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log file location

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#1 - 2011-11-06 21:27:57 UTC
I'm looking for where logs are generated by eve application.

It used to be in:
~/Library/Preferences/EVE Online Preferences/p_drive/My Documents/EVE/logs

But I do not see anything in that folder dated newer than 201106 -- so I suspect that with Incarna (released about this time) that one of two things happened. Either the logging path moved, and I can't fire out to where. Or there is now an application startup switch (--verbose?) that is required to get logging output sent to the local disk.

Does anyone know where the logs are, and why i'm not seeing it in this path?

Apologies if this has come up before but I did a bunch of searches and failed to come up with an answer.
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#2 - 2011-11-06 21:38:31 UTC
ok... so digging around with lsof -- I tracked the path down to:
/Applications/EVE Files/CCP/EVE/%USERPROFILE%/My Documents/EVE/logs

And I have up to date logs for things like "chatlog" So its the "right" place, but I am not seeing market logs or any combat logs. (Which I presume are fleet logs) And I was curious to look at those.

Is there an application switch that will provide those?
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#3 - 2011-11-14 11:51:48 UTC
The "Preferences" folder changed quite a while ago. The current location is:

~/Library/Application Support/EVE Online/

From there on, you should find the same subfolders that you used to have in the "Preferences" folder. Also keep in mind that on Lion, "Application Support" is a hidden folder and as such might not be visible by default.

GM Karidor | Senior Game Master