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What was your first WH experience like?,

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Angelicous Prada
Ways and Means Commission
#101 - 2015-03-05 15:32:19 UTC
Scanning the heavens.
I heard of the dangers.
But I entered without regard.
Me and my Imicus- best of friends.

Use DScan I was told.

Oh! Whats this?
Warp to zero.
Landed on a POS.

Didn't even know what a POS was...

pew pew
Torgo Tahn
Disciples of El Risitas
#102 - 2015-03-08 00:02:09 UTC
I spent a long time as a mission runner in a HS corp. One day the CEO asks me if i want to go do sleeper sites in a WH. I say **** it she helps me fit a RR drake and we started running sites. Never did see anyone and when we finished running the sites and returned to our exit to our demise the wormhole had collapsed. We managed to scan our way out through null sec. While we were there we found a 6/10 DED site and figured why not give that a shot. Warp into the site with 3 drakes, left immediately with two. Im not sure if it was the getting lost and having to figure out a way to navigate in J-space or the isk, but I was instantly hooked. When corp couldnt keep up with my addiction to J-space I went in search of a wormhole corp. Lived in a C2 ever since.

Minas' Morgul
Federal Navy Academy
Gallente Federation
#103 - 2015-03-09 06:28:02 UTC
Practicing scanning and cleaning up bookmarks. Jump to a gas site in my helios, somehow get decloaked. Try to warp, dead. Whoops, down 25 mil and had to do 20 jumps to replace it
Ling Noy
Funk Fu Heavy Industries
#104 - 2015-03-09 08:01:12 UTC
W-Space was always a fascinating thing since I first came to EvE back in 2007 but I never got a grip of it but when they announced Thera I knew I have to train another char simply for that and to learn w-space the hard way. A few month later I extracted two of my three chars out of my null-sec coorp and started exploring w-space. I managed to get some assets to Thera survived some nasty undock bullies and had good fun (no kills) with people trying to pop my astero in a site. Finally I lost another astero to sleepers because I was looking at them and the site and got decloaked. They literally instant popped me and so I am back for now reading more stuff, hanging around in w-space coorp channels and learning, learning learning. So far I sacrificed a lot of ISK and time to w-space but everytime I go in I learn a little more, feel a little more confident about the stuff happening there and looking forward to the day where I won´t leave the w-space anymore except for "shopping". I have yet to set up a POS and find some nice people but that will happen eventually. But till than I am stalking w-dwellers and observe them without interactions.
Whenever I find some members of one of these known coorps I keep following, keep observing and try to figure out what they are doing. It will lead into another astero loss one day but it´s worth it I guess. Sometimes I felt like saying "hello" in local but I don´t want to bring them into "hunting mood". But I thought about recording it and send them some greetings that way - we will see.
While we are on that I´d like to send out a public "thanks for the great learning experience so far" to NoHo and HardKnocks" for some good input and some nice observing.
Caldari Provisions
Caldari State
#105 - 2015-03-11 02:24:31 UTC
Went in to WHs with scrub skills and a Proteus setup for faction sentries.
Lost all my drones to sleepers ran away with 1/2 hull.

Discovered I was hooked joined a newly formed corp with a C4 - it immedatly got awoxed and disbanded.
Joined Lycosa a C6 farming corp ... it got awoxed and largly disbanded.
WH Space is the best space..CCPs fixation with not improving permissions is freeking amazing.
Victor Saame
#106 - 2015-03-11 12:35:38 UTC
My very first WH experience was very short.. I had heard that WH's could be dangerous, but I still wanted to see what they were all about. Eventually I jumped through, looked around, let out a silent "eeeek", and jumped straight back.

The second time was when after learning a bit more about WH's in general and building some courage, I took my Imicus and jumped again. Thinking back it had to have been an empty system. I didn't have a clue about d-scan (or that WH's had different classes), but I already had learned about making safe spots. I scanned some data- & relic-sites and managed to get what at time felt like a huge loot, 20m.

Not knowing the difference between sleeper and non-sleeper sites, and then jumped right in the middle of one... They blew up my Imicus before I realized what happened, and I was left in my pod weeping for my hard earned millions. But I though I could out-smart them... The plan was to loot my own wreck before the sleepers could get me again. I jumped back (can't remember how many jumps) to my home station in HS to get a Navitas, and flew back to the WH, and eventually the site. As expected, for the second time my ship blew up and I was left in my pod. Now looking the report, apparently I was in such a hurry, the Navitas had nothing fitted whatsoever (not that it would have mattered against sleepers anyway lol).
March rabbit
Gallente Federation
#107 - 2015-03-11 16:39:18 UTC
... just finished Tutorial about scanning. Was moving around and scanning everything. Found something 'unknown'. CONCORD won't protect you! Ok. Sounds scary. Let's check. Reship to my BATTLE Vexor.

WHOA! Shocked It's amazing! So much beauty inside!

Let's scan what i can find. Such strange and funny names... Maybe i can find something? Let's warp my Vexor into one area.... It's too scary so warp to 100Km... 2 NPCs... let's approach. OUGH! Lost half a shield with one shot! GET OUT!!! Shocked

Ok. It looks like i need to refit maybe? Oh.... Forgot to bookmark exit and i have no scanner Sad
Ok. No big deal. Bookmark this place, unboard ship and self-pod out.

Took my frigate and returned to WH, warped to my Vexor. It's still there! P
Ok. Before i leave i will scan this place one more time....

OH... What is happening? Someone kills me! Few seconds and i'm back to empire lost 2 my ships....
Was funny. I think these guys were very proud of killing such n00b Twisted

The Mittani: "the inappropriate drunked joke"

University of Caille
Gallente Federation
#108 - 2015-03-11 17:48:02 UTC
Tackled by Bronya
He asked me for a haiku
gave him it, still popped

Yeah, well, it's just like my opinion, man.

Sequester Risalo
German Corps of Engineers 17
Federation of Respect Honor Passion Alliance.
#109 - 2015-03-13 06:15:36 UTC
From the brginning of my Eve experience I knew I wanted to live in a wormhole one day. So I read all i could about w-space. When I thought I had sufficient skills I scanned down a C2 and dropped a POS. I soon found that I could only take on the sleepers in the gas and ore sites and not much else. After a month Isogen 5 set up shop in my hole and I decided to move out. I managed to pull everything out without any losses except for a noobship that sat uncloaked too close to their POS.

A week later I found my current hole and live happily ever after.
Kamahl Daikun
Caldari State
#110 - 2015-03-13 20:13:26 UTC
My first time in a wormhole was pretty uneventful.

Joined a WH Corp to learn the ropes. Their first test: Get home.
A few hours later they linked me to a tool to help me find a route. An hour later I show up in a Tayra with my stuff.

"Put it in the POS", they said.
Didn't know how to do that. Got the crash course on remote structures.

"Help us gas mine", they said.
Don't have the skills to do that.

Sat around POS spinning for a while. Logged off.
Noban On'Faith
Ministry of War
Amarr Empire
#111 - 2015-03-14 06:31:07 UTC
Just hopped in a wormhole. Why not? i blew up a few structure lookin things. i got about a million isk loot. I had fun. Not crazy but it was fun.
Sansh Leko
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#112 - 2015-03-14 07:10:23 UTC
Being a nullbear and chewing those icebelts daily I asked once my corp CEO what are wormholes and what is in there.

He explained that is it very dangerous, unknown space and you will be lost in there...not everyones cup of tea.

That was the answer I will recall 6/7 months later in higsec trying exploration.

Left the null and corp, burned from mining and scared of my own shadow I loged in 7 month later.

Ignored all those wormhole signatures for a week or so, recalling that answer from CEO. But I was haunted. I needed more.

Jumped in my Imicus (shhhhh) and dived in.

What is this, am I in nullsec again? No it is J name system it must be wormhole...but but I thought it will be some tunnel or something...oh my look at that big blue light ( pulsar ), can I explore that? Look all those anomalies and signatures.

Found my first Black Monolith, stared at him for 10 minutes. So excited that I found something noone has seen before.

I did 3 or 4 relic sites there, no cloak, no D-scan, I was totaly mesmerized how fantastic this quiet and unknown space is with

errie ambient music, so out of everything.

With 70-80 mil in cargo I decided it is time to go but I will be back again explore everything, I have a feeling I am watched. Or is it that sound playing with me.

Wait, how to go back? Well it must be tunnel kind entrance/exit, I will scan unidentified wormhole again and we are set.

Rolled in through beautifull colorfull light....AttentionShockedQuestion

Panic, I am in nullsec now but...! Omg wait where exactly am I.

Querious, how the hell did I come all the way to Querious.

I should go back in wormhole and find real exit, this is unbeliavable...but what if exit collapsed? I know I read that somewhere.

Omg, 20+ jumps to higsec...I am dead for sure.

Not a living soul on that trip, my mouse was wet like waterbaloon exploded over it.

I safely returned to my homestation after 50-60 jumps with all the precious lootz.

Experince I will never forget, amount of discoveries, excitement, paranoia, fear, surprises...the whole package.