
Left ear shows signs of having been cut off.
Right ear shows signs of tearing.
Multiple cut's along the left side of his face.
Scorch mark along the right side of his face in the shape of a Dagger.
Broken nose. +Note: shows signs of being set, then re-broken+
Torn upper and lower lip.
Several teeth forcefully removed.
Broken right eye socket.
Left eye brow fractured.
Multiple cuts along spinal column.
Capsuleer socket's broken, cut, and sabotaged.
Base plate around base of skull missing; appears to have been cut out.
Multiple tattoo's have been defaced and burnt with soldering iron.
Right upper to lower thigh, long soldering burn.
Multiple lacerations and stab wounds by what appears to be a scalpel.
Lower left leg has extensive scorch mark.
Gunshot wound right upper shoulder.
Toes have been forcibly cut off with wire cutters.
"ENJOY THE SHOW' has been scorched onto his chest with a soldering iron.
Multiple broken ribs.
Both arms have been broken.
Hip bone has been broken in at least 3 places.
Shattered right knee cap.
Left knee cap surgically removed.
Revenent Defence Corperation
#3 - 2013-12-27 08:11:29 UTC
A rather unfortunate series of events for Mr. Kan, yes. I suppose this is a lesson as to the fragility of the capsuleer outside the capsule.

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Jandice Ymladris
Aurora Arcology
#4 - 2013-12-27 10:41:16 UTC
I would advise an extensive & detailed investigation on his implants, to correct any tampering, in order to prepare him for a clone-jump.
In the meantime, lets not forget his actual wounds, but aim to stabilize it & reduce pain as much as possible, with the goal being to make his mind ready for clonejump, as this current clone of him is severely injured.

Reading the report, he seems to be at a medical facility now. I do have a medical & psychological treatment report that can be of great assistance of their medical staff to treat Mr Ber Kan, as we have been faced by a similar event, but this person was a non-capsuleer. Hence the reports could be of great value to them.

On the extracted civilians that were enslaved by these pirates, the Aurora Arcology would be pleased to welcome these rescuees. Our project sees into a month orientation period (in this case it will probably be extended, as pirate slavery can be a very traumatic experience). During this period, they get the assistance required, medical & psychological guidance. Later on, they will be guided so they can re-integrate back into society.

Providing a new home for refugees in the Aurora Arcology

Che Biko
Alexylva Paradox
#5 - 2013-12-27 15:01:33 UTC
Thanks for posting this, and thanks to all who assisted in freeing Ber Kan.

If possible, I'd like to visit him.
Ston Momaki
Disciples of Ston
#6 - 2013-12-27 15:25:13 UTC
Peace be upon those who risked their own lives to rescue this one life. May you and your brave crews be commended.
The torture that he endured is sad beyond words. This inhumanity is like a crushing weight on our collective conscience. We hope he will recover fully from all levels of trauma he has endured. Even after he is re-cloned, he will most assuredly need treatment for PTSD and all its accompanying emotional and physical symptoms.

The Disciples of Ston bid you peace

Naraish Adarn
Alexylva Paradox
#7 - 2013-12-27 16:50:38 UTC
based on injuries that kind of torture was personal more than anything not information gathering. if i had to guess someone Ber kan pissed off decided to pay their respects to what was left of him and they were in a rush to do it. otherwise you'd see something more advanced methods ie similar to what amarrians and caldari intelligence operatives use for torture when they want to set an example and prolong the suffering
Streya Jormagdnir
Alexylva Paradox
#8 - 2013-12-27 22:50:43 UTC
This is why staying in the capsule is a good idea. Hopefully Pilot Kan recovers quickly, though if his capsule jacks can be repaired a clone transfer would be optimal.

I am also a human, straggling between the present world... and our future. I am a regulator, a coordinator, one who is meant to guide the way.

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James Syagrius
Chatelain Auxiliary Response
Intaki-Business Logistics Union
#9 - 2013-12-28 08:31:20 UTC  |  Edited by: James Syagrius
Naraish Adarn wrote:
based on injuries that kind of torture was personal more than anything not information gathering. if i had to guess someone Ber kan pissed off decided to pay their respects to what was left of him and they were in a rush to do it. otherwise you'd see something more advanced methods ie similar to what amarrians and caldari intelligence operatives use for torture when they want to set an example and prolong the suffering

Mr. Adran may well be correct.

Being somewhat acquainted with how the Cartel operates, Mr. Scandoveski's "treatment" by his captors appears more personal than organizational.

Keeping in mind that "Angels are never far", I would humbly suggest considerable caution as well as vigilance.