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What was your first WH experience like?,

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Seraf Dark
Caldari State
#61 - 2014-02-24 07:53:31 UTC
Found wormhole in highsec while i was running 3 level agent with my drake. Never bothered to google it's number or check class of wormhole.
It was SO majestic inside, such graphics, such backgrounds, planets/moons even sun was different!
It was all while i was moving away slowly from entering point(i bookmarked it, dunno why).
I even joyed when tengu and some bc also entered through same wormhole \^_^/ ....
Only few seconds later i was scrambled by tengu and alpha'd by both of guys for around 2.5k damage.

Back to mission running then T_T
(at least they could tell something or taunt me, such aggression)
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#62 - 2014-02-24 08:14:59 UTC
Moved in to join some corp mates who had been in wormhole since the day they were created.

Everything was really fresh, there wasn't any public guides,probing applications or static mappers.

We did sites in a wolf rayet C5-C5 with 4/5 BS (Abaddons,Dominix) with RR and a Armor Scorp. The scorp allowed us to jam ut the RR sleepers, which in turn allowed us to do the sites.

We were literally 6 guys in the wormhole, so when one wasn't online we couldn't do sites. Then one day one man short we decided to go ahead anyway. Rather than trying in the static we decided to do the home sites.

Back then the sleepers received the Wolf Rayet bonus so they had crazy ehp and the small stuff could put out some decent hurt.
The man short was the scorp pilot, which we quickly realised was a major issue.

We couldn't out dps the RR on the battleships, and neither did we have the pilot to jam them out. We were literally stuck in that site for 3 hours waiting for that dude to come back from work, make his dinner, finish is dinner.

When he finally came on we had never been so happy in our life, he landed in the site applied some ecm and 40 minutes later we had done our site for that day :P.

Angsty Teenager
Broski North
#63 - 2014-02-24 12:24:13 UTC
Hmm, my first experience in a wormhole was a little different than most of you guys.

I was trying to figure out a nice way to make horrendous amounts of isk maybe a year ago (or more, I don't remember really), and for whatever reason I decided the best way to do this would be to react gas into polymer materials (for T3 construction). You can't setup the reactors in highsec, so they have to be in lowsec, nullsec or wormholes.

Now I didn't have JF at the time, and I actually think I believed that T3 materials had to be made in w-space (lol), so I decided that I would setup a POS farm in a C5-C2 static. The nature of the setup was that I would have to empty and refill the reactors everyday to keep them running, so I reasoned that with a C2 static, I could quickly roll into a C2 with a highsec static.

So I took my orca and setup 10 full caldari large towers in this C5 system, and fully kitted each up with as much ECM as I could fit on them, it took a horrendous amount of time and I don't know why I did it. Now I had this setup for about a week before I logged in one day and found that one of the previously offline towers in my system was now online, and there was a guy chilling in it. I thought that was really odd and I tried to convo him but got no response, so I decided that I would just go about my business of hauling my stuff with my orca. On my way back in from highsec, I got tackled inside my C5 by the fellow who had been sitting in the POS, but he was only in a pilgrim, so his dps was pretty anemic and I had ~200k ehp on my orca, so I decided that I would just try to collapse him out since I had already jumped through the C2 twice (and it has 1 bil kg of mass), so I jumped back into my C2 static and waited for him to come through. He did, and I sat their tanking him until my polarization timer was gone, and then jumped back collapsing him out of the WH.

I thought that was the end of that guy, but he apparently had another scanner in the wormhole, and he got back in, this time with three more characters, one in a sacrilege, one in a tempest, and one in geddon. Unfortunately, he would constantly camp my static, so I couldn't move my orca to highsec. At this point I just got fed up with him and convinced a corp member who had 3 accounts to come and help me reinforce his large amarr tower with 3 armageddons. (yea holy **** that took forever) We ended up finishing off his tower and killing all but his geddon and I never saw him again.

I turned my focus back to trying to make my POS farm larger, but I realized that I actually couldn't because I would be making too much for the market and I would just crash it. Once all was set and done, I was in theory making around 60 bil a month, but I quickly realized that the amount of effort for that really wasn't worth it at all, and so I gave up after about 2 weeks and had to take down all of my POS's and the related mods.

Such a colossal waste of time, took me forever to deal with all of those poses.
Amarr Empire
#64 - 2014-02-24 14:08:40 UTC
With a group of 8 close friends, most of us played eve since 2003 we ventured out into a C3, after some RR domi fun with the sites we moved to a C5. Being attacked by a bigger corp (we did successfully defend our Pos with a helping hand to equal the numbers) we looked around for a corp to merge with. All in a space of 2-3 months. Scanning was really the only thing to et my head around apart from that its actually easier to deal with than Null Sec. I would love to see more corps in WH's possible if siggy or similar tools was build into eve it would make it easier for all to take part?
cpt Varox
Brutor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#65 - 2014-02-24 14:24:00 UTC
Well i guess i will have to share this one cause it still gives me a big grin. I was a noob and i was eager.
It was the year of Wh expansion and me and another noob (we had like 15mil sp added toghether ) went and colonised a C3 wh. We made lists with the stuff we needed , and calculated a minmal requierment for our investment . It was 500m between us two. Let me remind you i considered 200m back in the day a fortune. But we were bold pilots and we soon left CVA where we learning nullsec (chuckles) and scanned us a wh.
Now kids back in the day the concept of static Wh's , class of wormholes and the like was unexistant in the minds of the players. We actually thought we could reach jove space and .... (grins ...o man).
In 4 days time we had located a Wh in lowsec ( i am going to say perhaps a class 3?...memory is fuzzy) and i was at the entrance guarding ferociously in my pvp battle cane! . Twelve hours pass as my buddy makes trips and sets the POS and we cary inside the mighty battleships (muhahahh) . Our pos had large guns 4 mediumus and i think we had some smalls, o the sheer joy when our pos shields went up against the dark and chilly wormhole space. A bubble of warmth and protection against unknown sleepers.
And now the trubbles begin.
We try ratting sites in RR canes and at the sencond site we lose a cane! Disaster ! But undeterred we fit to battleships and we grind for about 4hrs to do a single site, we had to warp out multiple times. Our skills were crap and we were counting on the buffer we had to keep us alive to mitigate the danger. Yes children there were no tutorials. It was a trial and error process and o man did we err.:) A week went and gone like the wind and we find ourselfs without ammo, so hey its time to scan an exit ( you may notice that the concept of dscan is something we had not learned) . I am now positive we had a wh with a static nullsec exit:). The bringing back of ammo lasted 3 days , 4 exploded haulers cought in camps and i had to resort to fitting my bs with t2 guns (that were doing better lol ) cause i was out of ammo.
Week two : Battleship lost to sleapers learning new site, i go and manage to sell some nanoribbons 30mil a piece or something insane,... wholy crap i am rich!. After expenses 200m profit for me and my buddy. Sadly my bs is cought in a bubble and after a long fight about 15 minutes of fear, then rage, then grim determination to at least take one down with me my bs dies to a gang somewhere in Catch. After 3 days i manage to bring another one in.... my buddy logs in less and less. I start to be jumpy ...sometimes i see ships on dscan... sleaper wreaks appear sometimes. And then it happpens i see people in my wh while i was snooping in my brand new cheetah. Oh lord. Panic. Dread. I go check guns .. ok i got ammo. Fitting artilery on my tempest 1400mm and a distruptor ... btw we had no hangar ...or ships were floating on dscan at least we had a mighty fleet. I was sure they would assault our home and i was determined to make a stand at the edge of the pos shields. I convo one of the intruders and pretend i am a vanguard of scouts and i am giving them a fair warning before MY MIGHTY FLEET OF DEATH will obliterate them all with swift and glorious fury. It worked! i saw them run.
Week three my buddy is nowhere to be seen , pos fuel is reaaaaly low , i am deperatly trying to bring fuel in my t1 ducktape and rust hauler, but i cant carry much and i keep beeing killed. I am scared in normal space , to many ships on dscan, to loud , to many plp. My wormhole seems home and i feel part of it, i have started to understand it and its mechanics but still its magical and cold and scary.
Evacuation time -2 days. Buddy loggs in and we decide we cant handle it because we have very few lowsec entrances .. our wh it seems like nullsec. I contact this super nullsec player that was all battlescared and tough and heroical . I explain our predicament and after bewilderment we get in touch with his CEO . Now those guys were elites in our eyes they were HAOS the cream of Romanian Legion and we wanted help evacuating to somewhere safe. We try to broker a deal and we offer 300m for our safe passage to the first lowsec. They are impressed by or crazyness and say they will take us in their corp. We are exilarated, we feel we made it big. A strong corp a tough alliance and they fill our eyes with stories of 80 battleships fighting abreast against tides of goons, spewing fire and death and reparing each other like real comrades. Yup the days of RR battleships. And they had a station too! wow ! . We were sold!
Evacuation time : finnaly wh opens in Stain! I contact the people and a 30 man escort is setup, its our first time on vetriolo. Jesus this guys are disciplinated and they speak like military men. Still they are super impressed by wh space some take a tour inside, one nearly looses bs. We lived in wh space and now all of a sudden we are tough as nails. I was scared, hopping we would not get backstabbed. We pack our goods in our battleships some spare pilots take some our haulers and cloaky ships and with nothing but our bs in our direct control we start the treck to RPS-. 29 jumps . Its slow .. the scout keeps reporting contact, and so on. 15 jumps from home we are attacked on gate by 7 battleships , we fight back. I shake like a leaf . We drive them away ..lost 2 haulers. We jump again and we land on some frendlies... but me and my buddy are strangers and they start shooting us. We ask the fc what to do while shooting back at the attackers. The fc simply tells them to stop and they do. We are even more sold. 7 jumps untill RPS i see a titan on the gate. Yells in comps Warp warp warp warp off now now! I spam warp and make it. Titans back in the day had AOE damage. The fleet was wasted in a blink of a eye. Only 5 or so survivers, none of our ships. I look at wallet and grin we are still in the green.
Synergy Evolved
#66 - 2014-02-24 14:38:37 UTC
Jumped into a WH in a stealthbomber after a 6-year break from the game.

I was told how there were tons of targets in WH systems. I've been reading all the WH guides warning people to never run sites alone and to constantly look out for ganks. I've read countless stories about people running sites being ganked. So, there must be targets, right?

Flew in there for 3 days, been everywhere from C1 to C4 mostly, but even went through a few C5s. Been checking the WH stats on the external sites too. None of the systems i've visted head any activity in them. Nobody running any sites, no wrecks, no NPC kills in the last weeks usually. No one. Plenty of towers though. It's a ghost town.

All these stories about site runners getting ganked must be a clever bait by some people trying to lure anyone in.
24th Imperial Crusade
Amarr Empire
#67 - 2014-02-24 16:17:56 UTC
Love this thread, great stuff! My first experience was years ago, as a complete noob, scanned down a hole while exploring, jumped in, in a punisher, proceeded to enter, yes I did bookmark the exit, and flew straight to an anomaly, next thing I knew bam I was in my pod, didn't even know what hit me, so warped back to the exit and out to contemplate what happened.

Then after reading up on wormholes I realized I didn't have the skills at all to run sites in even a C1 wormhole, but I was still drawn to them, so mysterious, and no local, loved it. So for while I started exploring wormholes and find entrances into low sec and make isk doing exploration and running sites in low sec with an arbitrator with a cloak. Had a lot of fun, learned to make safes, and sneak around in a cloaky ship which I really enjoyed. Then got tired of it went into a long stretch of carebearing in high sec, missions and trading.

My next time back into wormholes was after skilling up for stealth bomber and later pilgrim and after reading Chessur's blog, and had a lot fun entering holes blowing up mining and indy vessels. I then later found an unoccupied C2 and decided to set up a large deathstar pos, lived there for 5 months solo with alts, make a lot of isk, and only lost one drake and a noctis during that time. Got burned out though and was thinking of leaving, one day logged in and seen that another corp moved in and set up two pos's overnight, thought wtf, if they'd asked I would have been ok with it, but since they didn't and got annoyed with them running all the sites, I paid 5B to narwahls to evict them just for the hell of it, after their stuff was blown up, packed up my pos and everything very next day moved out, lol.

I then didn't play Eve much for a year and a half, only logged into my trade alt once in a while. Now I'm back in wormholes again playing a lot, this time going it nomad, with an orca pilot, and two other alts, travelling looking for random targets to gank, and running sites when I find a quiet system, trips into null sec, been doing this for a few months and really enjoying it.
Rob Benson
The Scope
Gallente Federation
#68 - 2014-02-24 16:38:25 UTC
Joined a small HS corp/alliance that was promptly war decced. They had a pos in a c2 and went there to escape the war dec. Brought in my best ship at the time, a drake I used to run L3 missions with. Fitted a prober to it and loaded up on missiles and in I went. I had hardly any scanning skills, so I was reliant on others initially. Ran a few c2 sleeper sites, nearly lost my drake to a single sleeper battleship (lol). One day I got an eve mail from corp that said there was a bomber camping our c2 and to be careful as some others had already died to him. I was paranoid, scared, and somewhat angry that there was this unknown enemy out there that could strike at any time. I was hooked.

Skyriders, ride on!

Seraph Essael
The Initiative.
#69 - 2014-02-24 16:50:23 UTC
Warped my Heron to a moon in an unknown WH (At the time I didn't know how to tell what was what or sites tgat told you). Upon later inspection of the system my friend told me it was just my luck warping to the only moon in the System with an active POS on it.

Why did I warp to a moon... Your guess is no closer than mine...

Quoted from Doc Fury: "Concerned citizens: Doc seldom plays EVE on the weekends during spring and summer, so you will always be on your own for a couple days a week. Doc spends that time collecting kittens for the on-going sacrifices, engaging in reckless outdoor activities, and speaking in the 3rd person."

Gringotts Wizarding Bank
#70 - 2014-02-27 03:12:51 UTC
I scanned down a wormhole in Amarr High Sec 2 weeks after starting eve. Jumped through in my triple plated arbitrator and and immediately got podded by a nemesis. Guy felt so bad about it he sent me 10 mil isk to pay for ship. A month after that I left the High Sec corp I was in and moved into an empty C1. Wasn't empty. Lost my tower, my harbinger and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the eviction. They were pretty **** as well so I got one of them. Kind of escalated from there.
Silivar Karkun
#71 - 2014-02-27 03:45:36 UTC
a trial with a gallente pilot, was exploring some high sec systems searching for relic/data sites when stumbled upon a WH, decided to explore it a bit, got ganked by a tengu and dont remember which other ships at a planet.

before getting podded back i said "LOL" in local channel.....people actually responded with a "hello".....
Sum Olgy
Caldari State
#72 - 2014-02-27 14:32:14 UTC
What was your first WH experience like?,

Quick, messy but amazingly addictive.
Cherry Nobyl
Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#73 - 2014-02-27 20:46:49 UTC
hmmm, where to begin....

it began with a bit of daytripping and a few people I'd met through eve uni. Most of us were around 3 months old, full of **** and vinegar, lightly frothing at the mouth for the game and the isk when we found an abandoned c2 high/c4 static combo. We decide to move in.

Between us there are a few noobs, and a few more experienced pilots. For a few weeks everything is grand, no hiccups and we putter along in the hole, eventually inviting in another corp to share the space. We use it for training new pilots and running sites in the c4 with some of the uni folk. For a now 5 month old character, the isk is good, we're learning new things, and occassionally get the mass on a hole wrong and lock out a battleship and have a good laugh. All pretty standard.

Then things go a bit sideways. We get jumped rolling a hole, almost lose an orca but somehow manage to both roll the hole, lock them into the opposite side (our hole) and now have an orca adrift in unknown space, without probes, and carrying around 2-2.5 billion in t3s and mods. The muggers are still in our hole however, then seem to disperse as we pos up. Except they'd left a scan alt in the hole. Meanwhile, the orca is still adrift and sliding along at 15m/s under a proto cloak.

Good recon can be a life saver, and we'd done our homework indexing the holes we'd crossed paths with, and pulled the corp tower info, dropped into their pub channel, and managed to find a pilot willing to help. In the end, the orca was saved. Except this was just the beginning.

Over the next month or so they use the scan alt to run cloaky t3's into the hole and pop various retrievers, harass c2 site running, and finally jump us in a c4 while site running. We lose all ships except for the noctis carrying about 250 million in loot and a scout that were both cloaked. The scout managed to leave the c4 back to the home hole, just as the hole closed trapping the noctis inside the c4. I was flying the noctis on an alt (this one actually) with under a million skill points. Hours and several c5 chains later I manage to make it back to high sec in one piece, with the loot. The sheer terror of running a noctis through that much unklnown, just barely snaking by multiple dragnets, to finally see the light of day out the other end was quite something for a game.

We decided we'd had enough.

Pooling locator agents we can run an agent approx every 4 minutes and fan out to the hubs. We get multiple hits in high sec and choose a target to follow back to the hole, pinning their home ( funny enough, another c2 high/c4) and dropping 3 scouts into it to gather intel. 2 Domination towers, faction mods, rorqual, many blingy-ish ships.

I sat in that hole for a week just indexing things and passing it along to others who knew a few people who were willing to help. And they did. at this point I'm still just a 6 month old character, wet behind the ears in quite a few things and have not seen a pos bash, or what pos gunning can do, or merc response, etc.

The entire experience, and the idea of such a massive turn of events due to just a few minor skirmishes and the will to not stand idly by, was something very rare. The kind of thing people hope to fall into and tell the story while huddled around a pos late at night.

A really well done bit of vid from the event.
Venture League
Where Are We
#74 - 2014-02-27 23:40:36 UTC
Jumped in a hole, got that panicked/tingly almost-sweat feeling and quickly jumped back out...bookmark the what? Immediately researched the things and found there was a lot of promise in them indeed, been craving them ever since. Addiction is a callous bedmate.

Ah the noob years.

Loved all the holes for a while, been about 6mo since ive been in a good one. Lookin to get back in soon as I find one I like....


wait.....(read back over what I just said)........ WORMholes right? That IS what I was talkin about.

Fly safe, happy hunting, and may your deathsplosion be brilliant and all encompassing.

Karen Galeo
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Caldari State
#75 - 2014-03-01 03:32:46 UTC
I had been playing Eve for... erm. A little over two weeks. Our corp had just been wardecc'd; I hadn't been playing long enough to really care. Woo, what were they going to blow up, my condor? Our corp CEO didn't care too much either - he told us all it was no sweat, since we were all moving into a C2 anyway.

I had no real idea what that meant, but in the countdown timer until the war went live I packed up everything I'd need in my badger and followed the orcas to our new home. I got the crash course in using a POS, d-scan, what the rules were in W-space, and was given my first Drake. I cruised around in the POS bubble for a while, thought "Hey, this is pretty nifty", and logged off in my new home. ^^

I had my first kill a few days later, catching an Imicus scouting out our hole, and then lost my Drake later that night in a fleet fight. :D It's been all kinds of fun since then, too. <3

Author of the Karen 162 blog.

Duke Wendo
Galactic Deep Space Industries
Warped Intentions
#76 - 2014-03-02 18:54:37 UTC
I was in a high sec mission running turned high sec merc corp 'Guy Fawkes Trust Fund' which taught me the basics of the game and some pvp when I was invited to a secret group inside the corp which had a base in a c3.

Only a handful of guys knew about it and because I was invited (out of maybe another 200 characters), it felt exciting.
I could only fly a t1 BC with only half t2 fittings and had to duo sites with a friend- since then we have been in and out of different corps together.

We hid when anything bigger than a shuttle came on Dscan and reshipped to stealth bombers to harass. It was lots of fun being a little fish and trying to make a living while avoiding getting ganked by the bigger boys.

Wormholes were challenging back then for me, I was slowly improving my fittings, skills and knowledge of the game- there were still mysteries and watching youtube vids of the big capital fleet battles seemed a whole world away.

Now... well I would love to see some new mysterious content for w-space for those kinds of feelings again. I look back on that time with fond memories.

Sebiestor Tribe
Minmatar Republic
#77 - 2014-03-02 20:48:01 UTC
I attually started playing eve cos a few rl mates had just got a c3 wh they were telling me about it and i thought it was cool to own/control your own little patch (i still do tbh)

i moved in to there c3 after 4 days and was mining ark in a probe as i couldnt fly a hauler i would fill the probes cargo bay up with ark then warp back to pos. i got my first weeks payment of 30m and thought i was the richest guy out there as i could replace my ship like 100 times over.
ISD Ezwal
ISD Community Communications Liaisons
#78 - 2015-02-23 13:04:23 UTC
Topic unlocked at the polite request of the OP.

ISD Ezwal Community Communication Liaisons (CCLs)

Phoenix Jones
Small-Arms Fire
#79 - 2015-02-23 14:51:04 UTC
Joined a corp and got situated in the pos (c4). We found some people baiting on our static and decided to warp in a gang of t1 cruisers on it. Got 3rd partied by aharm. Threw my 45k ehp bait vexor at them and managed to survive 15 seconds while the entire t3 fleet tried to 1 shot blap me.

We took out 1 t3, which equalled the cost of our entire t1 fleet. Giggled on coms for an hour.


Cubey James
Gallente Federation
#80 - 2015-02-24 03:30:34 UTC
My first wormhole experience was today. I had just fitted a probe laucher to my Navy Issue Brutix. And so I thought I would give probing a go. After finally getting the hang of scanning, I discovered a wormhole. Ooooh I thought. So I wapred to it. The info said that it lead to null sec space. This kind of scared me but I thought I might as well have a look. So I went through.

I expected, after reading so much online about wormholes, there would be someone on the other side ready to hand my arse to me on a plate. There wasn't. But I still got scared and went back through. But then I thought I would go back through and see where I am on the Eve map. I was 36 jumps away from my home station.

So I thought I would make these jumps for something to do. If I keep my wits about me and keep jumping I'll be fine. I was wrong. I was ok for a few jumps. I saw a few NPCs and a few names in local chat. But then all of a sudden one of the names in local chat followed me through the gate. On the other side he let me have it. I couldn't jump as he was disrupting my warp drive. And then his mate turned up and sapped my cap. So I was podded.

As soon as I was podded I warped to the gate. I managed to get to the last gate in null sec. Higher sec was just a jump away. But as my little pod was coming out of warp, there were some structures that made me overshoot the gate by about 70km. I had no chance. As soon as my little pod turned around to make the slow flight to the gate, I was killed. My corpse was floating in cold space.

This hasn't put me off wormholes. I would really like to do some work in them. But I really need to do my homework on them. And make some friends who are willing to help me :)