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EVE New Citizens Q&A

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Official New Player FAQ

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#1 - 2013-12-25 17:18:12 UTC  |  Edited by: ISD Etetia

CCP released an updated New Pilot FAQ

German version

All new Citizens and old will find it helpful.

If i dont know something about EVE. I check

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NightCrawler 85
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#2 - 2013-12-25 17:34:05 UTC
From what i saw this is actually pretty good!
Of course a lot could be expanded on, but for someone that is looking for the basic ideas that they can then expand on by doing research elsewhere this is recommended Smile
RAZOR Alliance
#3 - 2013-12-25 23:18:18 UTC
Good FAQ sheet.

I approve the request to get it on the stickied "New Citizens Q&A Resources" thread.

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Cara Forelli
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#4 - 2013-12-26 00:11:32 UTC
J'Poll wrote:
Good FAQ sheet.

I approve the request to get it on the stickied "New Citizens Q&A Resources" thread.

Doctor tested, J'Poll approved.

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#5 - 2013-12-27 00:25:48 UTC

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Viktor Roesch
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#6 - 2013-12-27 11:04:59 UTC
"read that first and when you,inevitably, have more question ask away"

Looks awesome.

Petrus Blackshell
#7 - 2013-12-27 19:49:30 UTC
+1, would sticky.

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Haedonism Bot
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#8 - 2013-12-27 21:56:18 UTC
Well written, sticky the **** out of it. My only criticism (a small one) is that the "things to do" section has one section for PvP activities and 6 sections for PVE activities, and no sections for piracy, scamming, and other "criminal" activities. In general, though, a good guide and exactly the sort of resource for new players that this game needs.

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Interstellar Triglavian Collective
#9 - 2013-12-28 07:27:37 UTC
At first was skeptical - Official?

Indeed, it's from CCP, and it's a good primer.

Apply stickiness.
#10 - 2013-12-28 08:45:14 UTC

I just had a quick read through. Looks good for a quick intro. +1 for a sticky
Jonah Gravenstein
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#11 - 2013-12-28 14:10:14 UTC
Excellent resource for newbies. +1 for Stickyness

Official New Player FAQ : 7 PVP (PLAYER VERSUS PLAYER) wrote:
The essential core concept of EVE Online is that it is full time PvP in a sandbox environment. As has been mentioned in previous sections any player can engage another player at any time in any place.
This needs to be bigger and more prominent.

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New Player FAQ

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#12 - 2013-12-31 00:21:45 UTC
and where is the sticky about the new player FAQ.

If i dont know something about EVE. I check

See you around the universe.

RAZOR Alliance
#13 - 2014-01-03 09:22:26 UTC
We are still waiting on that sticky so it stays on the front page.

So a little bumpy to get it there again.

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Sid Crash
#14 - 2014-01-03 13:14:07 UTC
Bumping for great justice, every newbie should read this.
CCP Eterne
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#15 - 2014-01-03 23:22:52 UTC

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#16 - 2014-01-04 01:04:12 UTC
CCP Eterne wrote:

Thanks ill clean up the OP.

If i dont know something about EVE. I check

See you around the universe.

Sabriz Adoudel
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#17 - 2014-01-13 01:25:38 UTC
This is quite a good introduction.

It should, however, add a basic fitting guide.

Here's something I've copied from another thread that some newbies have found useful. I wrote it to avoid EVE jargon unless that jargon is being explained.

General EVE fitting advice for the beginner that is currently trying to avoid PVP:

- Tank:
- Fit your race's preferred tank (armor for Amarr/Gall, shield otherwise). Don't deviate unless you know what you are doing.
- If you are armor tanking, do not fit ANY shield tanking modules, and vice versa. This is the most common mistake new players make.
- Emphasise resist% modules and local repair modules that use capacitor (for example, if you are armor tanking, look at Energized Adaptive Nano Plating II, Armor Kinetic Hardener II, and Medium Armor Repairer II). "Local repair" means modules that use capacitor to 'heal' damage you have already taken, as opposed to "remote repair" modules which use capacitor to 'heal' damage other player ships have taken.
- Use tech 2 resist modules if you can fit them, and cheap named ones such as Prototype Armor Kinetic Hardener I until then. (Faction/deadspace resist modules are too expensive to fit on a newbie's ship).
- Do not skimp on your local repair module(s) - it's perfectly reasonable to fit one deadspace (C-type) local repair module on a ship that is otherwise only using tech 2 modules. In my opinion, your local repair module should be the most expensive module on your ship.
- Consider rigs that improve your local repairs. Such rigs will result in you spending less capacitor repairing.
- Don't use modules that give +HP with no other benefit - these are for PVP encounters against multiple players that all focus fire, and don't help much in PVE except in incursions. They also have nasty drawbacks (the armor ones slow you down; the shield ones make you easier to hit and allow enemies to acquire a target lock on your ship more quickly)
- If in doubt, go overboard on tank and fit more defensive modules at the expense of less offensive ones.
- Resist% modules suffer diminishing returns. The second module on the same resist works at 87% effectiveness; the third at 57% and the fourth is almost useless (27%).

- Lastly: The Damage Control 2 is a useful tank module. If you screw up really badly, it will buy you a lot more time in structure before you pop, and its shield/armor resists are not stacking penalized at all.

- Sample armor tank for a cruiser that is fighting against Serpentis NPC pirates (Serpentis ships do only Kinetic and Thermal damage):
- 1 Armor Kinetic Hardener II
- 1 Armor Thermic Hardener II
- 1 Damage Control II
- 1 Medium Armor Repairer II

- Damage:
- Fit the weapons system(s) your ship has a bonus to, always.
- Fit low slot modules that increase damage output (Magnetic Field Stabilizers, Heat Sinks, Drone Damage Amplifiers etc) for your weapon system(s). If you are using split weapons systems (e.g. the Vexor which uses hybrids and drones) use an equal number of each.
- Consider mid slot modules that increase accuracy. This is more important with battleship weapons (including sentry drones).
- Consider rigs that increase your weapons system, although IMO local repair rigs are probably better.
- Have all of your guns match. This lets you group them, which will improve your ability to apply damage in practice.
- Carry different types of ammunition, within reason. I recommend one long range and one short range ammunition.
- If you are flying a missile-bonused ship, ask someone (not me) that understands missile mechanics well for advice.
- Finally, make sure you have some way to kill a small ship that is orbiting you fast. For most ships, this means Warrior I or Warrior II drones. Alternately, it can mean two Stasis Webifiers (to slow down the orbiting, making the target easier to track) and medium blasters with close-range ammo. Just don't be 'that person' begging in local for help because your Hyperion is being warp disrupted in a mission by a frigate you cannot hurt.

- Utility:
- This is really up to you. I like to dictate range, so I fit my Ishtar with a microwarpdrive and two Stasis Webifiers, and a warp scrambler (in case I find myself in unexpected PVP).
- In PVE environments, it is usually better to not bother with modules that reduce one opponent's capacity to shoot you. Modules that do that, such as Sensor Dampeners, ECM "jammers", and Tracking Disruptors are best used against hostile players, not against NPCs.
- Good utility mods worth considering are:
- Cap Recharger II: Always fit these in slots you do not feel you need.
- Microwarp Drive: These are murder on capacitor, but really help you navigate the battlefield quickly, escaping from ships that are dangerous up close such as 'brawler-fit' battleships. 1MN is for frigates and destroyers, 10MN is for cruisers and battlecruisers, and 100MN for battleships. MWDs make you much, much easier to hit while you are using them.
- Afterburner: Like the MWD, these make you faster, but only double your speed rather than increasing it by ~500%. However, they can be run indefinitely and do not make you easier to hit. Afterburners and MWDs are collectively termed "Prop Mods" (short for "Propulsion Modules") by players. In particular PVP fits should almost always have one of these modules.
- Target Painter: These long-range electronic warfare modules make your opponent easier to hit by increasing its 'signature radius' (a term for how large the target ship appears to be for purposes of electronic targetting systems). Very useful for fighting ships one size category smaller than your ship (so if you are in a battleship, this will help you apply damage to a cruiser that is orbiting you).
- Stasis Webifiers: These short range modules serve the same role as target painters by making small ships easier to hit.

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#18 - 2014-01-13 05:51:50 UTC
Love it. Bumpity Bump Bump.

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#19 - 2014-02-02 05:44:28 UTC

  • The new camara updates are not updated UI area in the FAQ
  • In the market area the Margin trading Scam is not mentioned.

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#20 - 2014-02-02 18:04:21 UTC
Removed a recruitment post.

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